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🐈 | "Too much power ..." This is a topic of kicking heavyweight cats and high-speed kicks.

Photo 7 kg, from Twitter of Potechi-chan = Potekoi Yukome + Una-san (@potechi_nikki) who "tightens the wings" of a toy fish and delivers an advertising kick

"Too much power ..." This is a topic about heavyweight cat kicking and high-speed kicking. "It seems to hurt if you eat it properly."

If you write the contents roughly
Potachi-chan, this dynamic kick is proof that you are growing up well.

An image of a cat posted with a tweet that "Kicking a 7kg cat is too powerful ...". It's only 7kg ... → Continue reading

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Hello. This is the "Maidena News", a soft news site from Kansai. We will introduce in a timely manner what has become a hot topic on the internet and in the Kansai area centered around Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto. Introducing and commenting deeply on the news and seasonal information that disturbs society from the perspective unique to Kansai. We can answer the "feelings we want to know" of all our users with the spirit of "Kotekote" service unique to Kansai.

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