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📷 | Heavy Cell Museum Photo exhibition of excavations / Gunma Prefecture


Shigebo Archives Museum Photo excavation photo exhibition / Gunma Prefecture

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In addition, photographs of Yuji Aji, who fought the problem of discrimination as the chairman of the Hansen's disease lawsuit, and Sanshiro Fujita, the self-government chairman of Kuryu Rakusenen, are displayed.

We captured the history of Hansen's disease and the state of the excavation conducted when reproducing the punishment facility "heavy cell" for Hansen's disease patients ... → Continue reading

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Yuji(Yuji Kodama,1932 - 2014May 5) Is JapaneseLeprosypatient·poets-Japan Communist PartyMember.


Tokyobirth. 1939 Leprosy developed.National Sanatorium Tama ZenseienJoined (Higashimurayama, Tokyo). 1951 National SanatoriumKuriu RakusenenTransferred to (Azuma-gun, Gunma). 1962 Published the poem "Oni no Kamen". 1999 Tokyo District Court as plaintiffLeprosy prevention methodFiled an apology for human rights infringement and a lawsuit for national compensation. 2001 Established the National Plaintiffs Association (Hensenkyo) in Hansen's disease. President of All Hara Association. Co-representative of the Hansen's Disease Civic Society.

2002,GunmaKusatsu TownMember of parliamentBy-electionRun to (independent), lose[1].2004To23rd Congress of the Japanese Communist PartyAttended as a delegate and made a comment on his experience of the Hansen's disease movement, party activities, and town council election.[2][3].

2014:5 am, May 11, 3,Lung cancerFor Kusatsu Town, Gunma PrefectureNational Hansen's Disease SanatoriumKuriu RakusenenDied in[4].. 82 years old died.


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