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👩‍🎤 | Nanaland [Roppongi Idol Festival 2022 Photo Report] Many drawn with various performances ...

Photo Nanaland [Roppongi Idol Festival 2022 Photo Report] A euphoric scene drawn with a variety of performances

Nanaland [Roppongi Idol Festival 2022 Photo Report] Many things drawn with various performances ...

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In this article, we will deliver a photo report of Nanaland that appeared on July 7th.

<Roppongi Idol Festival 2022> will be held on July 7th (Fri), 29th (Sat), and 30st (Sun) at Roppongi Hill... → Continue reading


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    Photo report


    NanalandIt is,Japan OfFemale idol group.


    In December 2017, the idol group "12 members were enrolled"dropFormed in the form of a change from.The concept of the group is "7 wizards". After graduating from the drop magic school, it was decided that after graduation, he would be assigned to a certain kingdom under the direction of the Ministry of Magic.There were four new wizards waiting for them.[1]..And from December 12st, the activity started with 1 people.Official debut on July 7, 2018 after the pre-debut period.



    • 12/2
      • It will be unveiled at the Romantic Compote.
      • Mai Kohinata's birthday festival will be held at Shirokane Takanawa Serene b2.
    • December 12-Member Yukimura Karin's birthday festival will be held at Shibuya Quattro.


    • Higashi-Meihan Tour 2 "Higashi-Meihan also Nanaland" will be held on February 3, 4 and 10.
    • February 2-Member Runa Koizumi's birthday festival will be held at Shirokane Takanawa Serene b25.
    • At the tour final on February 2, it was announced that a one-man live will be held at Differ Ariake on May 10, 2018.
    • August 5- Diff AriakeHeld a one-man live "Nanaland's Golden Land 2018" at.Runa Koizumi, Graduation[2].
    • August 5- LIQUID ROOMHeld a one-man live "Liquid Land of Nana Land" at.Nippon ColumbiaAnnounced that they will release their 2018st single on September 9, 5 and make their major debut.[3].
    • August 7- Shirokane Takanawa SELENE b2Held "Nanaland's Debut Land" at. 、が加入, Join[4].
    • August 8-3-"TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL Appeared in "2018".
      • August 8-Winner of "TIF 3 Main Stage Competition LIVE Final"[5].
      • August 8-HOT STAGE (Zepp Diversity Tokyo), Served as the final stage of TIF2018 with "TIF2018 Main Stage Competition LIVE WINNER Stage"[6][7].
    • July 8-``@JAM EXPO 2018”.
    • September 9-Major debut single "Howling at Mangetsuni / Reason" released by Nippon Columbia[8].
    • November 11-Graduation at "Nanaland Graduation Performance (Yokohama YTJ Hall)".


    • January 1-Appeared in "New Year Premium Party 3".
    • January 1-Nanaland 6st Anniversary Live! Held "Nana Land's 2019st Anniversary Land XNUMX" (Shinjuku BLAZE).笹原琴音が加入Kotone Sasahara joins[9].
    • January 1-Rio Takei graduated from "Nanaland's Dabda Brand !! (Shibuya WWW X)".
    • February 2nd-March 2st-National Tour 3 "Nana Parade" will be held.
    • March 3-Nanako Nishijima joins "Nana Parade Osaka Edition (Umeda TRAD)"[10].
    • July 7-"Nanaland Day 7" (Umeda Club Quattro) will be held.
    • July 7-Released the second single "Natsu no Yume / The Farthest Place from You" from Nippon Columbia.
    • August 8-2-"TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL Appeared in "2019".
    • July 8-``@JAM EXPO 2019”.
    • December 12-Announced cancellation of contract by the end of the year, alleging that Kotone Sasahara had a contract breach.


