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😀 | Manga "Byte A Takahashi-san's Story" URL sent by a friend Open the URL link sent by a friend ...


Manga "Byte A Takahashi-san's Story" URL sent by a friend Open the URL link sent by a friend ...

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Shirabe is a big survey of the things that you care about! It is a news site. We will dig deep into the world's topics and interesting topics with our own research, and publish the results daily as articles.

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Privacy Policy (English: Privacy policy) Is インターネット OfWebsite, How to handle the collected personal information (whether to protect it or use it under certain conditions), etc.ManagerThe norm defined by.Privacy PolicyAlso called.

The privacy policy may be included as part of the terms of use.

Depending on the website, it may be specified in this that it may provide information to a third party. Therefore, site users need to read the privacy policy carefully when sending personal information to the Internet.

The disclaimer states that "No harmful substances such as viruses are included, there is no unauthorized access from third parties, and no other guarantee regarding safety can be made." Mostly. This is because due to the nature of the Internet, even taking this responsibility can result in significant damage.

However, even in these cases, the exemption is not always effective. In some cases, it basically just declares the attitude of the website administrator.

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