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👩‍🎤 | Motonogizaka46 Hinako Kitano, first regular terrestrial drama series!Live-action drama "Boys' Abyss" Nozomu Honda...

Photo: Hinako Kitano (Ryo Ⓒ Minami / Shueisha Ⓒ Drama "Boy's Abyss" Production Committee, MBS)

Former Nogizaka46 Hinako Kitano, terrestrial serial drama first regular decision!Live-action drama "Boys' Abyss" Nozomu Honda...

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Reiji Kurose (Toba Araki), a second-year high school student, "just" lived while being tied up by his town and family.

Former Nogizaka46 member Hinako Kitano will appear in the drama special zone "Shonen no Abyss" that will be broadcast on MBS from September 9st (Thursday). → Continue reading


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