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🐈 | Shingo Katori's first starring work in three years, "Dogs don't eat, but Charlie laughs", a new cut full of individuality of a talented cast is lifted

Photo Movie "Don't eat dogs, but Charlie laughs" Scene photo (C) 2022 "Don't eat dogs, but Charlie laughs" FILM PARTNERS

Shingo Katori's first starring work in 3 years, "I don't eat dogs, but Charlie laughs", a new cut ban full of individuality of a talented cast

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Katori will star for the first time in three years since "Nagimachi", Kishii will co-star as the heroine, and a unique talented cast such as Kai Inowaki, Koji Matoba, Hidekazu Majima, Kitaro, Miyoko Asada, and Kimiko Yo will be on the side. , and Masahide Ichii will direct and write the original screenplay.

Shingo Katori starred, and Yukino Kishii played the heroine, more unique than the movie "Dog mo eats Charlie laughs". → Continue reading

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Yo Kimiko and others are full of individuality

    Hidekazu Majima

    Hidekazu Majima(Mashima Hidekazu[2],197611/13[2] -) isJapan OfAn actor.YamagataYonezawaBackground[1].ZazuAffiliation[3].


    Yamagata Prefectural Yonezawa Kojokan High Schoolgraduate[4].Kokushikan UniversityFaculty of LawDepartment of LawDropped out.When he was in college, he aspired to be an actor.[5].

    1999 movieAo~chong~Debuted with[3].As a work that became a turning point, 2007's "Strait][5].

    June 2019, 8, ``Sauna Man-I don't know if it's sweat or tears-] for the first time in a serial drama.


    Personality that is not too picky[6].You tend to get the impression that you are quiet, but you are actually the type to talk a lot.[6]..Only child[5].

    The works that have been influenced byTokyo love story][5]. In 2020, she will appear in the remake of the same work.

    I love animals and have a dog[6].

    Hobbies/special skillsbasketball[1],Ski[1],Mahjong[7].

    WifeSparrow OfYoko Watanabe[8].

    In November 2020, 11 people participated in the vote, and won the first place, surpassing Takumi Saito and Kentaro Ito.[9].

    Also an actorNakamura ToruIt is said that the face resembles the



    TV drama

    Delivery drama


    original video

    • Great Jailbreak(2002)-Prison officer
    • True sparrow Series (2002-2004)-as Seiya Nakahara
      • Shin Jakuki 11 The deadly fight that was robbed One-arm substitute runner (May 2002)
      • Shin Sparrow Demon 12 Tabletop rebels (August 2002)
      • Shin Jakuki 17 Those who inherit the soul (November 2003)
      • Shin Sparrow Demon 18 The Man Called Death (February 2004)
    • (2002)-Togashi-gumi Ryuokai member role


    • au
    • Yakult
    • Tsumura "Kampo medicine makeover movement" (April 2004 -)
    • Ajinomoto Honda - Yuu Kurebayashi *Miyazawa RieCo-starred with
    • Toyota "Passo""Overall" (January 2007) *Kato RosaCo-starred with
    • NAVITIME(2008 -)
    • Japan Coca-Cola"Georgia'
      • "Meeting" version-Mr. Yoshida (February-May 2008)
      • "Grandma in Heaven" (May 2008 -)
    • Pilot Corporation "Boardmaster" "Window Wiping" (2008 -)
    • Shueisha library 2008 Summer book Web drama commercial (2008)
    • SS Pharmaceutical "Estac Eve/New Estac Eve Ace" "Hiki Hajime" (2009)
    • Gulliver 2nd place is no good! (2011)
    • Kirin Beer"Nodogoshi" (2012 -) *Kyono Kotomico-starred with
    • Pana Home "Family Bonds" (2013)
    • Toyota home This is my home forever. "Husband" version (2015) * "Wife" version is narration only
    • Asahi Beverage Grand Wanda "Refresh" (2015)
    • Honda"FIBER'
      • "World Vezel" edition (September 2016, narration)
      • "To Another Daily Life" (February 2018, narration)
      • "VEZEL TOURING" edition (January 2019, narration)
      • "PLAY VEZEL day and night" edition (November 2019, narration)
    • Bridgestone"Tire building(2018) *Yuma YamotoCo-starred with[77]
      • "Student tire is tire hall" edition
      • "If you want to buy studless tires, buy a tire shop"
      • "Comfortable driving with tire selection!"
    • AEON retail“Nigiwai Tohoku” (2019) *Nigiwai Tohoku Ambassador[78]
      • "Limited to the Tohoku area | Bustling Tohoku" (March 2019 -)
      • "Tohoku Area Limited | Bustling News [NGW] Mackerel Edition" (March 2019 -)-as a caster
    • Old Par×Yomiuri Shimbun"Old Par" "Rock Edition" "Highball Edition" (November 2021 -)[79]

