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📷 | Remu Suzumori's personal photo exhibition is being held Isamu Ueno "Children laughing and laughing"

Photo Mr. Isami Ueno who took a picture of Remu Suzumori

Remu Suzumori's personal photo exhibition is being held Isamu Ueno "A child who laughs at a young age"

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Talking about the charm of the innocent model Suzumori, Mr. Ueno said, "It's easy to shoot and it's relaxing.

The personal photo exhibition "Remu Suzumori x Isamu Ueno Photo Exhibition 'Remon'" by talent Remu Suzumori will be held in Shibuya, Tokyo until the XNUMXth. → Continue reading

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Mr. Ueno

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    Mr. Ueno(Uenoshi) isJapan Ofclan..There are several trends.In this sectionGen SeiwaAshikaga styleDescribed Mr. Ueno.elseGen SeiwaMr. NittaSatomi style,Musashi Seven PartyA sectKodama PartyClanYoudao surname,Shinano countryKiso Valley OfChineseKiso styleMr. Ueno,Mr. Bungo OgamiRyu, TotomiMr. IiThere is Mr. Ryu Ueno (see below).

    Seiwa Genji Ashikaga style Ueno style

    Family name TheGenji.Family tree TheGen KawachiDraw the flow ofAshikaga OfGeneral flow.Mr. Yasushi AshikagaSixth son,Ueno GibenBegins with.

    Grandfather of righteousnessAshikaga Yoshiuji MikawaGuardianWith the bunin as an opportunity, the Ashikaga clan began to be planted in the country, and among the territories of Mr. Ashikaga in MikawaHachijo-inTerritoryGround workerI gained weight as an Ashikaga clan.Grandson of the prosthetic valveYorikane UenoIt is,Takashi Ashikaga Kamakura ShogunateHe served in the army when he rebelled against him and raised his troops.In the turmoil of the Northern and Southern Dynasties, Takauji fell to Kyushu, and Yorikane also served in it.1336(Kenmu3 years)3In the Southern CourtHigo OfKikuchiDefeated and gave martial arts.Eventually, Takauji regained his power.京都If you go east for recapture,IwamiBeing appointed as a guardian,Western countryHe is making efforts to expand the power of the Northern and Shogunate forces in the Northern Court and to pursue the power of the Southern Court.

    Mr. UenoSadoAlthough he has served as a guardian of several countries, he has not been inherited by his descendants.京都InPublic serviceWhile becoming the third head,Tribute,DeclarationFor generations, etc.General AshikagaAs a close vassal ofShogunateResponsible for the core business.

    Yoshihisa Ashikaga TheMr. RokkakuHe sent troops to Omi to subdue him, and also sent troops with the shogun.

    Yoshitaka Ashikaga The1493(Mystery2 years),Yoshizumi AshikagaTo holdJurisdictionHosokawa MasamotoByExileWas done,1508(Eisei5 years), to return to the shogun and solidify Btsuchu1509(Eisei6 years), of a close vassalNobutaka Ueno(Nao brother) and others were sent to our country.

    Nobutaka was ordered by Yoshitane and went down with them.ChinaShimoda-gunOnimurayama CastleEntered and struggled to expand Yoshitane.[1]after that,EiseiDuring the year, Nobutaka puts a ichimon in Kimurayama Castle and forms a series adjacent to each other.Horse riding templeOf the clanKaharu ShirakamiWith the castellan, againYorihisa UenoDoBitchu Matsuyama CastleIn addition to sealing it in Zhucheng, he placed generals in Zhucheng in his hometown, returned to Zhucheng, and returned to the shogunate again in later years.Yoshiharu Ashikaga, In later yearsYoshiteru AshikagaServed as a senior vassal of1563(Eiroku6 years) passed away.[2]

    Also, Nobutaka's sonKiyonobu UenoIt is,Yoshiaki AshikagaAs a senior vassal of, he has made a name for himself in history.1565(Eiroku8 years), Yoshiteru AshikagaYoshie AshikagaDedicateHide Matsunaga,Miyoshi three peopleEt al.Yoshiyoshi MiyoshiYoshiaki Ashikaga was also arrested and imprisoned, but Yoshiteru escaped with the help of Yoshiteru's aides and later.Echizen OfYoshikura AsakuraI settled down.At that time, Kiyonobu accompanied Yoshikage and asked Yoshikage to raise Joraku's troops, but Yoshikage did not move at all.1568(Eiroku11 years), YoshiakiOwari OfOda NobunagaWith their backing, Joraku,Imperial courtからShogunateIn response, he became the 15th Shogun.Kiyonobu accompanied Yoshiaki and went up to the shogunate again.[3]

