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🐈 | 3D footage of "Pokémon GO" is released on Cross Shinjuku Vision!Nekopo such as Meowth, Eneko, and Choroneko...


3D video of "Pokemon GO" released at Cross Shinjuku Vision!Nekopo such as Meowth, Eneko, and Choroneko...

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“Pokémon GO” is a location-based game app for smartphones jointly developed by The Pokémon Company and Niantic, Inc. of the United States.

From August 8th (Monday), "Pokemon G ... → Continue reading


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Location information game app for smartphones

    Pokémon GO

    This item includes some computers andBrowsing softwareCharacters that cannot be displayed with (Pokemon eAccent mark"Acute accentIs attached (é) Things) are included(Details.

    Pokémon GO(Pokemon Go)NianticPokemon Co., Ltd.Co-developed bySmartphoneForLocation gameApp or Application or Sakurabook App[6][7][8].. Supported platforms areAndroidiOS[9]..In this item, the related device "Pokémon GO PlusIs also explained.

    Generally in Japanese mediaPokemon GO", and in some article titles "Poke GOIs also used[10][11].. As a general rule, in this item,Pokemon GO".


    By the approach by Niantic Labs[12],Nintendo OfSatoshi IwataPokemon Co., Ltd.CEO ofTsunekazu IshiharaCooperated with a familiar Pokemon characterIngress(Ingress)Augmented realityGPS for smartphones combined with (AR)Location gameIs[13].. To develop Pokemon GO,Google,Nintendo,Fuji Television Network, IncReceived investment funds from each corporate partner such as[14][15].

    Human character design and modelCrafterIs also in charge of modeling (""INGRESS THE ANIMATIONProduction company and director)[16].

    By moving while using the GPS function of the smartphonePokemonYou can capture, train, exchange, and battle characters on the screen.Basic play is free,Billing itemIs prepared.again,Softbank shop,Y! Mobile[17],FamilyMart[18][Note 1]Etc. are cooperating as Pokestop and Jim as sponsors.convenience storeMajorSeven-ElevenHas been a sponsor since April 2017, but the partner contract was terminated by the end of October 4.[19][Note 2].

    In 2016 alone, it sold 9 million dollars (about 5,000 billion yen)[20].. Sales fell in 2017, but in 2018, sales increased 35% from the previous year to 7 million dollars (about 9,500 billion yen), reaching a cumulative total of 860 billion dollars (about 22 billion yen).[21].