    Radio Drama

    • FM Theater (NHK-FM)
      • "Father's Hanagasa" (August 2008, 8)
      • "Stray" (January 2015, 1)
    • Youth Adventure "Secret Garden" (February 2014-2, NHK-FM)
    • SOUNDS OF STORY ~ ASADA JIRO LIBRARY ~ "Ensemble" (February 2015, 2, J-Wave)


    • back number 5th Album "Chandelier" First Press Limited Edition B [CD+DVD] (December 2015, 12 release) Short film "Something you can still do for you" Director: Takahiro Miki (Short film appearance)
    • Audible(Audio book to enjoy books with your ears) "The last thing you want to get" Author: Shuichi Yoshida Kirakusha (Distribution started December 2017, 12) (Narrator)
    • Yamagata Prefectural Police Backward video of key measures (April 2020, 4 -) *Video distribution on the official YouTube channel of the Yamagata Prefectural Police Headquarters[80]
      • "Early Evacuation in Times of Disaster"
      • "Special anti-fraud measures"
      • "Unlocked measures"
      • "Yamagata 110 Network"
      • "Utilization of nocturnal reflectors"

    Other TV programs

    • Tonight is a night(NHK Yamagata Broadcasting Station) * Appeared at any time since 2008
    • Historical drama court(December 2011, 10,Channel specialized in historical drama) - town magistrateTadashi Ooka Role
    • I want to go far(Yomiuri Television)
      • The 2245th Aizu Snow Country Spring Fukushima Kitakata-Oku-Aizu (March 2015, 3)
      • Episode 2393 Rediscovering Hometown!Snow Country Flower Yamagata Yonezawa - Obanazawa (February 2018, 2)
      • The 2431st time to see and eat To the land of Hitachi!Ibaraki Ishioka - Hitachiota (November 2018, 11)
      • The 2465th play with nature!Take Oki Summer Shimane Oki Island (July 2019, 7)
      • Episode 2495 Setouchi in early spring!Bite into the castle town from Yamaguchi Iwakuni to Yanai (February 2020, 2)
      • The 2514th I want to go again someday!Travel memories comparison SP (June 2020, 6)
      • The 2571th Blessing of Nature Energetic Shimabara Nagasaki Unzen-Shimabara (August 2021, 8)
    • Science fantasy for adults "Tonari no Uchu" (October 2015, 10, NHK BS Premium)
    • History Secret Story Historia Special episode 2 "Study well and imitate well!?" (December 2015, 12, NHK)-Takeshi Abiko
    • Osamu Hayashi's Historical Mystery The Tokugawa Family's Biggest Mystery in 260 Years Hidden Treasure 3000 Billion Yen Thorough Elucidation Special (December 2016, 12, TBS)- Oguri Uenosuke Role
    • Nippon Impressionist "Blue World" (November 2017, 11, NHK BS Premium)-Narrative
    • World Fureai Street Walk Dramatic "Venice Legendary Labyrinth" (August 2018, 8, NHK BS Premium)-Voice
    • The Nonfiction(Fuji Television Network, Inc)-Narrative
      • "Work and Love in Your 30s" 4th Japan-China Joint Production (August 2018, 8)
      • "Fortune-telling man and fortune-telling woman" (February 2019, 2)
    • Hikari Mitsushima x Ranpo Edogawa "Ose Appearance" (December 2018, 12, NHK BS Premium)-Narrative
    • Yamamaru (February 2019, 2, NHK Yamagata Broadcasting Station)
    • From Tasha Tudor's Forest "Great-Grandchildren's Autumn and Winter" (February 2019, 2, NHK BS Premium)-Narrative
    • Good night prince Episode 1 "Pocket"/"Special Edition" (February 2019, 2, March 16, NHK E Tele)-Manager Majima[81]
    • Cruising from the sky "Journey around Sicily Beyond 2019 years of space-time" (February 2, 17, NHK BS Premium)-Narrative
    • Telementary2019 "Military secret sunken ship" (August 2019, 8, TV Asahi)-Narration
    • Nikkei Special Gaia Dawn(January 2020, 1 -, TV Tokyo)-Third generation narrator[82]
    • Ultimate Guide TV Koyasan in 2 hours (February 2020, 2, NHK BS16K)-Narration
    • Human Resume-A living proof that teeth speak-(March 2020, 3,BS12) - Narration[83]
    • Last Yonezawa feudal lord Shigenori Uesugi (April 2020, 4,Yamagata TV) --Program Navigator[84]
    • Telementary 2020 "Living with a new daily life" (December 2020, 12, TV Asahi)-Narration
    • The Disappearing Sengoku Castle Volume 2021-Golden Legend Shirakawago's Secret-(May 5, 29, TV Aichi)-Narrator[85]
    • Palace of Miracles Fontainebleau King and Queen's "Beauty House" (October 2021, 10, NHK BS Premium/BS9K)-Narration



    Photo album


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