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⛺ | Held on Saturday, October 10!“GOKAYAMA CROSS MARC…


Held on 10/8 (Sat)!“GOKAYAMA CROSS MARC…

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"GOKAYAMA CROSS MARCHE vol.01" will be held following last year's very popular vol.2!

The GOKAYAMA CROSS MARCHE event, which was popular last year, will be held for the second time on Saturday, October 10th. → Continue reading


■ Fukuripa-Fukuoka's present and future-
Information WEB media of the leap forward city Fukuoka.
FUKUOKA = Abbreviation for "FUKUOKA leap up".
The new values ​​and creative thinking gained here will give you hints to enrich your life.
You will be the power to leap forward.
We are aiming for such a site.

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