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👍 | Rare Morimoto watched a baseball game at the Sapporo Dome, which was his dream. Fans also tsukkomi ...


Mr. Marehiro Morimoto, watching baseball at the Sapporo Dome, which was a dream, and some tsukkomi from fans...

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Mr. Morimoto usually watches the game from the broadcasting seat as a baseball commentator.

[Mr. Maretetsu Morimoto, who usually watches the game from the broadcasting seat, reported how he was in the spectators' seats at the Sapporo Dome.Professional baseball commentator Mori… → Continue reading


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Baseball commentator

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    Baseball commentatorWhat is Yakyukaisetsusha?baseballlive broadcast ofmatchA person who explains the contents of, or a profession.Yuanbaseball playerBaseball officials such as often serve.

    Japanese professional baseball

    JapanInProfessional baseballLive broadcastPrewarIt started when it was broadcast on the radio.Broadcast until a while after the warannouncerHowever, with the rise in popularity of professional baseball, former baseball players and baseball critics began to be appointed as commentators in order to give the audience a wider understanding of the content of the game. .Tokuro Konishiis said to be the leading baseball commentator.

    Commentators sign annual contracts with each broadcasting station and provide commentary on relay games.In addition, he may appear on the sports program of the contract station and provide detailed post-event commentary on the day of the game.In addition, he may appear on broadcasts and sports programs of affiliated stations and affiliated stations.In recent years, he has also appeared on variety shows that are not directly related to baseball at the contract station.In addition, commentators who have contracts with broadcasting stations do not often appear on other affiliated broadcasting stations, so it seems that they have an exclusive appearance contract.

    CurrentlyTerrestrial waveTV broadcast,Satellite broadcasting,Radio broadcast,インターネットThe field of activity of commentators, such as broadcasting, is expanding in various fields.Also, the number of freelance commentators working across multiple broadcasting stations is increasing.

    japan amateur baseball

    high school baseball,College baseball,Adult baseballIn amateur baseball such as, there are very few people who make a living as baseball commentators.The main reason is the lack of relay broadcasting.

    Except for cases where professional baseball commentators make guest appearances, in the pastArimoto YoshiakiThere were examples of amateur baseball and newspaper reporters such as. As of 2022, the originalHokkaido Kushiro Technical High SchoolWhile director Eikichi Miyako will be commenting on the North and South Hokkaido tournaments on NHK,FMでKushiro City StadiumHeld inHokkaido Nippon-Ham FightersThere are only a few examples of acting as commentators for live broadcasts.

    In these amateur baseball broadcasts, amateur baseball officials with field experience such as former coaches are widely invited as commentators.again,Ryoji Nakamura,Soichiro SakakibaraIn some cases, former professional baseball players and high school baseball coaches were invited as guests.

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