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📚 | Keigo Higashino's masterpiece mystery, Satoshi Tsumabuki starring in the Sunday Theater for the first time in 16 years! Start in October "Dangerous Venus"


Keigo Higashino's masterpiece mystery, Satoshi Tsumabuki starring on the Sunday theater for the first time in 16 years! Start in October "Dangerous Venus"

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<Producer Fumi Hashimoto> The original, Keigo Higashino x script, Tsutomu Kuroiwa x starring, Satoshi Tsumabuki will be born!

TBS will broadcast "Dangerous Venus" starring Satoshi Tsumabuki in the Sunday Theater frame starting in October 2020 ... → Continue reading

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Tsumabuki Satoshi

Satoshi Tsumabuki(Tsumabuki Satoshi[3],1980å¹´12/13[3] -) isJapan OfAn actor.FukuokaYanagawaBackground[1].HoriproAffiliation[1].NicknameIs "Bucky. "Kanagawa Prefectural Maioka High Schoolgraduate[4].


FukuokaYanagawaBorn in, and was transferred to my father who was a mechanic at an airline when I was in the second grade of elementary school.Kanagawa横 浜 市Move to[5].. Magazine "from high school before debutTokyo street news"soReader modelBecame popular and served as a cover model many times. One of the super high school students who created the charisma high school boom in the late 90s[6].

1997å¹´,Namco(AfterBANDAI NAMCO Games)ButHoripro,Amuse,Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc.It was released as a tie-up witharcade gameWon the first Grand Prix at the "A Hopon Project" audition event for The Star Audition[7].. This is the reason why I became an actor. As a strategy, Horipro who belonged afterwards did not dare to aim for the regular of idol magazines at first, let the street magazines that were in fashion use it every month regardless of size, dare to take pictures along with the shop clerk and talk with the editor etc. And created the image that "Tsumabuki is fashionable and cool"[8].

1998å¹´,TV drama"Wonderful daysDebuted as an actor[7],movies"Mysterious transfer studentThe first movie starring in.

2000年,TV drama"Ikebukuro West Gate Park』, to raise awareness.

2001å¹´,movies"Water boysThe first movie starring in[9].. In this moviesynchronized swimmingPlaying a male high school student who worked on25th Japan Academy AwardW won the Best Actor and New Actor Award.

2003年,Say hello to blackjackThe first starring a TV drama[9].. movies"Jose, Tiger and Fish』And challenge the bed scene in the first full-fledged love movie, renewing the image of pure good youth until then, 77thKinema Junpo Best TenAwarded Best Actor[10].

2005å¹´,Slow dance] Fuji TVDue by December 9thPlay the first lead in the frame.

2009å¹´,Tenchijin"ofNaoe KanetsuguNHK in the roleTaiga dramaFirst appearance and first starring[11].

2010å¹´,movies"Bad guyIs the 34thMontreal World Film FestivalExhibited in the World Competition category. Highly acclaimed in Japan as well34th Japan Academy Award53rd Best Actor AwardBlue ribbon awardWon the Best Actor Award[10].

2013å¹´,movies"Tokyo family"soYoji YamadaFirst appearance in a director's work. Play the second son of a family. After that, in the same Yamada group with the same co-stars who played the family2016å¹´From "Family is hard] Continue to appear in the series[12].

2015年, Taiwan/China/Hong KongHou Xiao ShenDirector'sThug in black]. 68thCannes International Film Festival・Winner of the Competition Director's Award[13].

2016,69 sixty nine], becomes the third tag after "villain"LeeDirector's movie "怒 り]. First co-starring a coupleTsuyoshi KonnoBuild a relationship with and live together for 2 weeks[14],40th Japan Academy Award Received the Best Supporting Actor Award.

2018年, Starring serial drama for the first time in 3 and a half yearsDrama w"Innocent Days』, was involved in planning as well as appearance[15].. In SeptemberHideki NodaAnd the stage that became the sixth tag "Counterfeit cherry blossoms under full bloomIs an art festival held to commemorate the 160th anniversary of Japan-France friendshipJaponisme 2018The performance in Paris was also performed as one of the official plans for[16].

