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💪 | Panther Ogata is surprised by the amount of food eaten by his wife, Ai-san.

Photo Panther Takahiro Ogata [Photo: ENCOUNT Editorial Department]

Panther Ogata is surprised by his wife Ai's eating habits.

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Ogata said, "After eating sushi, I had tantanmen and eel bowl.

There are 21 sushi plates in front of you...Takahiro Ogata of the comedy trio "Panther" reports on his wife Ai's "explosive food"... → Continue reading


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Eel bowl

Eel bowl(Unagi donburi, abbreviation: udon, English: Charcoal Grilled-Style Unagi Eel on Rice[1]) IsJapan OfDonburi.bowlServed inWhite riceOn top of theeel OfHagi YakiThe one with.Edo-Tokyo Oflocal cuisineIt is assumedJapanese cuisineone of.鰻飯(Unagimeshi, Manmeshi),ViperAlso calledAlso as a derivative dishEel(Unagi-Jyu, abbreviated as Una-Jyu) exists (Later).


Put the rice in a bowlSaucePour over and top with grilled eel.Depending on the region, rice is also placed on top to cover the eel.CondimentToPepper powder,resting chopsticksAsNara picklesSuch aspickles,Liver sighetc. is attached. Although it is called “don”,Chinaround instead oflacquerware OfBowlIs often used.

The sauce isSoy sauceとsweet sakeis mainly made, and many stores use it carefully while adding it little by little.The fat and umami from the eel, the aroma of burnt skin and charcoal are added to create richness and depth, and it is said that it will mature into a taste unique to a long-established store.

Japanese pepperSprinkle the flour just before eating.Japanese pepperfatIt is a device to eat eel with a lot of flavor,digestionto helpmudIt is said to be effective in eliminating odors.

Since domestically produced eel is expensive, the price of eel rice bowl is often set high.Although there is a wide range of prices, even the cheapest ones are in the 1000 yen range.Some of the more expensive ones cost over 10000 yen.For these reasons, many people think of ``luxury Japanese food = eel bowl''.


Rice bowlthe oldest in the history ofCultural year(1804-1818).

There are various theories about its origin, and Miyagawa Seiun's "The Origin of Secular Affairs" (1885) mentions Sakaimachi (laterTokyoPuppet town)'s playhouse "Nakamura-za"Imasuke OkuboHowever, it is written that the origin of eel rice was to put it between rice bowls and deliver it to the theater so that the kabayaki would not cool down.[2][3].The origin of eel rice by Imasuke Okubo wasIbarakiRyugasakiIt is inUshikunuma.

However, in 'Masama no Katsura' (1857) by Aonido Toho, there is a description that when the author was a child, eel rice bowls were sold at a back row house in Fukiya-cho (a town next to Sakai-cho). It is known from past documents that there were people who had similar devices before Okubo[2].

There are many stories about the changes in cooking methods, and one theory isEdo PeriodThe kabayaki was ground-grilled with sauce,Meiji EraThen, the steaming method was adopted during the baking process, and the steaming technique was established in the Taisho period.Then, when the kabayaki was sandwiched between the rice, it would be double-steamed.[2]That.

On the other hand, in the early days of eel bowls, it was common to place the grilled eel between two pieces of rice to keep it warm and put it on top of the rice. It was easy to fall apart, and gradually it became just a eel on top of rice.Against thisKansaiHowever, since the eel is not steamed in advance, the meat does not fall apart, and as a result, the style of sandwiching it between rice has remained to this day.[4] There is also a theory.

In the Meiji period, eel rice was also called eel bowl (eel bowl), and soon it was abbreviated to eel bowl (udon), and the name became established.Furthermore, when eel came to be served in jubako, it was called unaju, and it came to surpass the popularity of eel rice bowl because it looked better than eel rice bowl.[2].

Homogeneous/similar dishes


The eel bowl is鰻飯It is also called (unagimeshi, manmeshi).Describes the manners and customs of the late Edo periodMorishada Manuscriptdescribes that it was commonly called 'mabushi' in Kyoto and Osaka, and simply 'donburi' as an abbreviation for 'eel bowl rice' in Edo.[5].