    Game system

    The world in the game is full of mysterious creatures. These creatures are collectively referred to as "Pokémon"It is called.In the world of Pokemon GO, a person named Dr. Willow collects these Pokemon and conducts various research.One day, the player (hero) was asked by Dr. Willow to help with his research.Players embark on a journey with the grand goal of catching many unknown Pokemon from around the world and registering them in the picture book, and sending Pokemon to the doctor.
    As a Pokemon trainer, players can walk and explore the real world and capture, train, battle, and exchange Pokemon.
    Pokemon capture
    You may encounter Pokemon anywhere in the game. When a Pokemon appears near you, your smartphone will vibrate and notify you.ARUse the function to activate the camera function of the smartphone, swipe the monster ball to the Pokemon that appears to overlap the real landscape reflected on the screen, throw it, and if you hit the Pokemon successfully, you can capture it[Note 3].
    NoonSome Pokemon have different appearance rates depending on the concept and location of.You can also shoot Pokemon by using the camera function.When you catch a new Pokemon, it will be registered in the Pokédex.The description of the Pokédex is "Pokemon Omega Ruby"[Note 4]Is used. With the update, you can now record the location of Pokemon at the level of the municipality, and you can see in which area you caught it.
    Fostering and evolving Pokemon
    Combat Points (CP) are indicators of Pokemon strength, and are calculated based on attack power, defense power, HP, and Pokemon level.Each Pokemon is assigned a value generally called "individual value", which is an evaluation of three types of parameters, Kogeki, Bougyo, and HP, on a 3-point scale. The higher the value, the stronger the Pokemon.Individual values ​​do not change with level up or evolution.You can also use "candy" and "hoshino sand" to increase the CP of Pokemon and evolve Pokemon.Johto Pokemon[Note 5]After addition, some Pokemon's evolution will require evolution items such as "taiyo no ishi"[22].
    There is also a "Pokemon egg" in the game, and the distance specified by the user in the real world歩 くSo from the eggHatchingCan be made. Pokemon that can be obtained by hatching eggs has a high individual value.
    "Ame" and "Hoshino sand" necessary for breeding can be obtained by capturing Pokemon and hatching eggs.
    Trainer level
    The trainer level is a rough indicator of the strength of the trainer.In order to raise the trainer level, it is necessary to accumulate XP that can be obtained by actions such as catching Pokemon, turning Pokestops, winning raid battles, etc. to a certain value.The higher the trainer level, the higher the unlocking of high-performance items such as "Super Bowl", "Hyperball", and "Amazing Scratches".Furthermore, the upper limit of Pokemon enhancement will be raised, and wild Pokemon with high CP will be more likely to appear (the upper limit will be reached at level 30).Trainer level starts from 1 and the upper limit was level 40 at the beginning of distribution[23]Was raised to level 2020 in December 12[24]..However, it is necessary to clear the specified task to level up to level 41 or higher.
    Poke stop
    Pokestop is a base where you can replenish various items.It is located everywhere on the map (historic sites, famous monuments, etc.), and you can get tools such as monster balls and recovery items for free.
    Ingress portal data is used for the location information of the Pokestop and its name.
    By using the lure module for the Pokestop, you can get the effect of attracting Pokemon for 30 minutes. This effect can be received by people other than those who have used the lure module.
    Team system
    At trainer level 5 and above, you can join one of the three teams in the game. Team names and team leaders are "Team Varler (red) / Team Leader Candela", "Team Mystic (blue) / Team Leader Blanche", "Team Instinct (yellow) / Team Leader Spark (Spark)" There are three. The team leader was only a silhouette, but the team leader name and visual were officially released[25].. If you belong to one of these three teams, trainers can participate in activities such as defending your ally Jim and attacking your opponent's gym as a member of that team (see below).
    Jim is a battle base where you can play against your own Pokémon and your opponent's Pokemon.[Note 6].. Gyms are located in various places in the game.
    Jim is color-coded by the occupied team, and on the contrary, a gym to which no one belongs is called an "independent gym".If a player's Pokemon is placed in this "independent gym", it will belong to the team on which the player is participating.Allies who have won the gym must work together to protect this "gym".Also, if the opponent team already occupies "Jim", you can set up a gym battle there and take Jim.In Jim Battle, use two or three Pokemon moves to fight your opponent's Pokemon.Attacks from the opponent's Pokemon can also be avoided by swiping the screen left and right.If you win the battle, the fame value of the opponent's "Jim" will decrease, and if it reaches zero, you will become an "Independent Jim".In the team's "Jim", I was able to train with Pokemon placed in the "Jim" and raise the value of "Fame" and the level of "Jim" (abolished on June 2, 3, described later). ). As the level of "Jim" goes up, more trainers will belong to "Jim" and will be able to place Pokemon. Only one Pokemon can be placed in a gym by a trainer.
    If we continued to defend our teammates Jim, we could get rewards such as Pokecoins (21 coins per gym) every 1 hours from the team leader at the shortest, but the reward system was also revised by the system change described later.
    20176/1, The gym system has been changed, the training function has disappeared, up to 1 animals can be placed in one gym in the order of earliest, and the same Pokemon can no longer be placed.
    "Motivation" is newly established for Pokemon placed in the gym, and it decreases with the passage of time and defeat in the battle, and when it reaches 0, it leaves the gym.It recovers by giving only motivation.Above all, you can regain all your motivation at once by using the item "Kinzuri only".
    Jim's defense reward is 10 coin every 1 minutes, with a maximum of 1 coins per day.
    A new gym badge will be created, and the rank of the badge will be increased to No → Copper → Silver → Gold by Jim defense and raid.
    A photo disk is installed in the gym, and you can get as many items as the rank of the gym badge.
    The type of Pokemon used is "Pokemon Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire".
    The type compatibility is basically the same as the main part of the game, but in Pokemon GO there is no "it seems to have no effect ...", it is "the effect is not good enough".
    The magnification of damage caused by compatibility is 1.4 times for preeminent, 0.714 times for another, 0.51 times for invalidity in the main story, 1.2 times when the type of Pokemon and the type of purpose match (value after revision of type compatibility magnification).
    There are various challenges in the game, and you can get "medals" when you complete them.The medals won can be viewed on the profile screen.Also, by increasing the rank of medals, it will be easier to catch Pokemon of the type corresponding to the medal, and new clothing items will be available for purchase.
    Poke coin
    Paid item.You can purchase items that can advance the game in an advantageous way, such as "Happy Egg" that doubles the experience value and "Oko" that increases the appearance rate of Pokemon.
    Get Pokemon checked
    Team leaders (Candela, Blanche, Spark) will teach you the ability to evaluate the strength of Pokemon.
    Buddy Pokemon
    You can choose a partner from the Pokemon you have, and you can get the candy of that Pokemon as a bonus by walking together.Buddy can be changed.
    Daily bonus
    If you catch Pokemon every day or visit Pokestop, you will get XP, Hoshinosuna, tools necessary for the evolution of a specific Pokemon, etc. as a bonus.
    New Pokemon added
    There are various ways to add Pokemon. Pokémon from the Can Tho region when initially released[Note 7]Only appeared, but with regard to Metamon, because it has a special move called "Henshin", it was added separately later. Pokemon in Jout[Note 5]When is added, first201612Was added in the form of Baby Pokemon eggs, which was mainly the pre-evolution of Pokemon in the Can Tho region.20172/17All Johto Pokémon have been added to.After that, Pokemon in the Hoenn region[Note 8]Is almost implemented, and201811/15Pokémon from the Shinou region[Note 9]Was also partially implemented. afterwards20197/28Pokemon in the Ish region[Note 10]Implementation has also begun. Kalos Pokemon on December 2020, 12[Note 11]Has also begun to be implemented and is being added in sequence to match in-game events.
    Raid battle
    20177/23Implemented in.A raid boss called "Boss Pokemon" appears in Jim and occupies Jim.On the other hand, you can get a chance to capture the boss Pokemon and bonus items by forming a team of up to 20 people and challenging and winning.
    The strength (difficulty) of the boss is set in 1 stages from 5 to 5 at the beginning of implementation, and the amount of bonus items increases as the strong boss is defeated, making it easier for rare items to appear.In addition, the legendary Pokemon appears in 5.After the addition of the mega raid, which will be described later, the difficulty level was organized into 1 levels of 3/5/4 and mega raid, and the reward became 2 compliant.
    EX raid
    Stronger Pokemon such as Mewtwo will appear, but will only participate if they meet the conditions such as winning more raid battles at the official partner or park gym and are sent an invitation with a designated location and time. Can be done.New coronavirusDue to the influence of, the event held on March 2020, 3 has been suspended at the end.[26].
    Mega Raid
    Added on August 2020, 8.Battle against a mega-sinker Pokemon.After winning, in addition to bonus items, you can get "Mega Energy" required for Pokemon's Mega Shinka in this work.
    Compatible with Apple Watch
    XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayApple WatchAlso corresponded to.This will provide the same functions as Pokémon GO Plus, such as item acquisition at Pokestop and notification when Pokemon appears, as well as notification of egg hatching and medal acquisition, enabling operation on the screen of Apple Watch. In addition, it was possible to check the distance traveled, play time, calories burned, and acquired items on the screen.[27][28].
    We finished the support in June 2019.
    Weather linked function
    201712/6, Pokémon of the Hohen region[Note 8]The weather interlocking function was announced at the same time as the implementation of.This function is linked to the actual weather, and the appearance rate of Pokemon with a specific type increases, the power of Pokemon's work increases, and so on.For example, regarding the appearance rate of Pokemon, in reality, if it rains, it will rain in the game, and water-type Pokemon will be more likely to appear.Regarding Pokemon's moves, for example, in the case of fine weather, the power of the fire-type move "Fire Uzu" increases, and the damage done increases.
    Meteorological data for the United StatesAccuWeatherIs provided by.
    Pokemon Research
    You can get rewards by clearing the in-game themes (tasks).
    Field research
    In addition to being able to obtain it by turning the Pocket Stop, there are bonus tasks that can be obtained automatically once a day.By clearing the task, you can get 1 stamp per day, and by accumulating 1 stamps, you can get the reward and capture the Pokemon that is decided on a monthly basis, which is called "Great Discovery".
    Special research
    By clearing multiple difficult tasks in response to a survey request from Dr. Willow, the story progresses, and in the end you can get valuable rewards.Phantom Pokemon such as Mew and Celebi appear as one of these rewards.
    Time challenge
    A group of tasks that are set only during the event period.At the end of the period, it will disappear automatically regardless of whether it is cleared or not.
    Level up challenge
    A group of tasks required to level up when the trainer level is 40 or higher.
    Community day
    Implemented in 2018. An event in which a specific Pokemon occurs in large numbers. It is held once a month on weekends only at specific times.
    During the event, the effect time of items will be extended, and more XP or Hoshino Suna will be acquired as a bonus[29], There are cases where player access is concentrated and communication problems occur almost every time, which is a problem.[30].
    Friend function/Pokemon exchange
    20186/18Friend function implementation.The friend function allows you to give gifts and exchange Pokemon.If you play cooperatively or exchange with friends, you will get acquainted with each other, and you will get various bonuses such as getting acquainted → friends → best friends → best friends, and the battle in battle will be advantageous.
    Always adventure mode
    Even if you do not activate Pokemon GO without coordinating with Pokémon Go Plus and Apple Watch, you can measure walking distance and acquire candy of Pokémon buddy and change eggs.
    Interlocking with the main series
    Linkage with the main series developed by Nintendo's hardware is planned before the start of operation, June 2016, 6 (PST) Was heldE3 Scheduled to be released on November 2016, 2016 at the 11 talk eventNintendo 3DSSoftware "Pokemon Sun MoonThe interlocking schedule with[31]..However, as a result, the cooperation with `` Sun Moon'' was not realized, and `` released on November 2018, 11Pokemon Let's Go! Pikachu/Let's Go! Eevee], Only 151 types of Pokemon appearing in "Red Green" and their region forms will be officially provided in a form that can be taken to the main game.[32][33].
    In addition, `` released on November 2019, 11Pokemon sword shieldIs "" after November 2020, 11.Pokémon HOMEYou can now take it to the main game through[34].
    "Pokemon Let's Go! Pikachu/Let's Go! Eevee』Collaboration function with
    With this workNintendo SwitchBy linking with the game "Let's Go! Pikachu / Let's Go! Evey", it is possible to bring the Pokemon from the Kanto region caught in this work to "Let's Go! Pikachu / Let's Go! Evey". In addition to being able to use the Pokemon sent in the same work, you can also get an item called "Mysterious Hako" on the side of this work.[35].. In addition, the controller "Monster Ball Plus" for the same work can also use the same function as this "Pokémon GO Plus", which will be described later.
    "Pokémon HOME』Collaboration function with
    By linking Pokemon GO with your Nintendo Account, you can get the Pokemon caught in this work via "Pokémon HOME".Pokemon sword shield』Can be taken to. Similar to the case of "Pikabui", you can get an item called "Mysterious Hako" on this work side.[36].
    Battle function "Trainer Battle" (13 years old or older)
    You can play against nearby trainers, friends (you can play online if your friendship is better than your best friend), and CPU (team leader).Since Pokemon GO is a game played outdoors, it will take time if the battle system of the original Pokemon game is adopted.Therefore, we have adopted a battle method that is an improvement over the Jim battle so that we can easily play against each other.The time limit is 4 minutes and 30 seconds, and each of the three Pokemon will fight one by one. You can prevent attacks with the "Shield" that can be used twice by one person, and add a new "Special Attack" using "Hoshinosuna" and "Pokemon Candy".There are three types of leagues (Super League: CP3 or less, Hyper League: CP1 or less, Master League: CP unlimited).The rewards for battles include "Sinnoh Stone", but even if you lose, you can still get rewards.Regarding the battle, it is not a serious battle like the head family, but a mechanism that even beginners can enjoy.[37].. According to Niantic's press conference, "Trainer Battle" is still in its early stages, and improvements and features will be added in the future.

