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🐈 | When I was forced to work even though I was sick, the cat came over the keyboard and got in the way.


When I was forced to work even though I was sick, the cat came over the keyboard and got in the way.

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When working from home, I tend to work hard even when I'm not feeling well, but thanks to my cat, I was able to take a break before it was too late.

image image There are many moments when pets heal and help.Answers to the questionnaire conducted by Caricone News… → Continue reading

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Home work

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    Home work(Sakuzai work), orWorking from home(Zaitakukinmu) means working from home.TeleworkKind of.


    employmentThey are broadly divided into those that are related and those that are not. In the former case, the employeelaptopIt is a case where the person takes home the work at home or works at home without going to the office, and the latter is a case of business outsourcing.Small sole proprietorAndbusiness centerHowever, there are cases called home work, but SOHOJewelry businessIn contrast to the style ofDutyRepresents the style of. A laptop computer uses a thin client terminal to ensure security, andDesktop virtualization (VDI)Often connected to.

    Work at home in Japan

    From the end of the 1990s to the beginning of the 2000s, there was a period when the word "work at home" became a boom. Initially, it was better to communicate face-to-face,Information leakageDue to such problems, the business that can be done at home was limited to occupations in the creative field such as design, composition, writing, etc.BroadbandThe explosive increase in the penetration rate of communication networks,Great East Japan EarthquakeDue to transportation infrastructure failurePeople who have difficulty returning homeThe need for home work due to a large number of employees and the inability to go to work, a solution to the difficulty of finding employment in a local city that created new employment, and the ecological aspect of reducing the power consumption of transportation methods such as trains and offices by working from home Various merits such as merits have been reviewed, and currently working at home (Telework) Is being introduced by major companies such as Hitachi, Fujitsu, Sony, Panasonic, IBM Japan, etc.Ministry of Health, Labor and WelfareAlso, we have established and promoted "Guidelines for the proper introduction and implementation of telecommuting using information and telecommunications equipment" that summarizes points to keep in mind when implementing home-based work.As a related portal site, "Home Workers Web", a comprehensive support site for home work operated as part of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare project.[1]There is.

    Putting the promotion of women in the child-rearing generation at the center of policyShinzo AbeThe administration aims to promote telecommuting[2][3].

    Introduced the 2017st Telework Day in 1, and called for the simultaneous implementation of telework nationwide from 2018 with the aim of avoiding congestion in the form of Telework Days.

    Telework DayWas adopted in Japan following the success of the 2012 London Olympics.Congestion relief and promotion of new work styles have further accelerated.

    Due to the influence of the coronavirus that spread around the world in 2020, the demand for home work promoted by the Abe administration increased, and many companies shifted from face-to-face work to telework work from home.

    Changes in home work in Corona

    Remote work before the Corona disaster was promoted as a means to realize work style reform and regional revitalization.

    Ensuring work-life balance by working from home Reduction of commuting time It was promoted with the expectation of securing a diverse workforce and working style.

    However, as mentioned above, although the demand for home-based work increased due to the transportation infrastructure failure caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake, most companies were engaged in face-to-face work.

    As the coronavirus epidemic causes face-to-face work to spread the infection, many companies have prioritized avoiding the risk and ensuring BCP (Business Continuity), and have adopted home-based work.In Japan, as of the end of 2019, the utilization rate of telework was as low as about 9%, but according to the NRI's corona period living situation survey, 2020% of people will use normal telework in July 7. Since some respondents said they would like to continue, there is a possibility that even after the end of Corona, home-based work will be established in Japan nearly three times as much as before.

    Benefits of working from home

    There is a point that I can work in my free time.It can be said that the greatest merit of working from home is that you can work in a way that is not tied to time.There is a point that the stress of human relations can be reduced.Since most of the work at home is done by individuals, there are few meetings and there are no human relationships in the workplace.Therefore, it becomes easier to concentrate on work.There is a point that the range of employment expands.The range of employment is widened because there are no restrictions on time or place.You can work from home with just one computer.Therefore, there is an advantage that even people who live far away or who are caring for or raising children can work.In fact, there are companies with a child-rearing mom enrollment rate of 58.3%.You can concentrate and improve work efficiency and productivity.In the office, you may have to talk to colleagues and bosses, respond to phone calls and visitors, and interrupt work due to unscheduled work, but working from home does not interrupt such work, so work It is possible to increase efficiency and productivity.

    Disadvantages of working from home  

    Employees can no longer distinguish between on and off.Working from home has eliminated the barrier between work and private life, and the number of people with stress is increasing rapidly.This situation is so serious these days that the word "depression at home" is born.There is also a point that it is difficult to ensure security.Information that was previously handled strictly by the internal network may be leaked to the outside by working from home.There is also the point that communication is diluted.When working from home becomes widespread, employees will no longer meet face-to-face, and opportunities for chat will be extremely reduced, leading to a decline in employee motivation and engagement.It is easy to feel lonely and communication is difficult.It has also been reported that approval needs are less likely to be met than face-to-face, which leads to increased stress and mental illness.[4]..It is difficult to grasp the status of members, which may interfere with progress management.In the case of working from home, which may be difficult to receive a proper evaluation, while working freely, the evaluation is made only by the deliverables, and the efforts and growth in the process cannot be seen.

    Changes in telework usage after corona in seven countries around the world

    According to a consumer survey conducted in seven countries, China, the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Sweden, and South Korea, the utilization rate has increased significantly in all countries, including 7% in urban areas of China, and more than half. There is also a result that the person who answered that he / she feels that the productivity has improved by working from home.

    Even overseas, Italy (24%) China (22%) USA (21%) Sweden (20%) and more than 20% intend to continue working from home, although they are called telework refusals in Italy, China, the United States, and Sweden. Being unpleasant, it is certain that the utilization rate will decline even after the end of the corona, but it is expected to be more aggressive than before. 




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