2020å¹´, TBS drama "Dangerous venus"so"Orange daysIt's been 16 years since thenSunday TheaterStarring in.Official Instagram opened[17].


Hobbies: listening to music, watching movies, jogging[3].. Special skill is base.1999年Around the same time, he was forming a band "Basking Lite" with his brother's wife Shinya Yagi who was a musician.[18].. Tsumabuki isベ ーとvocalIn charge.

ミ ュ ー ジ シ ャ ンThen.CurlyIs a fan of[19],Rose flower"Or"highwayI like listening to. Also, in an interviewSakanactionWhen I revealed that I liked it, goods were sent to the office of Tsumabuki from Sakanaction. Also, their 3rd album "ShinshiroThe sample sound source was also sent, and it was Mr. Tsumabuki who first got it.[Source required].

MotherSagaTosu CityI'm from my hometown and now my maternal grandparents live[20].

Acting as an actor

Published in 2001Water boysSince then, he has played a major role in numerous movies. Also"Due by December 9thDrama" and "Taiga dramaIt is counted as one of the leading actors in contemporary Japan based on the achievements such as starring in[21].. Its popularityJapanだ け で な く,Mainland China,Hong Kong,Taiwan, South Koreaな どAsiaThe movie "Dororo DORORO] Before the previewHong KongThe kick-off event at the World Trade Center was packed by about 1000 fans.

Mr. Tsumabuki himself said that when he started acting as an actor, he later said, "I couldn't do anything, I was embarrassed, I was embarrassed, and I was the worst. I felt helpless." "I learned by myself without learning from anyone," he said. He also said that he tried to read the script at least 25 times[22].

2005 movie "Spring snow』DirectorIsao Yukisada"I think he also has a sense of familiarity as a man. That's important as an actor," he said in an interview with Tsumabuki. It's a kind of mentality due to his environment. I think it is an actor who has very good materials in the container that plays the leading role in the movie.”[23].

At the 20th year of his debut, the actor's work had a lot of "waiting" until now, but from now on he says that he wants to stand by the production side of movies and dramas together and make plans even for small things. Are[24].

Private life

2016å¹´8/4, Of the actressMaikoAnnouncement of engagement after 4 years of relationship[25], Filed marriage registration and got married during the same month[26].. Although the entry date was not disclosed, it was revealed that Maiko completed the enrollment during the lesson break and began living together at the public lesson on stage on August 8.[27].

2019å¹´8/1Announces Maiko's First Child Pregnancy[28].12/11, Announced the birth of the first child[29].. Name, birthday, and gender are not disclosed[30].


*NameTaiziShows the starring work


Japanese movie

Overseas movies

TV drama


  • Kill (December 2007, 12-January 7, 2008)-Temjin
  • South (February 2011, 2-March 10, 3)-Norihira Minami
  • Egg (September 2012, 9-October 5, 10)-as Abehira
  • Suginashi BLITZ Theater Vol.2(2015 9 å¹´ 月 日 3)[53]
  • Kinema and his lover (November 2016, 11-December 15, 12, Theater Tram)
  • "CounterfeitUnder the cherry blossoms in full bloom』(September 2018, 9-September 1, 9,Tokyo Metropolitan TheaterPlayhouse / September 9th-October 28rd, France / National Scheer Theater / October 10th-October 3st, OsakaNew Kabukiza Theater / October 10-November 25,Kitakyushu Arts TheaterMain Hall / 11rd November-3th November, Tokyo Metropolitan Theater Playhouse)-The role of Ear Man[54]
  • Kinema and Lover (June 2019, 6-June 8, Takagi Takasuke <Actor> / Masaka Torazo <Movie Character>, Setagaya Public Theater) [Tour Performance] Kitakyushu Performance (June 6, 23- 2019th, Kitakyushu Arts Theater Middle Theater), Hyogo Performance (July 6-28, 30, Hyogo Prefectural Arts and Culture Center Hankyu Middle Hall), Nagoya Performance (July 2019-7, 3, Nagoya City Performing Arts Center) Center), Morioka Performance (July 7-2019, 7, Morioka Theater Main Hall), Niigata Performance (July 12-15, 2019, Ryutopia Niigata City Performing Arts Center Theater)


Theater animation


puppet show

Music video

TV commercial



Photo album





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