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👩‍🎤 | Sakurazaka46 Karin Fujiyoshi struggles with love for the first time in a while with "bruises and tech"!? "What's wrong with bruises? ] Drama plan…

Photo Sakurazaka46 Kasuzu Fujiyoshi, "Azato Tech" struggles to find love after a long absence!? ] Decided to be the first leading role in a drama project (©AbemaTV, Inc.)

Sakurazaka46 Fujiyoshi Karin struggles with love after a long time with "Azato Tech"!? ] Drama plan…

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In addition, Keito Kimura of FANTASTICS from EXILE TRIBE will also appear as a junior who secretly thinks about the main character.

Fujiyoshi Kasuzu of Sakurazaka46 will be appearing on TV Asahi's variety program "What's wrong with Azatoku?" from Sunday, October 10th. … → Continue reading


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