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📷 | First camera manufacturer!Canon EOS R5 collaborates with "Transformers"


Camera maker's first!Canon EOS R5 collaborates with "Transformers"

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The colors are also green and blue purple, which are the image colors of the reflector.

Canon Co., Ltd. is the first camera manufacturer to release its mirrorless camera "EOS R5" and Takara Toyo Co., Ltd. → Continue reading


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Corporate color

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    Corporate color(British: Corporate Color) Symbolizes an organization such as a company or an organizationColorSay.Symbol color (British: Symbol Color) May be treated as synonymous.Organizations often present images and concepts that they intend externally, and sometimes use corporate colors in their designs.


    Colors are a pillar of a company's image strategy because they are easier to remember than letters and marks.[1].CIAs part of (corporate identity)Logo,flag, Signboards such as company names, product packages, advertisements,WebsiteIn many cases, the design of the vehicle and the paint of the vehicle are unified by the color.

    The corporate color often matches the color used for the company emblem, the group emblem of the organization, and the school emblem of the school, but this is not always the case.Also, in rare cases, color is metaphorically understood, and the word "corporate color" is used as the "color" of Corporation, that is, as a term that refers to the corporate culture and atmosphere of a company or organization. There is also a usage to use.

    The corporate color of the school is "School colorIs often called.Tokyo University"Pale blue",Meiji University-Komazawa University"Bluish-purple" is well known.

    Example :


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    Blue purple

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      BYR color wheel.svgIn this itemColorIs dealing with Depending on the viewing environment, the colors may not be displayed properly.

      Blue purple(Aomurasaki) isColor nameone of.JISAccording to the color standard of, it is "brilliant bluish purple".In generaltagとpurpleThe color in the middle of is widely called "blue-purple".Kikyo,Oyster fly,VetchIs the color of the flowers[1].

      The history of "blue purple" in Japan is old, and it was during the Heian period.Glory storyAlso seen in[2][Annotation 1]. Also,Chugoku Ofæ¼¢In the system ofribbonFrom the place where the prince used purple and the nine minis used blueLordThe status of[1][Annotation 2].


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      1. ^ Wakamizu: "If you look at the Shinden-zukuri, it will look lush with bamboo blinds.AnomurasakiOverlapping cuffs of my wife's clothes, rather than Nihoheru "[1]
      2. ^ Keikokushu (827) XNUMX ・ Hironari Shiraino Countermeasures ・ Question "Keikokushu Shimonokaze, after the imperial dynastyBlue purple, Jin Yoshiyuki Atsushiya "[Kansho-Xiahou Sheng][1]


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