KinkiThen, about the eel bowl,Viper"[6], Sometimes the characters such as `` mamushi '' are applied.There is a theory that the etymology is a corrupted form of eel rice (manmeshi), a theory that it came from 'mabushi', which is rice covered with eel and sauce, and a theory that 'mamushi' (meal steamed) means steamed eel sandwiched between rice. There is a theory that it originated from ' or 'mamushi (steamed between meals)'.Not a bowl or jubakoOhitsuIn the Kinki region,hitsumushi,Chukyo regionThen.HitsumabushiIs called.snake OfMamushiAlthough it has nothing to do with (viper), there is also a folklore that it is derived from this.


TablewareAsHeavy boxIf you useEel(Unagijyu, abbreviated as Unajyu).The only difference from Unadon is the container, but at restaurants that serve both Unadon and Unadonju, the amount of eel is generally larger than Unadon, and it is positioned as a high-end menu with liver soup and small bowls.[7].

Unadon and unaju have ranks such as 'top' and 'special', but this is only a difference in the amount of eel, and the quality is basically the same.[8].This is because eels are usually supplied from only one place, and when eels from different production areas are used, it is noted as such.

There is also a theory that unaju means 'eel layered' in which rice and eel kabayaki are layered alternately from the bottom, 'rice', 'eel', 'rice', and 'eel'.

Eel rice and eel bento (station lunch)

The eel bowlEkibenIt is also a staple, and is a major production area in particular.Lake HamanaClose toHamamatsu Stationknown as a specialty ofWhen sold as an ekibenFolding boxBecause it is put in the eel bowl, it is often written as 'eel rice' or 'eel lunch box' instead of eel rice bowl or eel rice box.



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Dantan noodles

Dantan noodlesまたDandan noodles(Tantanmen,Chinese: Dandan Meen,成都Dialect: Dandalmyen pinyin: dàndān miàn[1]) IsChugokuSichuan ProvinceOf origin,SpicinessMade use ofMinced meat,Zha caitopped with shreddedNoodle dishesIs[2].JapanIt is well established as a kind of noodle dish, but it is greatly arranged in various places and has different flavors.


Of the original漢字If you write inDandan noodles”, and currently this kanji notation isHong Kongused only in

TaiwanThen "Dan dan noodles” writes. "Men" is "麪"pronunciationBorn by replacing the parts showingCommon words.

In China, the home ofDan dan noodles” writes. "Men" is a character that has been removed from "Men", and "Tai" is a character of "Take".Simplified characters.

in Japan"Dantan noodlesis most commonly written asrepeating signUsing "Dandan noodles” is often written.in JapanRegular kanji tableAccordingly, 'tan' and 'noodle' are commonly used.As described below,Carrying poleDespite its origin as a street vendor, Japanese restaurants use the word ``tan'', which has the same pronunciation as ``Tantan noodles""Tantan noodlesThere are many menus and signboards that say[3] .

Chinese dandan noodles

clearTeenager1841Circa SichuanZigongInvented by a man with the nickname Chen Baobao[4]do it,成都It is said to have been sold inOriginally, on one side of the balance barCharcoaluseSeven wheelsとpotto the othernoodles-Seasonings-Tableware・ I hung a washing tub and sold it on my shoulder.The pot had a break in the middle, with ingredients on one side and hot water on the other.It is said that it became popular because it served warm and spicy noodles.

In the authentic Sichuan Province, what we call in Japan "Tantanmen without soup' is being eaten.Originally, it was a dish that was sold by carrying a balance pole, and since it was difficult to carry around a large amount of soup, 'without soup' is the prototype.It is often sold in small bowls about the size of rice bowls from Japanese soup bowls, and the amount per cup is small.Chinese style to eat when you are hungryFast foodIs considered to be a type of.Noodles are generally straight thin noodles,Boiled waterThe color is white because I don't use.

Sichuan style OfSichuan pepper (Sichuan pepper)(Japanese pepperOf the same genus and different species)Chili OilFlavoredSoy sauceA little systemSaucePut the boiled noodles in the noodles and add "fragile noodles" (Tsuisao) pinyin: cuì sào) Called豚 肉 OfSoboroとLeek, Szechuan szechuan sauce, etc. are commonly used.Minced pork丁 包 丁でChopped and select loop cut from thelardPutWokSo, cooking sake,Beet noodle sauce,salt,Soy sauceAdd and fry until fluffy.

