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👩‍🎤 | AKB48 Team B, a spectacular dance on a scorching stage "Outdoor festival after a long time"


AKB48 Team B perform a spectacular dance on the scorching stage "Outdoor festival after a long time"

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On this day, Nagisa Sakaguchi (Hokkaido), Nanase Yoshikawa (Chiba), Erina Oda (Kanagawa), Ayaka Saban (Yamanashi), Hina Hashimoto (Toyama), Serika Nagano (Osaka), Momoka Onishi (Nara Prefecture) and Yurina Gyouten (Kagawa Prefecture) appeared, and the audience was fascinated from the first song "Ex-boyfriend".

[AKB48 Team 8 gave a splendid performance on the "TIF" stage in the harsh heat.A moment to care about the fans... → Continue reading


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    (Kanagawa Prefecture), Saika Saban (Yamanashi Prefecture), Hina Hashimoto (Toyama Prefecture), Serika Nagano (Osaka Prefecture), Momoka Onishi (Nara Prefecture), Yurina Gouten (Kagawa Prefecture)

      Nagisa Sakaguchi (Hokkaido), Nanase Yoshikawa (Chiba), Eri Oda


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