    Features to be implemented in the future

    Since Pokemon GO is an unfinished game in which functions are gradually added after distribution, there were many unimplemented parts at the stage immediately after distribution.This is a common technique in online games, and Niantic also uses it.Therefore, Niantic hinted in an interview that as of September 2016, 9, the result is still 28%, and if you look at the trailer of the game, you may know what kind of features will be added in the future.[38].. John Hanke has said in an interview that he basically wants to release updates every two weeks[39].. As of 2018, with the addition of a trainer battle, the functions shown in the initial image PV have been completed.

    Customize Pokestop (not implemented as of March 2019)
    You will be able to customize your pocket stop.You can use the module to turn it into a Pokemon Center for a certain period of time.[40].
    Additional reward for defending Jim (not implemented as of March 2019)
    From now on, if Jim, who has his Pokemon, wins, he will be rewarded.[41].
    Announced to work on strengthening functions such as Pokestop, gym addition, bug correction, Pokemon training etc.[42].

    Pokémon GO Plus

    Pokémon GO Plus(Pokemon Go Plus) is a smartphone link device released by Nintendo.Bluetooth Low EnergyYou can perform various operations in cooperation with your smartphone.20169/16Released in.

    The same NianticIngressSmartphoneIn order to prevent walking smartphones, we have developed a device that allows you to play Pokemon GO without being notified by vibration without looking at the screen of your smartphone.[43].. We also plan to provide services that will give you a little advantage if you have Pokémon GO Plus.[44].. As of 2019, production has ended and Monster Ball Plus is being offered as a substantial successor.It has changed from battery-powered to rechargeable, and has added an auto-spin function for photo discs.

    Catch pokemon
    When a Pokemon appears nearby, the Pokémon GO Plus will vibrate and alert the player to the existence of the Pokemon. From this state, you can catch Pokemon by pressing the button attached to Pokémon GO Plus. The success and failure can be seen from the pattern of the lamp and vibration.20169/23With the update, Pokemon with the "Let's Go" effect will also respond.
    Stop at Pokestop
    When you pass near the Pokestop, you will be notified by a different lamp color and vibration pattern than when the Pokemon appeared. If you press the button on Pokémon GO Plus in this state, you can get the tool from the pocket stop.
    The distance walked is reflected even when the smartphone is in sleep mode
    It reflects the fact that eggs are hatched even when operating in the background, and the distance walked to get the candy of his partner Pokemon.
    Confirm your action with a notebook
    Pokémon GO Plus can be operated even when the smartphone is in sleep mode, and you can check your actions with your notebook.


    Pokemon GO holds events for a limited time.

    Halloween event
    During the period from October 2016th to November 10th, 26, it became easier for ghost type Pokemon to come out, and I got a lot of Pokemon candy.
    Christmas events
    From December 2016th to December 12st, 13,SantaWearing a hatPikachuAppears.RaichuEven if evolved into, Santa's hat remains on.
    Valentine event
    From December 2017th to December 2st, 9,Pudding,PippiI got a lot of Pokemon candy and it became easier for pink Pokemon to appear. Also, the operating time of the lure module has been extended to 6 hours.
    "Pokemon" Birthday Commemorative Event
    "Pokemon red and greenIn commemoration of the 21st anniversary of the release of 』, Pikachu wearing a pointy hat appeared during the period from February 2017th to March 2th, 27. Even if it evolves into a ryechu, the pointy hat remains on.
    "Global Challenge" event
    It lasted for 2017 days from November 11th to 20th, 26, and during the period, if you achieved certain results, you could get the following rewards.
    • Bronze: Achieving a total of 5 million Pokemon get in the world
      • XP 2 times
      • The lure module is valid for 6 hours
      • Many Pokemon will be found all over the world
    • Silver: Achieved a total of 15 billion Pokemon get in the world
      • Along with the bronze reward
      • Double "Hoshino Suna"
      • More Pokemon will be found around the world
    • Gold: Achieving a total of 30 billion Pokemon get in the world
      • Together with the silver reward
      • GarulaAppeared in East Asia
      • Camo onionAppeared all over the world
    In addition, various events are held.

    Operating environment

    Recommended operating environment is as follows[45].

    Android version
    Android 6 or higher
    Resolution 720x1280 or higher (not optimized for tablets)
    Terminals with Intel CPU are not supported
    iOS version
    iOS 13 or above
    iPhone 6s and above /6s/6s Plus/SE (1st generation)/7/7 Plus/8/8 Plus/X/XS/XS Max/XR/11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max/SE (2st generation)/12 mini/12/

    12 Pro/12 Pro Max/13 mini/13/13 Pro/13 Pro Max

    Jailbreak devices are not supported.

    In addition to the above, mobile data communication environment (3G, LTE, etc.), GPS position information acquisition, direction detection by magnetic sensor, and gyro sensor and rear camera are required when using AR mode.Also, to use Pokémon GO Plus, a Bluetooth connection environment is required.


    For Tsunekazu Ishihara, CEO of Pokemon Co., Ltd., it has been a concept since the birth of Pokemon in the 1990s to integrate Pokemon with insect catching as the original model into the real world and enrich both sides.[46]Attempts have been made to exchange the Pokemon caught from the beginning with the communication function.[46].

    20144/1ToApril FoolAs a plan, by collaboration of Nintendo, Pokemon Co., Ltd., Google,Google map"Pokemon Challenge" is held, and the predecessor of Pokemon GO is required here[47][48][49].. The developer of Pokemon Challenge was Tatsuo Nomura, who was in charge of map engineer at Google.[47](He later went to Pokemon GOProduct managerIn charge of[50]).

    On the other hand, we launched Niantic as an in-house venture of Google, and in 2012, the location information game ``IngressWas releasedJohn HankeSuffered from the fact that Ingress was popular with core gamers, but its reputation inside Google was not good, and sought to develop a location-based game using famous characters to attract many users. Was[51].. John Hanke learned of the success of the Pokemon Challenge project[51], "Is this possible in the real world?"[47]..Kawashima had an acquaintance with Nomura in Mountain View, so in May 2014, he went through Nomura, who was involved with Nintendo and others in the Pokemon Challenge.Pokemon companyWill bring the plan to[47][52].. Tsunekazu Ishihara was also a fan of Ingress, so he collaborated with John Hanke,NintendoPresident/Satoshi IwataPokemon GO development started in summer 2014[47][52]..Satoru Iwata, who has been involved in the development, died suddenly in July 2015.[6].

    • August 1- South KoreaService started at[57].
    • June 6-Worldwide cumulative downloads exceed 18 million[58].
    • June 6-According to market analysts, it has the highest number of active users since it was released in July 26.May also earned $ 2016 million, up 7% from the same period last year[59].
    • August 9- RussiaService started.
    • August 8-Worldwide cumulative downloads exceed 1 billion downloads[60].

    Reaction and influence

    Australia,The United States of America,New ZealandThe pre-delivery was started in July 2016. Won the first place in the store[61]The number of smartphone game users in the US is the highest[62].. Also, for online research services(English editionAs a result of a comparative survey with non-game apps in the Android app marketTwitterWithoutGoogle MapsAnnounced that it is close to[63].. Over 1 million users in the first week in the US[64].

    Since it became popular at a speed faster than originally expected,serverload(load) Occurred and the delivery was already decidedUnited Kingdom, NetherlandsThere was a situation where the start of the service at[65]. AlsoAustralia Then.App or Application or Sakurabook AppFlooded with people trying to download[66].

