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👩‍🎤 | Yui Imaizumi, "au Jibun Bank" TV commercial start "I've always dreamed of appearing in a commercial"

Photo Yui Imaizumi, "au Jibun Bank" TV commercial start "I've always been dreaming to appear in a commercial."

Yui Imaizumi, "au Jibun Bank" TV commercial start "I've always dreamed to appear in a commercial"

The TV commercial of "au Jibun Bank", in which Yui Imaizumi is the first image character, has started broadcasting.This time, 8 ... → Continue reading


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Yui Imaizumi

Yui Imaizumi(Yui Izumi,1998May 9 -) isJapan OfGravure idol,actress[3],talent,Fashion Model And a female idol groupKeyakizaka46Former member of[4].KanagawaBackground[5].. Height 153 cm[1].. Blood typeO[5].Freelance[6]..Common-law marriage partner[Note 1]And the father of the first child is exYouTuber OfWatanabe Mahotoで[9], Mother of one child[10].


On August 2015, 8, passed the first-year audition for Keyakizaka21.[11].

April 2017, 4: Suspended activities due to poor physical condition[12][13].. On August 8, the same year, he returned after a rest of about 18 months.[14], Held at Makuhari Messe on August 8th and 29th of the same yearNationwide tour 2017 White things make you want to get dirty"participated in[15]..On March 12, the same year, the fashion magazine "ar』(Shufutoseikatsusha) Became a regular model[5].. On December 12 of the same year, announced that the activity will be suspended again within the year[16].

August 2018, 8, Keyakizaka7's 46th single ``AmbivalentAnnounced that he will graduate from Keyakizaka46 with the activity of.Not participating in the "Keyakizaka46 Summer National Arena Tour" held in the summer of the same year[17][18]..On October 10rd of the same year, the solo photo book "I Don't Know Anyone" (Shufu to Seikatsusha) was released.[19].. Graduated at the Keyakizaka11 handshake event held in Kyoto on November 4th of the same year[20].

Opened office on January 2019, 1Avex AY Factory GKAnnounced on his official website that he was transferred to[21][22].. On the same day, his first stage "Atami Murder Case LAST GENERATION 46” has been announced[23]..From May of the same year, "I'll do it!] (MBS Radio) Thursday regular[24].. Imaizumi's first regular appearance on the radio[24].

Underwear brand "January 2020"PEACH JOHNAppointed as an ambassador for the new brand "GiRLS by PEACH JOHN" for young people[25]. July of the same year, au jibun bankAppointed as the first image character of[26].. May 8, same year,New coronavirusThe office announced that the infection was found on the official website[27].. On the night of August 8, fever symptoms appeared while at home, and after that, he had been treated at home.[27].. In the morning of August 8th,PCR testWas received at a medical institution, and three days later, on August 3, it was confirmed as positive by contact from the medical institution and public health center.[27]..I had been waiting at home for a while, but my office announced that I would resume activities from September 9st of the same year.[28].. Although he resumed his activities on September 9rd with the appearance of a radio program[29], On October 10th, it was announced on the official website that he would stop his activities and concentrate on treatment due to poor physical condition.[29]..The drama "Milenovich』(Hulu)[30]Was dismissed[29].

August 2021, 1,Watanabe MahotoAnnounced marriage (marriage registration not submitted) and pregnancy[31]..On June 6, the same year, it was reported that she had given birth to her first baby girl in the middle of the same month.[9][10]..On the 30th of the same monthAvex Asunaro CompanyTermination of exclusive contract with[32].. Reported childbirth and office exit on July 7[33].


Nickname is Zumin[34], Zumiko[35].. The youngest of five siblings (with four siblings)[36].. What is your favorite foodFish sausage,Grilled meat[37].. What is your favorite anime"Crayon Shin-chan"[38].. My favorite singerNishino Kana[39].. Favorite animals are pigeons, food is green onions[1]..Grip strength is similar to that of first graders.




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注 釈

  1. ^ The filing of the marriage registration has stated that it will not (as of July 2021, 7) in the future.[7][8].
  2. ^ Initially, March 3th was scheduled for the first day,New coronavirusConsidering the spread of infectious diseases, the first day was postponed to March 3, and the performance on March 20-3 was canceled.[55].. On April 4th and 4th, "COOL JAPAN PARK OSAKA The scheduled Osaka performance at WW Hall was canceled[56].
  3. ^ April 4 and 2 dawn (9st and 1th midnight) due to poor physical condition[61].. After April 4th,New coronavirusTo prevent infection, we will make a telephone call from home[62]Entering the studio from July[63].. On August 8, the office announced that there was a positive response to the new coronavirus, and the performance was re-started from midnight on the same day (12th dawn).[64][65].


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