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😀 | "It's a cheerful outdoor gravure" Cosplayer Enako appears in "Young Champion Retsu"


"It's a cheerful outdoor gravure" cosplayer Enako appears in "Young Champion Retsu"

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Enako appears on the cover and opening page of "Young Champion Retsu" released today.

On August 8th, cosplayer Enako updated her Twitter and announced the appearance of "Young Champion Retsu". → Continue reading

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    Young champion

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      "Young champion] (Young Champion Retsu)Akita ShotenIssued B5 size saddle-stitchedgravureWithYouth cartoon magazine.. The third every monthTuesdayReleased. The book is a dedicated labelYoung Champion Retsu ComicsPublished by

      Issued by the companyYoung ChampionAs an extra number20066/20First published bimonthly,2010Published monthly from 2 No.16 released on February 2010th.2011From No. 1 (released on December 2010, 12), the title of the book on the cover is from "Young Champion Retsu" to the current "MonthlyYoung Champion Retsu” has been changed.

      Formercatch copyIs "A lot of beautiful girl comics that open the times". Despite being a general magazine, beautiful girlAdult cartoonThe artist from which he was born is actively promoted, and his expression tends to be a little radical.Also, the gravure pageGravure idolIn addition to normal gravure withAV actressAppointedNude gravure(Hair nude) Is posted.appendixAs a theme, I mainly used gravure idolsPoster,clear file,DVDEtc. are attached irregularly.

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      [How to use footnotes]
      1. ^ After being published in the May 2018 issue of "Separate Young Champion" and No. 5 in "Young Champion" 2018, the series was serialized after a special read-through in "Young Champion Rei".
      2. ^ Transferred from "Dokodemo Young Champion".
      3. ^ Serialized in parallel with "Young Champion".
      4. ^ a b Transferred from "Young Champion".
      5. ^ "Young Champion" and "Separate Edition Young Champion" are serialized in 3 magazines simultaneously. Issued serially from No.2016 in 1.
      6. ^ Spinoff of "Rakuhin no Patos" (serialized in "Separate Volume Young Champion").
      7. ^ Officially started serialization after being published in No. 2017 in 1.
      8. ^ Transferred from "Separate Young Champion".
      9. ^ "Sense.] (Serialized in "Young Champion").

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