    NintendoHas not announced official figures, but announced that a US research company has exceeded 4 billion yen in sales in 14 days[67].

    In the US, Android usersWhatsApp,InstagramData analysis is handled by spending more time on "Pokemon GO" than on SNS such asSimilarWebRevealed by[68].

    In Japan before distribution, every day, in countries such as the United States where distribution started earlierSocial phenomenonIt was reported that the event was happening, and expectations for the start of distribution in Japan increased.NHK, TV stations, newspaper companies, etc.Mass mediaDespite the fact that it was not delivered, it showed an unusually lively activity, including special features. After the distribution started in Japan, it became the No. 1 free ranking of free apps in the App Store,TwitterThe trend of Pokemon GO was also filled with words related to Pokemon GO.[69].

    In the country where it was pre-deliveredSocial phenomenonThe news became a hot topic because it was reported not only in Japan but also in each country scheduled to be distributed, and the number of downloads on the App Store became the top in 36 countries.[70].

    AppleTalked about Pokemon GO's first weekly downloads and announced it was the best App Store ever[71].. CEOTim CookReplied "Amazing things are happening" at a conference call for analysts after the financial results were announced.[72].

    According to the analysis of mobile apps, Pokemon GO has achieved a record of breaking through 5,000 days, although it has exceeded 77 million hits in the past for 19 days.[73].

    In Japan, 7 programs were released for 21 days from July 11st, and the cumulative exposure time was 267 hours 31 minutes 43 seconds, resulting in an advertising effect of 9 million yen (M Data survey).

    Niantic announced on the official Pokemon GO website that Pokemon GO achieved 8 million downloads in eight weeks and walked about 5 billion km.[74].


    Pokemon GO is not a game directly developed by Nintendo, but due to hit reports, Nintendo stock is temporarilyStop height[75]Not only did Nintendo stock soar every day and the trading value exceeded 1% of TSE,DeNA,First breadRelated stocks such as[76], A phenomenon called "pokemon mix" has occurred in the stock market[77].

    The wave of Pokemon GO has spread to the US music industry,SpotifyThen, Pokemon related songs have suddenly emerged, and the number of playbacks of theme songs has tripled.[78].

    In Pokemon GO, the world standard for distance displayMetric systemIs adopted, but in the United StatesImperial systemIs commonly used, so users who do not know the distanceKilometersTheMiles As a result of many searches to convert to (1 mile ≒ 1.609 km), words such as "2 km to miles", "5 km to miles", and "10 km to miles" became soaring words.[79].

    IsraelEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euHowever, in Palestine, Pokemon GO was used as a means of communicating the current situation of the area occupied by Israel.[80].

    Pokemon GO consumes a lot of battery power, somobile batterySales surged[81], 101% increase in sales[82].

    Announced that Pokémon GO will be incorporated into physical activity classes at the University of Idaho in the United States to start the "Pop Culture Games" course from the fall[83].

    Japan McDonald'sDue to the collaboration with Pokemon GO, sales in July 2016 were 7 compared to the same month of the previous year.%Increased[84].

    "Nikkei MJHit product numberingToyokozuna (Nihon Keizai Shimbun[85], "SMBC hit product numbering" Nishiyokozuna (SMBC consulting[86], “2016 Best 30 Best Products” (Nikkei Trendy) In 1st place[87], 29thDIME Trend Grand Prize(Shogakukan)[88], 2016Yu Can New and Buzzword AwardTop 10[89], 2016Net buzzword awardSilver Award (2nd place), 3rdYahoo! Search Award Culture category Game category prize[90]As a trend of 2016, it has been featured in newspapers, magazines and online media.

    In addition, the development team won the "Best Team of the Year 2016"[91].

    On January 2017, 1, the Nikkei Outstanding Product and Service Award 4Nihon Keizai ShimbunReceived the highest award ([1]).

    NianticCompanyJohn HankeIn an interview, the CEO said that there was a server load due to an explosive hit in the early release, and there was no choice but to prioritize that work, and it was in a state where it was impossible to immediately implement additional functions such as trading functions.[92].

    Guinness record

    Pokemon GO is in five genresGuinness World RecordsHas become[93].

    • It was the most popular mobile game in the first month.
    • Most downloaded in the first month of mobile games.
    • In the first month of the world's mobile game download charts, it was the most and at the same time topped.
    • In the first month of the world's mobile game sales chart, it was the most and at the same time topped.
    • It was the fastest mobile game to reach $ 1 million in sales.

    Phenomena in each country

    Non-delivery phenomenon in Korea
    South KoreaWas not included in the available area because the law prohibited the export of map data overseas and did not permit the provision of map data to Google. However2016At the beginning of delivery in July,38th parallelNorth ofGangwon-doSokcho-Takashiro-gun-Yangyang-gun-Inui CountySuch asKorean PeninsulaEast coast area,Sea of ​​JapanFloat onGyeongsangbuk-do OfUlleungdoInformation that you can play with has begun to appear.Furthermore, with the start of distribution in Japan on July 7,Ulsan Metropolitan CityUlju-gun OfSkewered skewersBut now I can play[94][95].. People gathered to try Pokemon GO in the area where it was possible to use distribution, and commercial facilities such as accommodation facilities benefited from the increase in the number of users, leading to regional revitalization[95].. As a result, in Korea, the number of unofficial downloads has exceeded 100 million even before the official release.[96], Korean entertainers are also enthusiastic[97].. App development companyNianticDirector also said he will visit Korea during the same month[94].. HoweverDPR KoreaWithMilitary borderThere are several locations in the demilitarized zone (DMZ) near the area, and there is a possibility of accidentally invading the minefield, so the South Korean army will be stationed nearby to call attention to the players. ing.
    After that, the service was officially launched in South Korea with the update on January 2017, 1. For map dataOpen street mapThe data of is used.
    Phenomena in Japan
    Tottori sakyuThen, a large number of piles for investigating the movement of sand on the dunes were registered as an Ingress portal, which was designated as a Pokestop as it was, so many players gathered after the service started. Paid attention to thisTottoriHas made a "Tottori Dune Sunaho Game Liberation Area Declaration" on July 7, aiming to utilize it as a tourism resource[98]..Not only has the number of visitors increased since the Tottori Sand Dunes was declared a "game liberation zone", but the number of people walking all over the dunes has increased due to the location of pocket stops in various parts of the dunes, and some people are interested in the flora and fauna of the dunes. That[99].
    GifuMinoIs reported to actively use Pokemon GO[99].
    Nagoya cityShowa WardIt is inTsurumai ParkThen, because the area around the fountain tower resembles a "monster ball," it became a hot topic.[100].
    In a shopping district in Osaka, we held an event to attract a large number of Pokemon using a lure module, which is a paid item.[101].
    The three Tohoku prefectures (Miyagi prefecture, Iwate prefecture, and Fukushima prefecture) affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake and Kumamoto prefecture damaged by the Kumamoto earthquake attract tourists.NianticAnnounced that it will collaborate with Pokemon GO.As an image, we are considering setting up a Pokestop, Pokemon gym, making rare Pokemon appear, and holding an event.Experienced collaborating with Niantic Ingress in Iwate Prefecture[102].
    Previously in KyotoIngressHeld an eventMayorThe mayor also showed understanding to Pokemon GO because he also participated, and at Pokemon GONianticAnnounced to work with[103]. AlsoGovernor of KyotoAlso wants to use "Pokestop" to connect with the history of Kyoto and enhance the game contentNianticRequested to[104].
    Phenomena in Brazil
    January 2016Brazil-Rio de Janeiroso"Rio de Janeiro OlympicsWhen the event was held, it became a serious problem in terms of box office profits, such as being unable to attract more customers than expected due to the insecurity that is world-famous. Focusing on the economic effect of the world, we signed a contract with Niantic and started distribution on August 8, and tried to achieve the economic effect by making tourist attractions and each tournament venue a pocket stop.However, at the same time, smartphone theft, robbery, fatal accidents, etc. were reported all over Brazil due to Pokemon GO, and it is controversial even in Brazil as it is during the international convention.[105].

