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👆 | Yasuhiro Masuda XNUMXth Dan saves the team from crisis with all individual wins Akihito Hirose defeats XNUMXth Dan and goes to the full set / Shogi / ABEMA Tour ...


Yasuhiro Masuda XNUMXth dan saves team from crisis with individual victory Akihito Hirose defeats XNUMXth dan and advances to full set / Shogi/ABEMA Tournament

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I was able to entrust my wish, so I want (Saito) Asuto (XNUMXth Dan) to do his best.

The 5st match of the 2nd round of the main tournament of the shogi world's early-pointing team battle "The 1th ABEMA Tournament", Team Nagase and Chi... → Continue reading


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(Saito) Asuto (XNUMXth Dan)


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