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👩‍🎤 | Tokimeki Sendenbu Live at Saitama Super Arena! "Everyone will definitely meet here with a smile ...

Photo Super Tokimeki ♡ Advertising section, live distribution with no audience at Saitama Super Arena! "Everyone, let's meet here with a smile."

Tokimeki Sendenbu Live at Saitama Super Arena! "Everyone will definitely meet here with a smile ...

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It was the first time that the Saitama Super Arena alone had a super-beating propaganda department on the first 360-degree stage, but the venue was so big that I wanted to live together at Saitama Super Arena from the front, a dream. It was, but by doing the show today, I really wanted to come back to the live show in Saitama Super Arena with the publicity staff, and I strongly thought that I would like to come back.

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Saitama Super Arena

Saitama Shintoshin > Saitama Super Arena

Saitama Super Arena(British: Saitama Super Arena) IsSaitamaSaitamaChuo-kuMultipurpose arena located in.


The facility is owned by Saitama Prefecture,Third sectorSaitama Arena Co., Ltd. manages and operates as a designated administrator.SportsEventconcert-TV programRecording, lecture,General meeting of shareholders-Trade fairIt is suitable for various purposes such as venues, and is one of the largest multipurpose arenas in Japan with a maximum capacity of 37,000 seats.

Town information magazineEtc., "Saitama Arena"[9]・ "SSA"[10]・"Tama Ant"[11]Is abbreviated. Every yearNew Year's Eve entertainmentBecause a big match of mixed martial arts calledKorakuen HallIt is established as a "sacred place for martial arts" alongside.

In constructionArchitectural design competitionIs doneNikken DesignThe plan was adopted. By adopting a moving block system that can move the audience seats, stage, floor, ceiling, etc.,ア リ ー ナIt is also possible to use the venue divided into several blocks depending on the stadium mode or the arena mode that uses the whole.

Stadium mode
A large audience can be expectedFighting sportsIt is used when a concert, a trade fair, etc. are held, and in the case of martial arts or a concert, it can be set in a center stage format or an end stage according to the event. The maximum number of seats is about 27,000 (about 36,500 when seats are placed in the field)[3].
Arena mode
Depending on the scale of the event, you can use multiple arenas properly and effectively use the following two arenas. In the case of sports competitions, the north side can be used as a match venue, the south side as a player waiting room, and in events, the north side can be used as a stage event and the south side can be used as an exhibition or a sales venue.
  • Main arena (north side)
    basketball,volleyballIt can be used for various sports events such as martial arts, concerts, and gatherings. The maximum number of seats is about 19,000 (about 22,500 when seats are placed in the field)[3].
  • Community Arena (South side)
    Outdoor space near the south exit (Keyaki open space) In front of, and taking in the natural light of the outdoors, it is a citizen-sized sports competition (Sports day,FutsalIt can be effectively used for events such as competitions, festivals, and flea markets. It may be a waiting room for sports events held in the main arena, an auxiliary stadium for large-scale competitions, and a venue for music and theater performances. Although there are no permanent seats, temporary seats may be installed and used for martial arts events, etc., and the maximum number of seats is approximately 3,300 (*approximately 4,000 seats when seated in the field).[3].
Hall mode
Although there are few examples of use, it is a form used as an alternative to concert halls and the like. Part of the stand seats will be separated by a partition plate so that a fan shape will be created, and the stage will be set up on the arena. Maximum number of seats is about 6,000[3].


Before opening

  • 1994(Heisei6 years) June-(tentative name) Saitama Arena proposed competition set up.
  • 1995(7) March-(tentative name) Saitama Arena proposed competition best work decision.
  • 1995 July-(tentative name) Saitama Arena Construction ProjectMinistry of Home AffairsDesignated as a hometown business.
  • 1996(8) February-(tentative name) Saitama Arena basic design is completed.
  • 1996 (Heisei 8) March-(tentative name) Saitama Arena, Saitama Hiroba management management basic policy development.
  • 1996 (Heisei 8) May-(tentative name) Saitama Arena Business Management Review Committee established.
  • 1996 (Heisei 8) October-(tentative name) Saitama Arena implementation design is complete.
  • 1997(9) January-(Tentative name) Saitama Arena Co., Ltd. establishment preparation committee established, groundbreaking.
  • March 1997 (Heisei 9)-Established Saitama Arena Co., Ltd. (tentative name) Saitama Arena, Saitama Hiroba business management basic policy development.
  • 1997 (Heisei 9) August-Name recruitment for Saitama Arena.
  • November 1997 (Heisei 9)2006 World Basketball ChampionshipWill be held.
  • 1997 (Heisei 9) December-Name is "Saitama Super Arena" determined.
  • 1998(10) April-"3rd Basketball Young Men (U-21) World Championship] The event will be held.
  • 1999(11) April-"Super dream game 2000] Announcement of holding.