    Similar apps

    Similar apps in China
    In March 2016, an app called "Shiroichi Spirit GO", which is similar to Pokemon GO, was released in China.The monsters that appear in the game are set as spirits, and there are eight types of attributes such as general, fire, and water.These spirits can use the GPS data of their smartphones to roam the town and catch them.Immediately after the start of the play, a person named Dr. Hayashi gave a lecture to the main character, which is too similar to the contents of Pokemon GO, and it is said that it is plagiarism.However, there is an opinion that it is not plagiarism because Shiroichi Spirit GO was released earlier than Pokemon GO.[106].
    Similar apps in Korea
    In the fall of 2016, it was reported that an app called "Monta Wars GO" similar to Pokemon GO will be released in South Korea.The development company states that it is an "augmented reality AR and an epoch-making original game that collects monsters", but it is too similar to Pokemon GO and dared to use a different name "Monta". It is also reported that it was named "Wars GO".[107]..Regarding this game, there were negative reactions such as "Maru Pakuri" and "Is Korea not honored or proud?" On the Korean internet of the developer, and J-CAST News announced on August 2016, 8. When I interviewed the people involved in Pokemon GO, I was surprised that "as far as I can see what is being reported, it seems that the system and interface are really the same", and it is undecided whether to protest because it is still before the release. Talked to[108].

    Reaction of politicians

    Minnesota State SenatorAl FrankenIt is,Personal Informationprotection,Your PrivacyConcerned about protection[109].
    Is a Democratic candidate for the US presidential electionHillary ClintonAnnounced a campaign to use Pokemon GO, saying, "I don't know who made Pokemon GO, but I want to think about how to get them to vote."[110].. Meanwhile, he is a Republican candidate for the US presidential electionDonald TrumpPosted a parody video of Hillary Clinton's sarcastic Pokemon GO on Facebook, but he said about Pokemon GO: "I'm not, but everyone is playing. No doubt. I ... if I have time It ’s okay. ”[110].
    August 2016, 7,President of Israel OfRuben RibrinPosted a screenshot of Pokemon GO on Facebook[111].
    Brazil·Mayor of Rio de Janeiro Of(Portuguese versionPokemon GO service in Brazil will be held on August 8thRio de Janeiro OlympicsHoping to get started earlier[112], Was delivered on August 8rd.
    Russia·KremlinPress Secretary Dmitry Peskov"Pokemon is no reason to visit the Kremlin, a treasure trove of world culture," the reporter asked.[113].
    Ministry of Information Technology and Communications of Russia OfNikolai Nikiforov"Some people build their own company and leave results, some spend all day on the couch, and some prefer to run behind the Pokemon and fall into the ditch. Everyone chooses it, but fortunately Even we have a free country."[114].. On the other hand, “talented people have made great games. I don't want water splashes in the media, as always, but collect video information from around the world.Special organizationThere is a suspicion that this game was created due to the involvement of[115].
    Lyudmila Bokova, chairman of the Interim Committee of the Federal Council on Information Society Development, said, "Games are children's想像力Help the development ofPersonalityNeed to develop. I haven't seen any potential positives for this game."[116].
    Netherlands·NijmegenIt is,Nijmegen International Today MarchInstalled many Pokemon markers for[117].. However, the sign was stolen by someone, and Teddy Vrijmoet, general manager of the event, said, "It's probably because of the collector."[117].
    August 2016, 7,Yoshii KanThe Chief Cabinet Secretary said about the phenomenon that Pokemon GO has become popular all over the world and is called "Pokemonomics". "I want to," he said, but some people are concerned about manners and safety in the press.For those who enjoy the game to enjoy it more safelyCabinet Cyber ​​Security CenterSaid that he issued a warning in[118].. Also known for manga loversTaro AsoThe finance minister told Pokemon GO, "When looking at examples overseas, otaku who could not deal with psychiatrists, all home withdrawals came out to play Pokemon," "Psychiatrist cartoon Is probably the most effective one."[119].
    Developer'sNianticCompanyCIADue to the close relationship between Japan and the United States in ChinaTrojan horseI am concerned[120]..One of the reasons is that if you place a rare character and no one approaches, you can judge that it is an undisclosed military base.[121].
    Erna SolbergThe prime ministerEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euOn August 2016, 8, during the official visit, I missed the scheduleBratislavaIt was reported to play in the old town[122].. Also in the same month, during the Diet, Torine Sky GrandeNorwegian Liberal PartyThe party leader is playing[123].. It is reported that Solberg is playing during Grande's speech during the Diet on October 10.[124].

    Religious reaction

    SunnahIs the highest educational institution ofAl-Azhar UniversityDeputy Director Abbas Shouman said that playing Pokemon GOIslamSaid to be as fraudulent as "drinking" banned by[125].Turkey OfImam UnionDiyanet Sen's union chief Mehmet Biracutal proposes a ban on Pokemon GO in Turkey[126].

    20167/20,Saudi ArabiaThen, the game software series "PokemonIs an anti-Islamic religious order (Fatwa) Was renewed by the clergy organization "Higher Religious Scholars Association". IslamTheory of evolutionIt is said that the game of Pokemon where monsters evolve is to promote the theory of evolution and to be a blasphemy to God.He explained that Pokemon contains elements prohibited by Islamic law, such as increasing the number of polytheistic gods and gambling.The symbol mark used in the gameShinto,キ リ ス ト 教,Freemason,ZionismIt was reported that he also said that he would promote (Judaism).[127]..However, on July 7, the following day, the Saudi Arabian government and the Association of Higher Religious Scholars denied that they had issued a new fatwa.[128].

    Celebrity reaction

    John Mayer,Joe Jonas,Demi Lovato,Taiga,Abigail BreslinMany entertainers revealed that they are crazy about Pokemon GO[129].Justin BieberTo play the game tooニ ュ ー ヨ ー クThere is sighting information such as appearing in[130].. In Korea, singer Jeong Jun-youngEXOMember'sPark Chang-yeolSeveral entertainers also want to play Pokemon GOSkewered skewersI went to and released the image I actually played on the net, but it was controversial in Korea because it was not targeted for distribution at that time, and in that sense the game distribution is not official.

    Japan alsoNakagawa Shoko,Nicole Fujita,Adachi Rika,Nomura Shohei,HISASHI,Takahashi Minami,Yamamoto Hi,Ayana Tsubaki,Tonggu MeilingSuch,Pokemon series main storyMany entertainers, including fans of Pokemon GO, also revealed that they are crazy about Pokemon GO[131][132].

    On the other hand, the cartoonistYaku MitsuruIs 20167/25Broadcast of "Information Live Miyaneya, "I will vote immediately if there is a candidate saying "Pokemon GO ban" in Tokyo" "If you are interested in the insects in the roadside planting," "People who are pushing for such things I despise it from the bottom of my heart," he said. In response to this statement,Kenichiro Mogi"I'm also interested in insects, but I think it's okay to do Pokemon GO," said the doctor.Katsuya Takasu"I feel sorry for people who do not understand the values ​​of others," argued on Twitter. TalentDr. SuidobashiIs broadcast on July 7Morning charge!』, and expressed a positive opinion about the game itself while referring to the danger of the work, and finally controversial with the person himself[133][134][135][136].. In addition, Yaku's remarkSugawaya MitsuruBeing caught up in a firestorm by people who misunderstood what they said[137].

    After that,7/26broadcast"Everyone's news』(Fuji Television Network, IncRegarding the true meaning of the remark, "I was told by the taxi driver,'Isn't it curled up these days?'" , On the showPosition talkAnd said it was not a criticism of the game itself[10].. Suidobashi too8/3Broadcast of "Gogosuma -GO GO!Smile!-』(CBC TV-TBSIn the system), he said that the controversy itself was a "chaban drama" that was intended to make him laugh, but he was confused by the fact that it was a firestorm.[138].

