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💪 | Minami Riho, when she was in high school, "I was 10 kilos heavier than now" Rebound experience due to an unreasonable diet "I'm healthy now"

Photo: Riho Minami, who attended the stage greetings [Photo: ENCOUNT Editorial Department]

Minami Riho, "I was 10 kilos heavier than now" in high school Rebound experience due to unreasonable diet "Healthy now"

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At the event, Minami, Inukai, Ohara, Maria Tani, and Hironaga Tsuna, who starred in the double, took the stage.

Paravi's original drama "Cinderella of -50kg" stage greeting model Riho Minami on the 10th in Tokyo... → Continue reading


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Keito Tsuna

Keito Tsuna(Tsuna Keito,199812/24 -) isJapan OfAn actor.. Same real name.ChibaFunabashiBackground[2].Watanabe EntertainmentBelongs.

30 timesJunon Superboy ContestWon the Grand Prix (top of 17293 people).


In 2017, he was selected for the Grand Prix at the 30th Junon Boy Contest.It is also the first Grand Prix in the history of the contest due to the repechage.[3].

In March 2018, 3 entertainment agencies competed[4]..At the time of the interview, I found out that the staff who gave me advice on confession, which is the final judging of the contest, was the staff of Watanabe Entertainment, and I felt a connection and decided to belong to Watanabe Entertainment.[5].

In 2018, the drama "Literary virgin』First appearance in a serial drama[6].

2019,Knight Ryu Sentai Ryu SogerAppeared in the role of Ryusou Blue / Melt[7].

2020,Home room], Appeared as the chairman of the library, Ken Yahagi.


  • New coronavirus infectionDuring the period of self-restraint due to the expansion of the event, we held a home tuna time on Instagram to entertain the fans.
  • Co-starred in "Ryu Souja"Hayate IchinoseHas described the rope as a strong mental struck, without showing the surroundings how depressed it is even if the director gets angry at the scene.[8]..Toei Chief ProducerShinya MaruyamaSays that a personality who didn't dislike the claim that "I want to come out earlier" was appropriate for the reason for using the rope.[9].


TV drama


original video


  • Catch10 Years After Death Memorial Event Recitation Kamata March Complete Edition "Gin-chan is gone" (July 2020th-7th, 10rd-12th, 23,Kinokuniya Hall)
  • Tumbling(June 2021-6, 11, Osaka: COOL JAPAN PARK OSAKA WW Hall / June 13-6, Tokyo: TBS Akasaka ACT Theater)-Shohei Suzuki[31][32]
  • Murder Mystery Theater "The Compensation for Acting" Replay (delivered on July 2021, 7) --Akatsuki Reiji[33]
  • Murder Mystery Theater "Betrayal Supper" (delivered on December 2021, 12)-Atsushi Kondo[34]

TV program




Character song

Release dateProduct NamesongSongRemarks
April 2020, 2Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Character Song AlbumMelt (Keito Tsuna)"Merge"TV drama"Knight Ryu Sentai Ryu Soger] Related songs
April 2020, 3Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Complete Song Collection

Participating works

  • Hironaga Tsuna×Daigo Kato"The rain rises twice" (May 2021, 5)

Delivery single

  • 8LOOM 1st single "Come Again" (September 2022, 9)[45]


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注 釈

  1. ^ Broadcast on the 29th due to poor physical conditionInoue SoraAppeared as a substitute.[44]


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外部 リンク

Maria Tani

    Add link

    Maria Tani(Maria Tani,19957/28 -) isTokyoFromFemaletalent,モデル,YouTuber.Platinum productionBelongs.Waseda University Faculty of Commercegraduate.


    Started performing arts activities when I was in junior high school[2].. After a year of ronin, in the general entrance examinationWaseda University Faculty of CommerceEnrolled in[3][Source invalid]..During the Ronin era, I studied more than 1 hours a day from morning till night[4]..After enrolling, you can balance work and school without repeating a year20193successfully graduated from[5].

    As of December 2020, 12, I belonged for about 31 yearsStar ray productionLeave the company[6].


    Hobby,volleyball,Western music(My favorite singer isSelena Gomez)。父親がパキスタン人のハーフで、EnglishIs fluent.

    Nippon Television Announcer OfErina IwataIs a close friend from junior high school, broadcast on May 2022, 5 "The whole world is visible! TV special investigation department] and talked about each other's good points[7].


    tv set

    Internet tv

    • You can buy AbemaTV(November 2018, 2 -,AbemaTV)-Guest appearance
    • 7 days in love with your tongue (August 2018, 8-August 4, AbemaTV)-Studio guest[10]
    • I want to love a drama(July 2018, 5-April 26, 2018, AbemaTV)-MC[11]
      • I want to have a romantic drama 2 (December 2018, 12-February 1, 2019)
      • I want to have a romantic drama 3 (December 2019, 5-February 11, 2019)
      • I want to have a romance drama ~ Kiss to survive ~ (August 2019, 8-October 10, 2019)
      • I want to have a romance drama ~ Bang Ban Love ~ (January 2020, 1-)
    • (Broadcast on September 2021, 12, all 23 episodes,VISION[Note 1]) --Starring Chloe[12]

    As a model

    TV drama



    Photo album

    • MARIA (July 2019, 7, Kodansha)[17]


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    外部 リンク


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