    • January 1-Appeared in "New Year Premium Party 3".
    • January 1-New member in charge of redTsukune TakeuchiAnnounced the participation of.
    • January 1-Tsukine Takeuchi is unveiled at "Nana Land's Sudden Osaka Land" (OSAKA MUSE).
    • January 1st-February 31st --Girl's Bomb !! @ JAPAN EXPO THAILAND 2 ( Kingdom of Thailand flag Thailand Central World Plaza) Appeared.
    • February 2-Announced refraining or postponement of all events from February 27, 2020 (Thursday) to March 2, 27 (Tuesday) as a countermeasure against the new coronavirus, and cancellation of appearances[11].
    • March 3-Yuki Ando graduates due to poor physical condition[12].. (The "60 minutes 1 land" live held on the same day was scheduled for the final stage, but the live was not held due to the aforementioned measures against the new coronavirus.)
    • April 4-Mai Kohinata, leader, graduates from the group to focus on treating hearing loss[13].
    • April 4-In charge of Orange as a new member at "Nana Land's Delivery Land" (no audience / ZAIKO paid delivery)Minami SetoAnd purpleReina MiyoshiIs unveiled[14].
    • May 5-Kasuzu Yukimura's photo weekly magazine "FLASH''(Kobunsha Publishing Co., Ltd.) Challenge the first swimsuit gravure in my life[15].
    • July 7-It was announced that one member was positive in the infection test for the new coronavirus, and we will refrain from activities until all the members are confirmed to be negative.[16][17].
    • July 7-It is announced that 23 new positives have been confirmed out of 6 members and 4 management staff.[18][19].
    • August 8-Members and staff who were positive for the new coronavirus have been treated.Under the guidance of a doctor, group activities will resume on this day.
    • August 8-The 26rd single "Janjakajakaska" is released.This song will be used as the ending theme for TBS "King's Brunch" in August.


    • July 7th, Tsukune Takeuchi advances to Miss Magazine 6 finalist[20].
    • On September 9st, Hanasuzu Yukimura announced that she would graduate from Nanaland with a graduation performance in January 1 to fulfill her dream of becoming an actress.[21]..After that, Yukimura went to May 2022.Weekly playboyEntry as a recommendation by Takashino, the editor in charge of the "Weekly Pre-Editor's Hidden Ball Grand Prix" sponsored by the editorial department[22].
    • On November 11, Komaki Mineshima, who represented Nanaland, won the "TIF x Weekly SPA! Idol Top Battle in Swimsuit" held from September to October of the same year.


    BYR color wheel.svgIn this itemColorIs dealing with Depending on the viewing environment, the colors may not be displayed properly.

    Current member

    NameReadingNicknameDate of birth (age)heightBirth PlaceColor in chargeattributeGeneric term for fansRemarks
    Haruka ObaAunt HarukaHarupie (1993-10-04) 199310/4(28 years old)154cmSaitama 绿NATUREMitochondria
    Komaki MineshimaMineshima KomakiKomaki (2000-11-17) 200011/17(21 years old)152cmShizuokatagWedSukomaki-gumi
    Nanako NishijimaNanako NishijimaNaoko (2000-08-16) 20008/16(22 years old)159cmHyogoyellow星-
    • Joined April 2019, 3
    Tsukune TakeuchiTakeuchiTsuki-chan (2003-11-19) 200311/19(18 years old)151cmIshikawa"Red"[23]flame-
    Reina MiyoshiReina MiyoshiRena (1999-05-26) 19995/26(23 years old)159cmSaitamapurpleWind-
    • Unveiled on January 2020, 4
    Minami SetoSeto Minami(I.e. (2001-10-11) 200110/11(20 years old)147.5cmTokushimaOrange(I.e.-
    • Unveiled on January 2020, 4
    Hiyori MomoseHiyori (2004-02-26) 20042/26(18 years old)151cmTokyopink愛-
    • Unveiled on January 2022, 2