    Also in the USOliver StoneExplains about a game system that actually walks around using smartphone location information and collects Pokemon, ``It embodies the latest surveillance capitalism that gives privacy to companies, and it is understood how people want to act, A new form of action-based frameworkMech robotA society will be born. "[139].

    Akiyuki TsuchidaTouched on a radio show about the news caught playing Pokemon GO while drivingDangerous drugSaid that it is no different from driving with[140].

    Remembrance facility reaction

    The game area also includes a memorial facility, which has been criticized for being unscrupulous.[141].Auschwitz-Birkenau MuseumIs Niantic HankeCEOProtested on Twitter saying, "Don't designate this facility as a playground. It's a very rude act."[142],United States Holocaust Memorial Museum,Arlington National CemeteryAlso said that the act of playing Pokemon GO on the premises was inappropriate[143].

    Response from the appearance of Pokemon before the official announcement

    On September 2018, 9, after the event of "Community Day", an unknown Pokemon that has not appeared in the series so far for about 22 minutes (name is "??????" notation, the identity is caught by Ditto And return from an unknown figure) appeared, and it became a riot[144]..It was suspected that it was due to a bug, but on September 9, it was revealed that it was the phantom Pokemon "Meltan" that these metamons were transforming into.Pokemon Let's Go! Pikachu/Let's Go! Eevee』It became possible to capture by cooperating with[145].

    Security measures

    Pokemon GO is taking various measures to play safely.

    At the first startup, a warning screen will be displayed along with the terms of use, and a caution screen will appear each time you start up, saying "please look around and play around." You don't have to keep watching the screen all the time, and when a Pokemon appears, your smartphone will vibrate and tell you. In September 2016, an update screen appeared to prevent you from playing when driving, etc.In October of the same year, Pokemon at a certain speed or more to avoid playing while driving a car etc. I also had a mechanism that I could not catch[146].. Furthermore, in November of the same year, it became impossible to operate the Pokestop at a certain speed or above to prevent playing while driving. In addition, I introduced the "I am not a driver" button as a measure to make it possible to play when you are not driving in the passenger seat of the car or in the train, but this mechanism was abolished and the passenger seat of the car The inside of trains was also regulated.

    Also, as mentioned above, a walking smartphone countermeasure device called "Pokémon GO Plus" was announced, and it is possible to discover and catch Pokemon without looking at the smartphone screen.

    Guidelines and Terms of Use

    Pokémon GO management has published the "Pokémon GO Trainer Guidelines" and terms of use so that you can enjoy playing while observing the rules and manners.The guidelines specify respect for the community, respect for privacy, and adherence to the rules of the general public.[147][148].

    Under 13

    You cannot get a Google account if you are under 13 years old. In order for children under the age of 13 to be used in a safe environment under the supervision of their parents, there is a mechanism to register an account under the age of 13 by linking it to the Pokemon Trainer Club account of the parents with the consent of the parents. Have been taken[149]..Also, when letting children play, they are encouraged to play with their parents.

    Billing security measures

    Pokemon GO is basically a free-to-play item billing system, but unlike general social games, it does not have a random billing system (so-called "gacha billing").This is because President Iwata of Nintendo and CEO Hanke did not want a form of gacha billing that incites the gambling spirit of users and charges a large amount from some users, and they agreed that they wanted to keep the billing at a healthy level. Be done[150].. Director Nomura, who is in charge of development, also adjusted to reduce charges. I think that the mechanism that carries heavy billing on some people is not healthy, and that the billing setting also prevented the paying player from becoming extremely advantageous.[38].

    In-game virtual currency "Pokecoin"PheasantAs a "self-prepaid payment method" in JapanFinancial Services AgencyIs reported to be a policy to listen to[151]After that, Niantic Payments, a limited liability company that issues Pokecoin, filed a notification with the Financial Services Agency on November 2016, 11, which is the deadline for notification.[152].

    An app stats company surveyed the average amount charged by country, and found that Japan was the highest in the world at about 2,900 yen[153].

    Fraud countermeasures

    The update on October 2016, 10 introduced new anti-fraud measures. Suspected automation fraudcoilIs displayed on the screen and you can continuereCAPTCHANeed to authenticate using[154].


    Healing effects such as depression

    Pokemon GO is linked with GPS position information, and it is a specification that practically hardly progresses if it stays in the same place. It is pointed out that the improvement of mental illness is a synergistic effect of moving the body because even if it is semi-forced, it is necessary to go out and continue walking in order to raise the level and catch Pokemon. Technology is what people domental healthDr. John Grohol, who is a researcher on the impact on Pokemon GO,Psychotherapy,Taking medicineAlthough it remains a position of assistance ofdepressionHe pointed out that it has an effect on improving mental health, and says that Pokemon GO has never had an effect on improving mental health.[155].

    An 18-year-old girl in Florida avoided going out except when needed for three years, but after starting Pokemon GO, it became fun and quickly going out, going out for a few days for games, etc. Affected[156].. Another example is that a woman with BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) and depression and anxiety can get out of the house, or a man with anxiety or depression spends most of his time with friends outside the house. Pokemon GO has started to improve depression etc.[157].

    英国EnglandA 17-year-old boy living in JapanautismBecause of this, I rarely went out of the house for about 5 years, but now I can go out with Pokemon GO.[158]Said the BBC.

    ミ シ ガ ン 州Pediatric hospital decided to use Pokemon GO for rehabilitation of pediatric patients[159].

    Regional activation

    Pokemon GORegional activationIs also expected.When a restaurant attracted customers using Pokemon GO in the United States, it was reported that the number of customers increased.ニ ュ ー ヨ ー クAt a pizzeria in the weekendSalesHas been reported to have increased by 75%[160]..At second-hand clothing stores, Pokemon GO is used for sales promotion with a board that says "Let's look for monster balls in fashionable second-hand clothing."Also, at the museum, I learned that there are many Pokemon and Pokestops nearby, so I posted photos on the official website to gather topics, and at a library I plan to use Pokemon GO to attract customers. Sales promotion using GO is spreading[161].

    A review site that corresponds to the Japanese eating logYelpIn the app, a filter called "Poke Stop Nearyby" has been added, and a function to narrow down to Pokemon GO target stores has been added.[162].

    The New Zealand Tourism Bureau has responded to Pokemon GO, and on the official website it is unknown whether there are rare Pokemons![163].

    Even in Japan, various regional revitalization events are held from small to large scale and are crowded.Great East Japan EarthquakeTohoku region of the disaster area (Iwate-Miyagi-Fukushima), An event was held in which a large number of rare Pokemon occurred.Around the same time, a large-scale official event "Explore Miyagi" was held in Miyagi Prefecture, and various events using Pokemon GO such as increasing Pokestops and Magikarp weighing competitions were held, and many people participated and crowded.[164].IshinomakiIn the event held at, 11 tourists visited in 10 days and the economic effect was 20 billion yen.[165].

    KanagawaKamakura cityCity council proposed a regional revitalization by using the experience of playing Pokemon GO on its own and titled "Pokemon GO and Town Development"[166].

    August 2017, 11,TottoriAnnounced that as a result of holding the event "Pokémon GO Safari Zone in Tottori Sand Dunes" for 3 days, about 8 people visited and the economic effect was about 9,000 billion yen in 3 days, 18 times the initial target.[167].


    Japan Society of Movement Epidemics makes a statement in hopes of promoting health at Pokemon GO[168].

    Stanford UniversityMicrosoftAccording to the study, people who started playing Pokemon GO have an average of 26% more activity than before, and an average of 1,473 steps per day, which is good for health and has a long-lived effect.[169].


    Pokemon GO has various safety measures in the app, but users who do not follow etiquette are still causing problems all over the world.

    For these problemsPokemon Co., Ltd.Commented, "I want to check the details, including the truth, and do what I need to do well."[170].

    Issues of concern about privacy

    Red Owl Analytics' Adam Reeve pointed out that the first version for iPhone (iOS) is a setting that causes serious personal information leakage, and released a modified version 2016 on August 8, 11. bottom[171][172][173][174].