    In addition, the head of Mr. Ueno's style is from generations of shoguns.BiasThere is,Ashikaga YoshiyaFromYoshimitsu Ashikaga, (・ (Mochitoshi) brothers)Yoshikazu AshikagaSo (Hisanaga) isYoshihisa AshikagaSo (Sumisuke) isYoshizumi AshikagaEach of them has been given a letter of 諱.

    In addition, it is Ashikaga styleMr. HosokawaEnshu family (Tosa Shugodai family, one of the mainstream ofYoshitoshi Hosokawa(Descendants of the child) also called "Mr. Ueno", but regarding this lineageMr. Hosokawa # Enshu familychecking ...

    Ueno's pedigree


    Mr. Ueno, Btsutyuu

    Mr. Ueno, Btsutyuu, is the successor of Nobutaka Ueno's family.Kimura YamashiroIt all started when I entered (Kimurayama Castle).AlsoYorihisa Ueno TheBitchu Matsuyama Castleto go into. (Later, Kimurayama Castle and a series of other castles were destroyed, while Bichu Matsuyama Castle survived and prospered, so in posterity, historical facts were reversed and misrepresented.)

    Yorihisa Ueno is the Rinzai sect of Tenjikuyama in Bichu Matsuyama.Ankokuji Temple (Rikyuji Temple)Was revived and became a family temple.After Yorihisa, his sonMr. Yori UenoBecame the owner of Matsuyama Castle, but Mr. Yoriastronomical2 years(1533) Was attacked and destroyed[4].

    Takanao Ueno revived Rinzai Sect Manjuyama in the market village of Katou-gun and made it a family temple.[5]..After Takanao, his son Ueno Hizen Mamoru Takanori succeeded the family and became the lord of Kimurayama Castle, but Kotoku (Takashi)KojiAll year round (1555-1558) In BizenTsuneyama CastleMoved to and made this castle a residence.

    またTakanori UenoBecame the owner of Bichu Matsuyama Castle by defeating the high capital of Shoseisuke's firstborn, who was the enemy of the clan Ueno Izumoriyori, who had reached the end of his life in Bichu Matsuyama.Mimura familyWith her daughter as a room, she spreads her power to the entire Btsuchu area.Mr. MimuraI deepened my relationship with him.

    Originally Mr. Ueno, through NobutakaMr. MouriHe had a special relationship of trust with him, but after the death of Nobutaka and Motoki, Takanori was against the wishes of the Shogun family and the Ueno family, and was the firstborn of the Mimura family who communicated with the Oda clan.Former parentWill be competing with Mr. MoriTensho3 years(1575)Kozagawa RiverIt was attacked and destroyed by the Mouri army led by.

    Takanori Ueno is reviving Rinzai sect Toyodake as the main castle of Bizen Tsuneyama, but at Hoonji Temple (Mabicho, Kurashiki City), which was the family temple of Mr. Ueno, the mortuary tablets of Takanori and his room, Tsuruhime, from that time are now. Is also celebrated.

    Btsutyuu Ueno's genealogy

    ≪The main branch castle of Mr. Ueno who was captured during the Mori army's attack on Tsuneyama Castle≫

    Toyama Castle (current Tamano City, castle owner Mizusawa), Bizen Oniyama Castle (current Tamano City, castle owner Kachi), Mugi Iiyama Castle (current Tamano City, castle owner unknown), Amenoyama Castle (current Tamano City, castle owner unknown), Yokota Castle (current Tamano City, castle owner unknown), Minatoyama Castle (current Kurashiki City, castle owner Yamada), Nose Takayama Castle (current Kurashiki City, castle owner Ueno), Kataoka Castle (current Okayama City, castle owner unknown)

    Mr. Bungo Ueno

    The family crest is said to be a double Hikiryō mon, and Mr. Bungo Ueno, whose ancestor is the second son of Mr. Ashikaga Ichimon Ueno's third generation Ueno Yorikane, follows Takauji's confidant in Kyushu, staying in Kyushu only in the Ueno family, and his grandson. Bungo in the place ofGuardianOtomoBecame under the umbrella of.For generations, Mr. Otomo's head has been biased, and Shigeru Ueno and Shigenobu Ueno are from Otomo Chika.Bias, HaOtomo ChiharuMore bias, Ueno Shigenobu parent and child and Shigenobu's younger brother Ueno ShigenobulordYoshitomo Otomo(Later Otomo Sorin) has been biased.