After opening

Event results


  • 2012(24), popular American singerLady Gaga"The Born This Way Ball Tour" in Japan
  • Kazuyoshi Saito20th Anniversary Live "20th anniversary live 1993-2013 20" 21-From now on
  • September 9th and 12th Co-sponsored Saitama Super Arena 13th anniversary "Meat Rock Festival ⭐︎ 15" at AATJ Co., Ltd., which hosts meat festival, and Saitama Arena Co., Ltd. as a 2015th anniversary project. Performing artists are RED WARRIORS, DJ Ishige & Nobu (the telephones), STARDUST REVUE, ACIDMAN, and 15 groups mainly from Saitama prefecture. Called a topic as a fusion event of music festivals and popular food festivals.
  • Mixed Martial Arts Event "RIZIN FIGHTING WORLD GRAND-PRIX 2015 Saitama 3DAYS"[23]
  • 2020(2nd year of Reiwa),lovelive!Festivals (January 1th and 19th)

Held every year

  • It was used for the first time in 2003 as a venue for middle school and high school departments.

Held multiple times

Regarding other uses

Events at this arena

  • October 2000, 11- SMAP OfKimura TakuyaAfter the performance at Gasaitama Super ArenaPress conferenceOpened and announced the marriage.
  • October 2002, 8- stormAt the concert "ARASHI SUMMER 2002 HERE WE GO!", the 30m high "Johnny's Super Crane" was unveiled for the first time.
  • October 2003, 5- Morning Musume. OfKei Yasuda"Morning Musume. CONCERT TOUR 2003 Spring "NON STOP!"
  • 2007
  • October 2012, 3- AKB48Performance "Business contact. I'll ask, Director Katayama! in Saitama Super Arena” encoreMaeda AtsukoDeclared graduation from the group[30].
  • October 2013, 12- Private Ebisu Junior High SchoolHolds "Private Ebisu Middle School Forgotten University Performance 2013 "Shrimp in the Star Conductor"". Achieved the fastest record for a Japanese artist performing at Saitama Super Arena (debut 1 year and 7 months.Stardust promotionIs a seniorSid2 years)[31]
  • 2015
    • March 3-AKB26's spring solo concertKawaei RinaDeclared graduation from the group[32].
    • July 7-July 10-SAITAMA SUPER ARENA 7TH ANNIVERSARY THE HISTORY OF SAITAMA SUPER ARENA is held. SAITAMA SUPER ARENA THANKS AWARDS 20 ``Total mobilization number most award'' 15 people (total mobilization number 2015 people on the day performance)Third generation J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBEWas awarded.
    • August 7- THE ALFEEHeld the "Best Hit Alfee 2015 ONE NIGHT CIRCLE" and received the award from the operating company Saitama Arena for the only performance in all modes of Saitama Super Arena (stadium mode, arena mode, hall mode).[33].. Also, the oldest record for a Japanese music group performing alone at Saitama Super Arena is set (average age 60.7 years).
  • 2016
    • The facility has been completely closed except for some tenants in order to renovate the facilities due to the deterioration of the facilities and to carry out construction such as seismic reinforcement. In particular, it will be almost completely closed from February 2th to April 16th, when the arena will be fully renovated.[34].
      • Main Arena February 2-May 15 (originally scheduled to close until May 5)[35]
      • Community Arena February 2-April 15
      • Keyaki Hiroba January 1-August 12
    • In this work, the large video equipment will be updated, the outer wall will be refurbished, and the steps and undulations will be eliminated and the toilet will be refurbished to make the Keyaki-hiroba barrier-free.
  • 2017
    • August 2- UVERworldHeld their ninth male-only live "Otoko Matsuri: KING'S PARADE 9". With a record of 2017 mobilization, it was the same-sex live performance by the largest male artist in history in Japan. On the previous day, we held [UVERworld ARENA TOUR 23,000-2016] and mobilized a total of 2017 people in two days.
    • 2 月 20 日 -22 日 Nogizaka46But"Nogizaka46 5th YEAR BIRTHDAY LIVE 2017.2.20-22 SAITAMA SUPER ARENA] Is held. The first day of Nogizaka46Nanami HashimotoIt was a graduation concert.
    • August 6- ℃ -uteHeld a concert [℃-ute last concert in Saitama Super Arena-Thank you team ℃-ute-], and ended the activities for about 12 years.
    • October 10-AKB 31'sMayu WatanabeGraduation concert was held.
  • 2018
    • August 3- Elephant KashimashiHeld a special event to commemorate the 30th anniversary of their debut,Spitz,Mr. ChildrenAnd a competition. This is the first time in history that three bands are available.
    • August 4- Ayumi HamasakiA concert was held on the 20th anniversary of their debut.
    • August 10- Kenji SawadaWas planned to be held nationwide, but it was suddenly canceled just before the opening due to "because of a contract problem"[36].
  • 2019
    • August 3- Wake Up, Girls!Held the final live "Wake Up, Girls! FINAL LIVE ~Omoide no Parade~" and ended the activity for about 6 years.

Directions and Parking





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注 釈

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