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🤝 | Record heavy rain damage Volunteers restore work in Murakami City [Niigata]


Volunteers work to restore damage from record heavy rain in Murakami City [Niigata]

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In Murakami City, which was damaged by heavy rain, a volunteer center was opened at the Kanbayashi Rural Environment Improvement Center, and as of 9:120 am, about XNUMX people from Murakami High School and local companies had applied.

In Murakami City, where houses were damaged by record heavy rain, a volunteer center was opened, and work began on the morning of the XNUMXth. → Continue reading

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    Kanbayashi Rural Environment Improvement Center

    Volunteer center

    Volunteer centerin the district or at work or schoolvolunteerIt is an organization that handles clerical work related to and aims to revitalize.JapanThen by municipalitySocial welfare councilIt is often installed in conjunction withIt functions as a place for collecting and disseminating volunteer information, volunteer coordination work, issuing public relations magazines, education and training related to volunteers, and a place for exchanging information about volunteers.There are also names such as ``boranesen'' and ``boranesen''.bona fide bankThere are many organizations whose predecessor is[1].

    volunteer coordinator

    volunteer coordinator connects people who want to provide volunteer activities and people who want to support volunteers and organizations on an equal footing.[2]professionalcoordinatorOr point to its position.

    Social Welfare Councils often appoint part-time employees who either serve concurrently or are hired with subsidies as ``volunteer coordinators''.

    Disaster volunteerIn the case of , those who have experience among the volunteer staff are often referred to.Many of these cases are not called "volunteer coordinators", but simply "coordinators".In recent disasters, there are many cases where coordinators of private organizations, such as disaster NGO Yui, provide support for administrative agencies and social welfare councils, and cooperate in operation to dispatch volunteers smoothly. In some cases, the participants of the "volunteer coordinator training course" call themselves.


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