    Shigenobu told Otomo Sorin about home affairs, but he couldn't hear it, and the family left Otomo.RyuzojiThe family who became a vassal ofShoyaIt survived as it was divided into the family that survived.As an objection, the aboveMr. Bungo OgamiAlso known as the style[Source required].

    Genealogy of Mr. Bungo Ueno

    Mr. Totomi Ueno

    The ancestor is Naosuke Saemon Jiro, the second son of Yasunao, the head of the Yatsushiro (Kansei Choshu family tree) or the eleventh generation (collection of ancient clan genealogy) of Ii, a national of Totomi.Mr. Ii Shibukawa, who helped Mr. Shiba and fled to Kai Province, belongs to this system.

    Genealogy of Totomi Ueno (Kansei Choshu Shoka)

    • Ii Tomoyasu― (Sixth generation abbreviation) ―――――


    1. ^ "In June of the XNUMXth year of Eisho, Yoshitane Gen, was called by the landlord of the world, and was given a loyalty award by raising the military loyalty for many years. He has a reputation that he should be able to explore the punishment of the landlord and reach the territory of the Jito. Yes, the country is disturbed because there is also the Akamatsu flag of Banshu. Daisuke Department is in Shimohara-go, Oni-mura, Shimomichi-gun, Ryosuke Ise Sakyo is in Takakoshi-yama, Ehara-mura, Oda-gun, Masayuki Nikaido is in Katashima, Asaguchi-gun. It is like a parent who puts up a ticket all over the country, helps the poor, loves the poor, and forbids loneliness.
    2. ^ According to "On February 1560, 1561, Yoshiteru Ashikaga to Mori Motonari and Mori Motonari, Mori Motonari and Mori Motonari, Nobutaka Daisuke Ueno and Shosuke Sasaki. Notification that a private letter will be issued for the entrance and that Eiroku Setsuyuki is prepared to be the only one. Details of the notification from Daio Ozen, the official of Tonogi, were communicated by Nobutaka Ueno. A notice to the effect of an unrivaled title. On December XNUMXth, Yoshiteru Ashikaga, Mori Motonari Motonari and Mori Daizen Daio Takamoto will be lined up with their companions as a reward for their loyalty. More information to the effect that on August XNUMXth, XNUMX, Yoshiteru Ashikaga and Mori Motonari sent a picture and a basin in return for the gift of being lined up by their companions. Is transmitted from Nobutaka Ueno. (Excerpt) ".
    3. ^ Lord of the WordsAccording to Eiroku, "On October 1568, 1570, Tokitsugu Yamashina and Yoshiaki Ashikaga were asked to make arrangements with Shosuke Isshikibu and Daisuke Ueno. On March XNUMX, XNUMX, Tokitsugu Yamashina and Yoshiaki Ashikaga accompanied Yoshiaki Sanjo. Hosokawa Uzumato, Odate Saemonsa, Odate Iyomori, Isshiki Shikibu Shosuke, Hatakeyama Harima Mamoru, Ueno Nakatsugu Daisuke, Ise Saburo, Matsu Eiroku et al.Tomonin DiaryAccording to the report, "On August 1569, XNUMX, he was sent to Nakatsugu Ueno and Yoshiaki Ashikaga to join the Kasuga Shrine in Yamato Province. (Excerpt)."
    4. ^ According to the report, "Izumori Ueno lives in Omatsuyama, and Hidenaga Doemon can be placed in the castle of Komatsuyama. Hidenaga Ueno, who joins forces with Sho, attacks from Yokotani, overthrows Ueno's forces, defeats Izumori, and takes over Omatsuyama. I was defeated. "
    5. ^ According to the Vol. be.

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