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⛺ | Birth of “Outdoor Yokan”!Flavors to enjoy in the morning, daytime, and evening

Photo "Outdoor Yokan MORNING YOKAN FOR COFFEE/DAYTIME YOKAN FOR 'OYATSU'/NIGHT YOKAN FOR WHISKY" (1 pieces per bag <3g x 55, 2g x 53>, 1 yen)

Birth of “Outdoor Yokan”!Flavors to enjoy in the morning, daytime, and evening

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Yokan is a compact and efficient calorie intake, so it's perfect as a supplement food for outdoor activities and sports!

"Outdoor yokan" that is close to the outdoor scene is "Toshoan Main Store" (Horikawa Sanjo Shimohachi, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture). → Continue reading

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    Supplementary food

    Supplementary foodWhat is (school lunch)?Bicycle road race,Cycling,marathon(Ultra marathon,Trail running),triathlonIt is a food that is ingested during long-term sports.Here, we mainly describe bicycles.


    BicycleRoad raceAnd long-distance touring is a long exercise, and the energy taken before running is not enough, so it is necessary to eat food on the way.[1]..Even ordinary people consume more than 1 kcal per hour while driving,fatEven if you take into account the burning ofglycogenWill be used up.For this reason, supplementary food is indispensable for touring that runs continuously for a long time.Without nutrition, the body may become hypoglycemic, resulting in extremely poor performance and even unconsciousness ("Hitting the wall).

    Since you eat while running during the race, you need something that is easy to eat and has good digestion and absorption.[1]..In addition, it has been devised to meet the special demand that it is easy to take out and eat while driving.High-calorie foods are used because the nutrients needed while driving are basically glycogen.[1].. In general,Jelly drinkCommercial products such as are often used,UCI World TourIn professional road races, there are many cases where team staff with nutritionist qualifications eat specially made food in consideration of nutritional balance, and some of them emphasize taste.cakeEtc. may be included[2]..Also, regarding water, it is common.Sports DrinkBesides, we emphasize ease of drinkingColaEtc.soda drinkTo take together[2][3].

    In the race, a replenishment area like the water supply point of the marathon is set, and the athletes are "sakosh" (pannier: In French, refers to a bag or bag on the shoulder."Musette" in English-speaking countrieshaversackI received the supplementary food that was put in (called) from the support staff of the team,JerseyIt is common to put it in your pocket and run while eating.Also, if you fail to receive supplementary food in the supply area, you may receive supplementary food from the team's support car.

    Considering the characteristics of foods such as nutrients and absorbability, it is devised to take foods that are difficult to absorb in the first half of the run and save foods that are well absorbed at the end.


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