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🥾 | Mountain walking x Starry sky observation Kayak fishing too ... Reborn Sado sightseeing New plan that makes the most of nature [From Niigata]


Hiking in the mountains and observing the starry sky Kayak fishing is also possible... Sado's reborn sightseeing A new plan that makes the most of nature [From Niigata]

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PEAKS Kota Asahina Editor-in-Chief: Well-balanced as an outdoor element.

One of the goals of SDGs 17 is “decent work and economic growth”.In this item, by 2030, local culture and production ... → Continue reading

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"NST Niigata General Television" (Fuji TV affiliate) news account. We will send you the latest news about Niigata Prefecture.

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PEAKS Kota Asahina Chief Editor: Outdoor


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