Seasoned with chili oil, Sichuan pepper powder or Sichuan pepper oil (Chinese pepper version of chili oil),Soy sauceIs the base, a small amountvinegar,saltEtc. to match[5][6]..Often used in Japanese dandan noodlesPea soy sauce,Shiba hemp sauceis not used very often.Boiled noodles are placed in a bowl of this spicy liquid, and then topped with ingredients.The filling is generally minced pork, and the condiments are chopped green onions, bean sprouts, and chopped "(XNUMX) Kawafuyuna(Sichuan <simply "river" in Sichuan> regional winter vegetables <mustard greens>)pickles,pea OfSprout, friedゴ マ,MincedPeanuts,FriedsoyEtc. are attached.Mix and then eat.

In recent years all over ChinaSichuan cuisineYou can eat it at stores and specialty stores,ShanghaiIn areas where you are not accustomed to eating spicy foods, there are examples of refraining from spiciness.In addition, the noodles that contain enough soup are the dandan noodles that were arranged and popularized in Japan as described later, but now Sichuan restaurants in mainland China also prepare soup noodles with soup. It is increasing.

Chengdu, Sichuan Province, as a noodle dish with similar flavors and ingredients, although it is not called dandan noodlesChongzhouYangma Town's "Survey Noodles"[7], "Suichuan Noodles" in Chengdu, Sichuan[8][9],GuizhouGuiyang"Yasuya fragile noodles"[10]and so on.Also,TaiwanTainan Cityof"Bacon noodles"" Is common in that it is a noodle dish that is carried by a balance pole and sold.

Japanese dandan noodles

Japanese dandan noodlesMabo tofuLike a cook from SichuanChen JianHowever, he introduced an improved method for Japanese people and spread it all over the place.

Generally, it is served in a bowl that is 1.5 times or more in diameter, and in some cases 3 times as large as the one in China, and comes with soup.RamenAs in, one cup is enough for one meal.And to suppress the spiciness, with chili oilShiba hemp sauceThe flavor ofSoupIs often served as soup noodles.The taste and spiciness of the juice is lighter than that of China, and it is drinkable.

Noodles vary from store to store, but generally they are a little thicker than Chinese ones and use brine.Chinese noodleIs also different in that most of them are.When it comes to thick noodles, it may be difficult to get entangled in the soup, so some stores use curly noodles so that they are entwined with the soup.

In Japan, the definition of tantanmen is not fixed, so the seasoning and ingredients vary depending on the restaurant.beef, Ground meat,chickenOrroasted pork filletIt varies depending on the store, such as placing boiled pork and so on.also,Chingensai,Spinach,Green pea, bean sprouts, etc.VegetablesThere is also a little garnished with minced meatcarrotetc. may be added.The condiments are chopped green onions andRed peppersThere are many shreds.

In recent years,ChibaKatsuuraI used a spicy soup based on chili oil forKatsuura Tintin MenExists,Hiroshima cityAroundTantanmen without soupThere are many specialty stores, and there is a unique way to eat black sesame, such as adding rice at the end.UdonThere are also stores that sell products that use[11]. further,KanagawaOdawara cityInvented in Kamisoga in 1975, minced meat, zasai,garlic-Pea soy sauceYou can also see dandan noodles with a thick, sweet and spicy ankake-style soup based onOdawara Dandan noodlesIs called[12].

Instant Food

Instant noodleIn Japan, many types of dandan noodles are sold in the form of bag noodles or cup noodles.also,Wheat flourinstead of Chinese noodles,Udon,(I.e.,Rice noodlesThe number of products using is increasing in recent years.also,20107/12ToNissin Food"Nissin Donbei Dandan Noodles" developed by20113"Nissin's Kosei Dandan Noodles" was released in Japan.

Works on the theme of dandan noodles

  • Dandan noodles- McDullIs by the main character, Brian Tse from Hong Kong and Alice MakComicOne of the series (2009).


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