    On August 2016, 8, Fortinet, a network security company in the state of California in the United States, summarized the problem of privacy concern from the analysis result[175][176].

    In some countries and facilities, they have expressed concerns and regulated or banned their use.[177][178][179][180][181][182][183].

    To completely erase the account data on the server when uninstalling, you need to apply for "Delete Pokémon GO account" on the Niantic official support page.[184][185].

    Related accidents, incidents, scandals

    Since Pokemon GO has a unique play style, due to its specifications,SmartphoneProblems such as suddenly stopping and obstructing traffic are likely to occur.

    Although a caution message is displayed at startup, "please look around and play", the user is still absorbed in looking at the screen and walking outdoors, colliding with pedestrians, falling down, etc. There are many cases in which people are injured around the world. Moreover, the problem that a user invades a place where access is prohibited, and dangerous acts such as operating a car while driving are also occurring all over the world.

    Intrusion cases and lawsuits
    If a Pokemon is in a building, it can be caught just by approaching the building,AustraliaIn some cases, users got so absorbed in the police station. Police stationFacebookNote above that "You can get items just by approaching"[186].
    oldユ ー ゴ ス ラ ビ アMember countriesEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euThen the user is dangerous地雷In response to the information that the original area was entered, a warning of landmine warning was issued to the users of Pokemon GO[187].. Even 20 years after the end of the conflict, it is estimated that about 12 land mines will remain.
    In the United States, cases have begun to sue Pokemon GO for invading a player's backyard[188].
    On September 2016, 9, in Odaiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo, information about rare Pokemon was released, resulting in crowds of hundreds of people gathering, and the police mobilized by blocking the road etc. woke up. The crowd shook off, ignoring police officers' control, and there were some dangerous acts intruding into a no-entry motorway.
    Traffic accident
    July 2016, 7, in the United StatesBaltimoreThen, a Pokemon GO user played Pokemon GO while driving a car and looked into the screen, causing an accident that crashed into a police car (patrol car) parked on the shoulder of a road and crashed at a tremendous speed[189].
    4 cases in Japan in just 71 days after releaseWhile drivingWas caught.TokyoThere were 36 accidents due to driving, including bicycles, only inside. Both were accidents that were crazy about operating Pokemon GO.[190][191][192][193]. On September 8,TokushimaA user driving a light car while playing Pokemon GO hit two pedestrians and killed one[194].AichiBut likewise driving, on August 8thKasugai CityAccident that hits a person and kills him[195], October 10IchinomiyaThere is an accident (a three-year prison sentence in prison in the first instance) that hits an elementary school student crossing a pedestrian crossing and kills him.[196].. Also, on April 9KyotoNagaokakyoIn a hit-and-run incident by a mobile crane that occurred in Japan, it was later revealed that the driver of the mobile crane was playing Pokemon GO while driving.[197].. This driver was charged with lethal negligence,Kyoto District CourtWas sentenced to 1 year and 6 months in prison and 5 years suspended sentence.[198].
    Illegal parking
    Shortly after Pokemon GO was released, around the popular spots where Pokestop overflowedIllegal parkingincreased. Especially in JapanOsaka OfOgimachi ParkAndAichi OfTsurumai ParkBecause rare Pokemon are easy to come out and are popular, the parking lot in the park is often full even at night, and there are many cases where cars that can not be parked are parked on the street around the park or parked outside the usage hours.[199][200][201].. An example of overtime parking at the facility is when the park is closed after the park is closed and the car cannot be pulled out and is locked inside the park.[200].
    Operation by bus driver while on board
    Although it was not caught up in the accident or road traffic law, the scandal of operating Pokemon GO during working hours such as when a bus driver is driving is becoming a social problem in some countries in the world.
    In this article, among the Japanese bus operators who were operating Pokemon GO by bus drivers, it was reported frequently throughout the country, and two operators who were regarded as problems multiple times, and several times as problems were considered. Entrusted by business operator Enter the case of one business operator. In addition,Ryobi BusAs mentioned above, a description of a business operator that has not been reported very often nationwide and that has been considered a problem once is omitted.
    Kinki OfKyoto-Osaka-Shiga-NaraOf private bus operators operating routes inKeihan BusThen, from October to December 2016Yamashina Sales OfficeOf a 51-year-old male driver of the same company that belonged toKyoto Keihan BusEntrusts operation toKyotanabe Sales OfficeA 54-year-old man who was working as a driver at Pokemon GO operated while driving a bus (The driver belonging to the Yamashina sales office was at the Daigo Bus Terminal of the forwarding bus,Yawata Tanabe LineDiscovered by investigating each driving situation when driving and when leaving Kintetsu Shintanabe. In each case, it was considered a problem that the passenger's report was originated) and it was taken up in each TV, newspaper, Internet news[202][203][204].. Of these, the driver at the Yamashina office was removed from the crew by the Keihan bus.[205]For the driver of the Kyotanabe Sales Office, the consignor Kyoto Keihan Bus was punished for disciplinary dismissal on the same day as violating internal regulations[206][207][208].
    Following the scandal at the Yamashina Sales Office, the Keihan Bus was considering measures to prevent recurrence, such as prohibiting possession and use of privately-owned communication devices during the driver's flight hours, and sealing and storing at the sales office. However, because a scandal occurred at the Kyotanabe sales office during the study, only the plan to prohibit bringing private communication equipment into the vehicle was rushed to the execution and the Kyotanabe sales office that caused the second scandal 2 days after the occurrence. Conducted on December 12, the following day, at the Yamashina office and the other nine offices that caused the first scandal on March 3[206].. As for the subsidiary Kyoto Keihan Bus, the Keihanbe Sales Office, which is entrusted with the operation of the Keihan Bus, also entrusts the operation of the Keihan Bus on December 12, the day after the occurrence.Neyagawa Sales OfficeAnd its own sales officeYawata Sales OfficeAlso, except for routes where wireless communication is difficult, the driver was prohibited from bringing private communication equipment into the vehicle on December 12, the next day.[207].
    At Keihan Bus, some of the officers were also subject to salary reductions and reprimands during the first scandal, but during the second scandal, four officers were further reprimanded.On the Keihan Bus, only in the case of the second scandal, the five bosses of the driver were subject to disposal, the managing director and general manager of the transportation department received a 1% reduction in salary for one month, and the other four. Also received a salary reduction and reprimand[209].
    After that, Keihan Bus took the opportunity of this scandal, and the momentum to prevent the recurrence of the scandal increased by utilizing IT technology, and the coach driver evaluated the crew attitude and analyzed the image stored in the drive recorder. Adopted further recurrence prevention measures such as building a mechanism[210].
    After the scandal on the Keihan Bus, the scandal by the Japanese bus driver once subsided, but it occurred in another district in 2017, and after 6 o'clock on June 20, the same year.Tohoku region-MiyagiIs a public bus operator ofSendai City BusNagamachi Sales OfficeA 60 year old driverSendai cityTaihaku WardIt was discovered that he operated Pokemon GO while waiting for a signal on the city road.Sendai City Transportation BureauWeighed this heavily, and announced in a announcement on June 6 that same year that it is considering disposing of the driver.[211][212], The driver was suspended for 7 months on July 19, the same year.According to a survey by the Sendai City Transportation Bureau, this driver operated Pokemon GO 6 times during a total of 13 flights from the 20th to the 20th of the same month.The punished driver took responsibility for this scandal and resigned[213].
    In addition, in 2016, the Sendai Municipal Bus wasMiyagi TransportationEntrusts operation toHigashi Sendai Sales OfficeA 43-year-old driver (belonging to Miyagi Transportation) was driving while operating Pokemon GO on a bus that was being forwarded around 10:18 on October 18, the same year, Sendai CityMiyagino WardHas collided with a roadside tree on the road[214]Therefore, this was the second scandal related to Pokemon GO.
    Midnight wandering
    Late-night wandering around Pokemon GO is a problem for both men and women, from children to adults.
    HokkaidoWithin 10 days, 122 boys and girls were guided playing Pokemon GO in the park at midnight.TokyoEven in the inner parks, players playing in the middle of the night were having a great influence on the neighborhood. EspeciallySetagayaIn some parks, there was an example of a group act that was unexpected when one heard that rare Pokemon would come out, and some residents said that they would refrain from using the target park.[215].
    Confusion due to the use of malicious tools
    The use of unauthorized tools is prohibited in Pokemon GO, and the management side implements countermeasures against unauthorized tools by updating it, but it is a mess with the unauthorized tool creator. Among the fraudulent tools, maps that show the time and place of Pokemon's appearance are especially problematic. If you use this map, you can find out where the rare Pokemon are, so people gather at the places where the rare Pokemon came out and go to Odaiba.LaplaceCaused a great deal of confusion when[216].

