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👍 | Kanako Murakami turns to Yuzuru Hanyu in the same year.

Photo Kanako Murakami Crank-in!

Kanako Murakami turns to Yuzuru Hanyu in the same year, "Once! Once !! Thank you for your hard work"

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The photo shows Hanyu in a suit and Murakami in a sleeveless dress smiling and pointing at the peace sign.

Professional figure skater and talent Kanako Murakami updated her Instagram on the 19th.On the same day, to a professional skater ... → Continue reading

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      peace sign

      peace signIt is,ボ デ ィ ー ラ ン ゲ ー ジA kind of.In Japan, a V-shape is made outward near the face while smiling, which means fun and affection.Originally,victoryIt is a sign to make an appeal.In this case, with a sincere attitude, the arm is extended upward or forward, and the V-shape is made outward, so if you smile at the same time, it means the joy of victory.United KingdomSuch asEnglish-speaking countriesSo, to make the shape of "V" and to mean "Victory", "V signis often said.By the way, the gyaru piece that is popular in Japan today actually developed from Spider-Man's web pose.


      Keep your index and middle fingers straight apart and stick out to the person you are sending your manifestation of intention, and bend your other fingers and point your palms outward.It has the meaning of victory, anti-war, and peace, mainly in Western countries.United Kingdom,Australia,New ZealandIn such cases, turning the palm inward changes the meaning to contempt or obscene.

      In Japan, it is called a "peace" sign, and as a pose at the time of shooting, it means to express the affection and cuteness of dearness with fun and joy.It is beginning to be used in the neighborhood of Japan with the same meaning as in Japan.Especially when you put it out with both handsDouble pieceThat.

      GreeceIt means contempt, because in Greece it was once customary to throw things at criminals with two fingers.[1].

      Origin of the V sign

      According to one theory, the V sign isCentennial warInEnglandArmy archers are enemiesFrench armyIt is said that it originated from being used as a sign to provoke[2]..The English archers have excellent distance and penetrationLongbowと 呼 ば れ るLongbowBecause he had a great deal of results against the French army, he was sometimes cut off his fingers so that he would not be able to pull the bow again if he was taken prisoner.[2]..The sign had the meaning of "If you can cut it off, cut it off" by showing off your finger.[2].[Needs verification]

      Popularization through anti-war demonstrations

      the 1960sToVietnam WarAnti-war movement against the United States, the United Kingdom, etc.Western countriesAs the anti-war demonstrations began to take place, it became widely used as a means for participants to appeal to the cameras of the press and to express their intention to express their "wish for peace."It was popular at the same timehippieIn culture, as a "sign of wishing for peace,"Peace markWidely performed withWoodstock FestivalThe situation remains in the recorded video of.For example, one of the performersJimi HendrixIs the Star Spangled Banner (American national anthem) Is played on the guitar while appealing the peace sign to the audience.

      Spread in Japan

      Peace sign fashion

      As an expression of strict determination, he sometimes performed a sign pose with his arms extended upward or forward with a serious expression (The sign is Vetc,Very close to modern usage in 1972Inoue JunBut,Konica(CurrentKonica Minolta) Of the cameraCMAfter signing a peace sign with ad lib, Inoue frequently used "Peace" with a bitter smile in the decisive line as a blurring role in the TV program Tale.[Source required](Don't rush hard, let's go to peace) metaphor.[Source required]at leastthe 1970sBegan to be seen from.But,With the end of the Vietnam War, Inoue stopped using this deciding line, and the epidemic in Japan was once abolished.[Source required]

      Popularization of Peace Sign

      after that,From around 1980, when Inoue appeared on TV, as an ironical revival of the old gag, he began to laugh with a funny attitude, head to the screen without reaching out, and sign a peace sign near his face.[Source required]And as the epidemic spreadsAs a variation, Inoue moved the peace sign back and forth toward the screen, or uttered "double piece" to make a V-shape with both hands near the cheeks and frequently showed it on TV, which was also popular.[Source required]The expression of annoying attitude has since become established as "an act of informally expressing fun, joy, and affection for love" over generations.The number of "pieces" is reduced, simply "V signOften referred to as "" or "V".[Source required]

      Peace Sign Similar Body Language Disappearance and Change
      From the history of fashion, as a pose that expresses cuteness,In Japan, there has been a pose in which the index finger is pointed toward the cheek during the "hand gesture" movement of the dance since the early modern period, but this pose has been mixed with this pose.[Source required]The cute pose that uses your index finger when shooting isBefore the peace sign became widespread, it became a standard pose in the 20th century, incorporating dance movements, especially when young female idols put their index fingers on their cheeks or put their index fingers on both cheeks and bend their faces. Was[Source required]But,It is no longer used so that it can be absorbed by the Peace Sign.[Source required]Currently,Similar to the custom of "yes, cheese" where the shooting side says the shooting timing, the shooting timing is when the shooting side makes a peace sign with a smile, and it is also used for selfies after the photo booth generation.[Source required]In addition, It remains in a pose where the index finger is placed vertically on the mouth, or a peace sign is attached to the forehead or part of the face, and it remains in a different shape as one of the "cute" poses in the photograph, especially for selfies. There is.[Source required]But in recent yearsSmartphoneIncluding those installedDigital cameraFrom such piece self-portrait images by increasing the image quality and resolution offingerprintExtractPersonal authenticationIt has been pointed out that there is a risk of misuse[3].
      Expansion of use of Peace Sign
      It is often used not only when taking pictures and videos, but also as a pose to express joy when things go well and succeed in daily life.Due to the influence of Japan, nowHong Kong,Taiwan, South KoreaEven younger generations such as, can do peace sign when taking a pictureHas taken root[Source required], China, etc. are also being recognized.

      Other usage scenarios

      Where it changedオ ー ト バ イLong distanceTouringThere is a peace sign that is exchanged to mean "Safe on the way!" When the people who perform the above pass each other.[4].When overtakingThumbs upSay hello at.[Source required]

      In the 1970s,道路The maintenance of motorcycles and the increase in size of motorcycles have progressed, and it has become widespread throughout the country as touring becomes longer.[Source required], Used frequently until the 1990s[4].In the 1980s, racer replicas and off-road bikes that were difficult to sign became popular (American riders can easily do it because they are in a raised position).[Source required]After that, it was almost obsolete[4],Often used for long-distance touringHokkaidoIt is still continued on the roads of Japan and major national roads nationwide.[Source required]Also, there is a movement to call for reinstatement on the Internet, and the name recognition is rising again.[4].Also in AmericaHawaiiThen, when the bikers pass each other, they always give a signal.When the rider shows, the right hand is holding the accelerator grip, so be sure to左手Done in.[Source required]

      Code position

      The symbols that represent peace signs are as follows.

      symbolUnicodeJIS X 0213Character referenceName
      (i-mode emoji-EZweb emoji-SoftBank emoji)

      Combining character

      ✌ ????U + 270C; U + 1F3FB;✌ 🏻victory hand: light skin tone
      ✌🏼U + 270C; U + 1F3FC;✌ 🏼victory hand: medium-light skin tone
      ✌🏽U + 270C; U + 1F3FD;✌ 🏽victory hand: medium skin tone
      ✌🏾U + 270C; U + 1F3FE;✌ 🏾victory hand: medium-dark skin tone
      ✌🏿U + 270C; U + 1F3FF;✌ 🏿victory hand: dark skin tone


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