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🎣 | Fishing class on October 10st Minamiise Town Tourism Association Mie

Photo [Mr. Hara promoting "Fishing School in Minamiise" at the tourist association in Gokashoura, Minamiise Town]

Fishing class on October 10 Minamiise Town Tourism Association Mie

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Participation fee is 3 yen for 3rd year elementary school students to 2rd year junior high school students, and 3 yen for high school students and above (including boat fishing fee, lunch box, insurance fee, etc.).

[Tatakai-gun] The Minamiise Town Tourist Association and the Public Interest Incorporated Foundation "Nippon Fishing Promotion Association Mie Prefecture Branch" will hold Funakoshi, Minamiise Town, Mie Prefecture on October 10st. → Continue reading

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High school students and above 3 yen (boat fishing fee

    3st year of middle school


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