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👍 | Twitter registra una caída en su servicio que i…


Twitter registra una caída en su servicio que i…

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In addition, this product is also very compatible with the new heatstroke countermeasure called "pre-cooling", which has been attracting attention in recent years. Ice slurry is used as a method for doing so." "Ice slurry, which can lower the core body temperature in advance and suppress the subsequent rise in body temperature just by drinking it before activity, is a new option for heat stroke countermeasures. As such, it is expected to be used in various scenes in daily life," he said.

Twitter está experimentando problemas este martes que impiden a los usuarios usar la red social con normalidad, que se extienden también a herramientas complementarias como TweetDeck. y no es posible entrar al 'timeline' ni a otras cuentas de Twitter. empezaron a notar a las 19.43 horas. → Continue reading

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