    Former member

    NameReadingNicknameDate of birth (age)heightBirth PlaceColor in chargeattributeGeneric term for fansRemarks
    Runa KoizumiDon't KoizumiLunachi (1998-02-27) 19982/27(24 years old)154cmSaitamapurplepoisonPoisonous people (Dokumin)
    • Former drop
    • Graduated January 2018, 5
    Makino AyamiAyami (2000-02-28) 20002/28(22 years old)156cmTochigiyellowThunder-
    • Graduated January 2018, 5
    Aika TakakuraAika (1998-08-29) 19988/29(24 years old)161cmKanagawa"Red"flame-
    • Graduated January 2018, 11
    TakerioRitchan (2000-07-24) 20007/24(22 years old)161cmTokyoyellow星-
    • Joined April 2018, 7[24]
    • Graduated January 2019, 1
    Koto SasaharaKoto-chan (2001-09-19) 20019/19(20 years old)150cmHyogo"Red"flame-
    • Joined April 2019, 1
    • Withdrawal on December 2019, 12
    Ando YukineYukine (2000-04-16) 20004/16(22 years old)160cmShigapurpleWind-
    • Joined April 2018, 7[24]
    • Graduated January 2020, 3
    Mai KohinataKohinata MaiMa-chan (1996-12-09) 199612/9(25 years old)158cmTokyoOrange(I.e.Sunflower set
    • Served as a leader until graduation
    • yuandrop
    • Graduated April 2020, 4 (leaved April 19)
    Yukimura KarinYukimura KarinKarin (2001-12-28) 200112/28(20 years old)156cmIbarakipink愛-
    • Graduated January 2022, 1

    Enrollment timeline


    * The highest rank isOricon chartBy weekly ranking[25].


     Release datetitleSales formStandard product numberRemarksHighest rank
    1stApril 2018, 9Howling at the full moon / reasonCDCOCA-17476-17483Major debut single4 bit
    2ndApril 2019, 7Summer dream / the farthest place from youCOCA-17651-17658Please! Ranking August 2019 ED theme[26]9 bit
    3rdApril 2020, 8Janjaka JacascaCOCA-17789-17796Love or love (tentative) ED theme "every second"

    Kanagawa"Kannai DevilAugust ED theme "Southpaw"

    12 bit
    4thApril 2021, 10Flowering declaration!COCA-17928-17935Nippon Television's "Buzz Rhythm 02" October ED theme

    Asahi Broadcasting "Aiseki Shokudo" October ED theme

    8 bit


    titleSchedulePerformance venue
    Higashi-Meihan is also NanalandMay 2018-June 2, 3

    3 performances in 3 locations nationwide (* All independent performances)

    • February 2 Nagoya Osu MID
    • February 2 Osaka Shinsaibashi DROP
    • February 2 Shirokane Takanawa Serene b10
    Nana ParadeMay 2019-June 2, 25 performances in 6 locations nationwide (* All independent performances)
    • February 2 Tokyo Shinjuku BLAZE
    • February 2 Nagoya Nagoya Bottom Line
    • June 2 Fukuoka DRUM Be-17
    • February 2 Sendai Sendai Darwin
    • March 3 Osaka Umeda TRAD
    • March 3 (Additional performance) Tokyo Shinjuku BLAZE
    Nanaland “add” venture tour2020(※date held)

    May 2020-June 4, 26

    5 performances in 6 cities nationwide
    • April 4, Tokyo Shibuya WWW X
    • May 5 Osaka Umeda Banana Hall
    • May 5 Nagoya Nagoya ReNY limited
    • June 6 Sendai Kanazawa AZ
    • June 6 Sapporo Sapporo cube garden
    • July 7 Tokyo Ebisu LIQUIDROOM


    tv set

    • Idol lottery Special edition It's Valentine!Love's masterpiece cover NIGHT (February 2018, 2, CS Tele morning channel)
    • # 1 (April 2018, 4,Fuji Television Network, Inc,BS Fuji)
    • Buzz Rhythm 02(December 2018, 9,Nippon TV)
    • Buzz Rhythm 02 (September 2018, 9, NTV)
    • Rare with this finger!Celebration! TIF 10th Anniversary 2019 New Year's Day Special (January 2019, 1, Fuji TV)
    • (December 2019, 3,TOKYO MX)
    • Buzz Rhythm 02 (September 2019, 7, NTV)
    • Buzz Rhythm 02 (September 2021, 10, NTV)

    Web tv


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