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🐈 | A dog who does an "outside toilet" in an ideal style The owner can easily clean up! … Actually it was a compelling reason 

Amelie-chan used a "pet sheet" even outdoors.Her specialty is "worship style" where she moves her front legs up and down to beg (provided by Amelie @ worship dog).

A dog who does an "outside toilet" in an ideal style. … Actually it was a compelling reason 

If you write the contents roughly
However, some dogs are not good at the feel and smell of "toilet sheets" and "toilet trays" that touch the paws during excretion.

"My candy likes to be beautiful, so I only use the pet seats outside to use the toilet. I'm worried that the dog will not pollute the road ... → Continue reading

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Toilet tray


    Meatballs(Nikukyu, pad) is mainlyCat eyes(Carnivores)AnimalThe name of the raised hairless part found on the sole of the foot.

    FormallyPlantigradeAlthough it is called (shokyu), it is generally called a paws for the purpose of avoiding confusion with the "palm ball" which refers to a part of the paws.


    Even if they have the same appearance and structure, the names are distinguished by the forefoot and the hindfoot.

    • Forefoot
      • Palm ball (metacarpal pad)-A large paws located in the center of the sole of the forefoot.As you can see in the letters, humanPalmEquivalent to.
      • Finger ball (digital pad)-Five paws lined up on the outside of the palm ball. One is located apart from the other four, which is humanthumbEquivalent to.
      • Carpal pad (carpal pad)-The upper part of the palm ball, humanwristA paws in a position corresponding to.There are no similar paws on the hind legs.
    • Hind legs
      • Sole ball (footpad)-A large paws located in the center of the sole of the hind foot.In a narrow sense, this part is called a plantigrade.
      • Toe ball (digital pad)-Four paws lined up on the outside of the sole ball (plantigrade).

    When pressed, it has a unique punipuni feel.The outside isHornyThe layer is covered with a thicker layer that protects the sole of the foot from injury and wear from surface protrusions.The surface is granular and you can walk without slipping even on a smooth surface.The lower part of the stratum corneumAdipose tissueIncludingElastic fibersIs in a mesh pattern.Greatly developed around the pawsSweat glandsThere is.

    ColorFor patterns, shapes, softness, etc.individualThere are differences and they change according to the environment in which they live.for example,wildThe paws of cats are thicker and harder than those kept indoors.Also, mainly in catsPolydactylyTo sayMalformationIn the case of, the number of finger balls increases by the number of fingers.

    injuryIt is very difficult to sew when you do.


    It works to mute footsteps so that they are not noticed when approaching prey.It also has the role of mitigating the impact of walking or jumping off a tree.A few hairs grow on the upper part of the cat's carpal ball, which acts as a tactile organ when walking.

    Among the animals of the cat orderSea lion suborder (pinniped)Belongs toseal,Sea lion,WalrusSuch asMarinemammalianHas no paws (no paws are needed as they do not walk in the first place).

    Animals with paws

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    Paw as a design

    A humanThere are many products that have a cat as a design, probably because they are animals that have a long relationship with them, but there are many that incorporate the palm part of a cat with a paws as the main character, not the cat itself.To its unique texture, "HealingSome people feel that kind of feeling.toyAnd so on.


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