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🐈 | The kitten fails to touch the owner because "Daruma-san has fallen".

Anko-kun (courtesy: Anko-san) who failed to touch in the photo "Daruma-san fell"

The kitten fails to touch the owner because "Daruma-san has fallen".

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However, Anko-kun's "Daruma-san fell" is a little special, as the cat owner said, "My cat also falls, but I don't touch it." It seems like.

Anko (@ cat_anko3) tweeted, "Daruma-san has fallen! I'm too loving that I failed to touch it." → Continue reading

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      DarumaIs in KansaiHIP HOPArtist.


      yuanInfumiaikumi, Former Notable MC. He has been renamed OHYA → Daruma-sama → Daruma-san.

      With a high-pitched voice quality, a singing flow, and a firm rhyme, it had a prominent presence along with MINT among the strong rhyme associations.With regard to rhyme, we will actively use the method of stepping on homophones, which had been avoided until then, and build a new development as a rhyme method.There seems to be a strong side of the egoDOBERMAN INC.The feud with (such as throwing an egg during the DOBERMAN INC live) and the remarks on the media and his own HP were controversial.

      After becoming a solo, he began to add key elements to the flow, further expanding his range as a vocalist.Even after her withdrawal, her relationship with rhyme is good, guest performances,EVI S BEATSThere is also a truck offer from.

      Unique MCChiricoIs from the same university.

      It seems that he has a peculiar career and a dark side, such as a financial company collector, a sex shop executive manager, and a representative of the precious metal trading industry.


      1997Was named Akira at that timeEVI S BEATSFormed Notable MC in Nara with.Daruma-san (OHYA at that time), who lived in South Osaka, spent three hours going to Akira's house. Joined Infumiaikumi in 3. He participated in Head Bangerz's 2000st Album, released Volume.1, critical0 and jungal.Although the reason is not often told, after leaving the Infumiaikumi, he changed his name to Daruma-sama and started solo activities.He changed his label from P-Vine to Kusatsu Music Office and renamed him Daruma from his 11nd mini album.

      It seems that he has refrained from activities for about two years since 2007, but resumed activities in 2. In 2009, released the 2010nd album SKILL & CONCEPT and the discontinued past sound source collection RHYME & IMPACT.



      • SKILL & CONCEPT 2007 ~ 2010 (20107/21)
      • RHYME & IMPACT 2004-2007 (20107/21)
      • How to Ride (20053/18) One year later, it will be discontinued due to its own discretion and prejudice.

      Mini album

      • To you (20064/12) It will be out of print due to the dismantling of the label. 
      • UP & DOWN (20099/25) Limited release of 1000 copies by mail order on his blog.


      • Daruma-san BACK AGAIN (20077/10) It will be out of print due to the dismantling of the label. 

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