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🐈 | Yuki Furukawa Enjoying a part-time job with a cat at a cat cafe and being scolded by the store manager "Theatrical version cat property" main video


Yuki Furukawa Enjoying a part-time job with a cat at a cat cafe and being scolded by the store manager "Theatrical version cat property" main video

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Kanata Hosoda will play Osamu Tachibana, who is a judicial ronin who comes as a prospective move-in, as well as Mijika Nagai, Kaisei Kamimura, Takafumi Honda, and Koya Matsudai.

SPi, who is in charge of the theme song, shows the part-time job of Yuto played by Yuki Furukawa from "Theatrical Version Neko Property", which is being released in theaters. → Continue reading

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Kanata Hosoda

Kanata Hosoda(Kanata Hosoda[1],2001<13>12/12[1] -) isJapan OfAn actor.TokyoI'm fromAmuseBelongs.


When I was in the second grade of elementary school, my mother, who learned that she was interested in appearing on TV, entered the entertainment industry when she sent her resume to the entertainment agency.[2].

2014, Debuted as an actor in the movie "Again Family Rakugo"[3].

2019,movies"Machida's worldWas selected as the main character, Ichi Machida, in the audition from more than 1000 people, and starred in the movie for the first time.[4].

In 2021, the drama "Dragon zakura XNUMX』Appeared as Kenta Hara.[5]

2022, JanuaryTV AsahisystemSaturday night drama"If there was a high school with only good-looking guys”[6].


Special skill iskendo,basketball[1].. HobbyfishingTo find out about.Karaoke alone[7].

Dragon cherryWhen he appeared in the role of Kenta Hara, he gained 10 kg and changed his hairstyleWhole cuttingMade[8].


All data without special mention is for reference from the profile posted on the Amuse official website. * Bold type is the leading work

TV drama

WEB drama



  • Youth cm2(Scheduled to be screened on July 2020, 7, Amuse)[Annotation 2] --U role



Entertainment shows

  • (July 2021, 1-September 25, 12,MBS)[39]
  • Loveit!(June 2021, 6 --July 2, TBS) --Wednesday Ravit! Family[40]
  • ZIP! (September 2021, 9-September 3, Nippon Television) -September 9 Monthly Friday Personality




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注 釈

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