    Game system problems

    Disparity between urban and suburbs
    Pokemon GOIngressBecause it is created by diverting the data of the portal of, the number of pocket stops tends to be large in urban areas where there are many agents (Ingress users), and conversely, the number of pocket stops tends to be small in the suburbs where there are few agents. There is a problem of disparity between urban areas and suburbs because it affects the progress of[217].. The appearance rate of Pokemon is easier in the city and less likely in the countryside[11].. On the other hand, as a voice of a user who plays in the suburbs, "I feel like having an adventure (Original mama) "" The way the tension rises when you find a Pokemon in the mountains should only be experienced by those who live in the countryside! "" Encounter Pokemon in nature! Pokemon trainers grow only after overcoming hardships! " Etc. are up[218].
    cheatUsers who do not follow the prohibited items such as are becoming a problem.for exampleBOTThere is an act that illegally captures Pokemon or patrols Pokestop using a malicious program such as or position camouflage. In order to escape detection with a more analog method,DroneAnd some use GPS signal generators[219][220].
    In addition, illegal trading of game accounts is prohibited,Yahoo!There is also a case where the account was listed on and was traded for 20 yen.[221].
    The management side is taking measures such as disposing of users who disguise their location information and playing, and suspending disclosure of unauthorized tools by requesting deletion.[222].
    Harmfulness due to temporary deletion of footprint function
    When Pokemon GO was distributed in the United States and other countries, the footprint function that made it easier to find Pokemon was functioning, but by the time it was distributed in Japan, the function had stopped.Subsequent updates have been removed to improve footprint functionality.As a result, third-party services that show the location of Pokemon have appeared, but due to increased access, the server becomes unstable, delivery to undelivered countries is delayed, and the development of new functions is affected. Therefore, the management side is sequentially blocking these third-party services.[223].
    Players who are easily mistaken for suspicious persons
    The appearance of a player who catches Pokemon in AR mode is likeStealIt tends to be seen as if it were. In AR mode, you have to consciously control the direction of the camera, so you may unknowingly point the camera at a person, which causes many troubles.[224][225][226].

    Problems of media coverage

    Due to the rapid spread of Pokemon GO, it was initially reported that gamers were having fun playing and enlightenment activities by the police, but as accidents and troubles occur frequently and become a social problem, there is a tendency to take a strict reporting stance. I got stronger.In addition, in "while smartphone driving" by Pokemon GO, unlike the usual "while smartphone driving", it is often reported including the specific name (Pokemon GO) due to the peculiarity of the application.For this reason, there are cases in which some tourist facilities that have been judged by looking at the media request by name, such as "Please do not put out Pokemon on the premises."[227].

    Ltd.Just system"Fact-finding about location information application" conducted byJ-CAST NewsThen I reported as if I was tired of "Pokemon GO"[228].. However, when an IT writer questioned this report compared with other game applications, it was found that the retention rate was more than double that of other game applications.[229].


    Incidents targeting users
    The United States of AmericaIn, use the social function "module" of Pokemon GO to lure the player to the playerrobberyThere was a case[230]In addition,GuatemalaThen, while two boys were playing Pokemon GO on the street, there was an incident where one was shot dead due to an attack aimed at robbing the smartphone[231].
    Even in JapanHokkaidoObihiro, A woman who was playing Pokemon GO on the street in the dawn of July 2016, 7 is reported to have suffered an obscene attempt damage[232].
    Application for exclusion from the game area
    Pokestop and gym are set as well-known spots (created by using the data of Ingress portal), but if you want to delete the setting for various reasons, apply for deletion to Niantic. Can[233].. The main Japanese companies and organizations that applied for deletion after the service started are as follows.
    Furthermore, as countermeasures against dangerous behavior by Pokemon GO players, some companies and organizations have requested that Pokemon not appear on their premises.


    Pokémon GO became the first accreditation in the "Sport in Life" project announced by the Sports Agency on July 2019, 7. "Sport in Life" encourages the inclusion of sports as part of your lifestyle[246].

    Partner store system

    The official spots at the beginning of Pokemon GO are stores and public spots selected by the operating company Niantic, but from nearby companiessponsorJohn Hanke has revealed details about the reception of spots to receive fees[247].

    In this work, in addition to appearing as a Pokestop or gym at the place that became a partner store, by receiving the service specified at the partner store during a specific period, the event "Pokémon GO Special Weekend" to be held at a later date You will be able to participate in.Unless otherwise specified, the target parts in the table below are those in Japan, and the number of target parts for pocket stops and gyms is the number at the time of announcement.

    AffiliationsTarget of Pokestop GymPartnership start datePartnership end date
    Japan McDonald'sMcDonald's 2,900 storesApril 2016, 7[248]April 2020, 10[249]
    TOHO CinemasThe entire TOHO Cinemas (excluding some theaters)April 2016, 8[250]April 2018, 8[251]
    Softbank[Note 21]Softbank shop, Ymobile shop Approximately 3,700 storesApril 2016[252]Partnership ongoing
    ionAeon Group 3,498 stores in Japan and overseasApril 2016, 12[253]April 2021, 2[254]
    StarbucksStarbucks Approximately 7,800 stores in the United StatesApril 2016, 12[255][256]Partnership ongoing
    ITO EN[Note 22]About 1,800 vending machines at ITO EN,Tully's coffee About 200 storesApril 2017, 2[257]Partnership ongoing
    Seven-Eleven JapanSeven-Eleven about 19,000 storesApril 2017, 4[258]April 2021, 10[259]
    JoyfulJoyful 789 storesApril 2017, 4[260][261]April 2019[262]
    Culture Convenience ClubTSUTAYA Approximately 1,200 stores (excluding some)April 2019, 1[263]April 2020, 1[262]
    MatsumotokiyoshiApproximately 1,700 stores in Japan, the Kingdom of Thailand, and the Matsumotokiyoshi Group in TaiwanApril 2019, 6[264]April 2021, 12[265]
    INFORICH"Charge SPOT5,000 placesApril 2019, 8[266]Partnership ongoing
    YoshinoyaYoshinoya about 1,200 storesApril 2020, 10[267]Partnership ongoing
    Akindo SushiroSushiro 562 stores in Japan and stores in South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and SingaporeApril 2020, 10[268][269]Partnership ongoing
    Odakyu GroupOdakyu Group in Tokyo, Kanagawa and Shizuoka prefectures[Note 23]About 2,400 bus stopsApril 2020, 12[270]Partnership ongoing
    Sumitomo Life InsuranceSumitomo Life branch offices nationwideApril 2021, 3[271]Partnership ongoing
    Don QuixoteDon Quijote Group nationwide[Note 24]About 460 storesApril 2021, 11[272]Partnership ongoing
    FamilyMartFamilyMart approximately 16,400 storesApril 2021, 11[273][274]Partnership ongoing
    Hanamaru UdonHanamaru Udon Approximately 440 storesApril 2021, 11[275]Partnership ongoing

    Known defects

    The latest status is Niantic Help [2]See (external link).The following describes the situation in 2016.

    • Application freeze due to server timeout. Or a bug that randomly freezes while capturing Pokemon (Android and iOS)[276].
    • If you have multiple Google accounts, you may be logged in with a different account from the game when updating (iOS version only)[277][278].
    • Lower Pokemon capture rate and higher escape rate[279].


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