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👍 | Rino Sashihara reveals the interaction with IZ * ONE Sakura Miyawaki, and the fans are impressed. Rino Sashihara is a junior ...


Rino Sashihara reveals the interaction with IZ * ONE Sakura Miyawaki, and the fans are impressed. Rino Sashihara is a junior ...

If you write the contents roughly
The fact that you are supported by Mr. Miyawaki, JO1 and Mr. Sashihara is very encouraging!

On the 29th, talent Rino Sashihara is on Twitter, Sakura Miyawaki who is also active as a junior and IZ * ONE ... → Continue reading


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JO1(JO ONE)Japan OfglobalMale idol groupIs. JapaneseYoshimoto KogyoAnd Korean entertainment companiesCJ ENMBy a joint ventureLAPONE entertainmentBelongs.The official fan name isJAM(jam).


Popular Korean audition program "PRODUCE 101Japanese version[4]"PRODUCE 101 JAPANWas formed by 11 successful applicants on March 2020, 3.PROTOSTARDebuted with "Infinity"[5] .

The group name "JO1" has the meaning of "the trainees who aimed at their dreams together at" PRODUCE 101 JAPAN "will become one and aim for the top of the world."[6].

The official fan name "JAMIs derived from the acronym "JO1 And Me (Me = fan)". The word JAM is "stuffed with people (things)"(wiktionary: jam # Verb)Shiraiwa also talks about the reason why "the live venue is filled with fans".[7].

The ultimate goal of the group is to "establish a new music genre called" JO1 "" that combines J-POP and K-POP.



  • September 9, audition program "PRODUCE 101 JAPAN] Start broadcasting.
  • Formed on December 12th by 11 successful applicants of "PRODUCE 101 JAPAN" and named "JO11"[8].
  • Fan club opens on December 12th[9].


  • August 1-August 31,Pacifico YokohamaFebruary 2th-February 18th,Orix TheaterHeld a fan meeting at[10] .
  • July 3, debut single "PROTOSTARWas released and made its debut[11].
  • September 6, "KCON: TACT 2020 SUMMER ”[12].
  • January 8, 26nd single "STARGAZERReleased[12].
  • Appeared in "KCON: TACT season 10" on October 17th[13].
  • September 11, "MTV VMAJ 2020 -THE LIVE-, And won the "Rising Star Award" given to new artists who are expected to make great strides in the future.[14][15].
  • Released 11st album "The STAR" on November 25th[16].
  • December 12th, Asia's largest music award ceremony "Mnet Asian Music Awards Appeared in "2020"[17][18], Received "Best New Asian Artist Award"[19].
  • The first solo live "JO12 19ST LIVE STREAMING CONCERT" STAR LIGHT "" will be held online on December 1th.[20].


  • January 1th, digital release of distribution single "If you can tell"[21].
  • January 1, 27st photo book "Progress" released[22].
  • Online live "JO2 Live Streaming Concert" STARLIGHT DELUXE "" will be held on February 20th.[23].
  • February 2, Korean music program "M COUNTDOWN”[24].
  • Appeared in "KCON: TACT 3" held online on March 23rd and 25th[25].
  • July 4th, 28rd single "CHALLENGERReleased[26].
  • March 8th, 18th single "STRANGERReleased[27].
  • On September 9th, digitally released "OH-EH-OH (Band Ver.)" And "Grand Master (Band Ver.)", The first collaboration songs with the band that were shown at "JO8 Live Streaming Concert" STARLIGHT: DELUXE "".[28].
  • Digital release of distribution single "Run & Go" on September 9th[29].
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Kinjo Bikai Adjustment disorderAnnounced a temporary suspension of activity to concentrate on the treatment of[30].
  • On October 10th, the distribution single "Prologue" was released digitally.
  • November 11th-November 19st, JO11's first live audience "21 JO1 LIVE" OPEN THE DOOR ""Makuhari MesseHeld at[31][32].. Mobilized 3 people in all 5 performances for 4 days[33].
  • The 12th single "WANDERING" will be released on December 15th.[34].
  • December 12-The exhibition "JO25 EXHIBITION in Gallery AaMo" will be held at Tokyo Dome City Gallery AaMo on January 2022, 1.[35].


BYR color wheel.svgIn this sectionColorIs dealing with Depending on the viewing environment, the colors may not be displayed properly.
NameProfileDate of BirthheightFinal ranking
Shohei OhiraShohei Ohira
(Ohira Shosei)
  • Blood type: A
  • place of birth:Kyoto
  • Member color:   yellow[36]
20000413 (2000-04-13) 2000 May 4(21 years old)176cm04 bit4 bit
Kawajiri lotusKawajiri lotus
(Kawaren Ren)
  • Blood type: O type
  • place of birth:Fukuoka
  • Member color:   blue[36]
  • Performance leader[37]
19970302 (1997-03-02) 1997 May 3(24 years old)173cm02 bit2 bit
Kawanishi TakumiKawanishi Takumi
(Takumi Kawanishi)
  • Blood type: B type
  • place of birth:Hyogo
  • Member color:   pink[36]
19990623 (1999-06-23) 1999 May 6(22 years old)170cm03 bit3 bit
Kizen ShoyaKizen Shoya
(Kyomata Shoya)
  • Blood type: A
  • place of birth:Aichi
  • Member color:   Light purple[36]
20000405 (2000-04-05) 2000 May 4(21 years old)172cm08 bit8 bit
Kinjo BikaiKinjo Bikai
(Kinjo Sky)
  • Blood type: A
  • place of birth:Osaka
  • Member color:   black[36]
  • Sub vocal[38]
20000506 (2000-05-06) 2000 May 5(21 years old)178cm10 bit10 bit
Junki KonoJunki Kono
(Junki Kono)
  • Blood type: O type
  • place of birth:Nara
  • Member color:   Light blue[36]
  • Main vocal[38]
19980120 (1998-01-20) 1998 May 1(23 years old)174cm09 bit9 bit
Keito SatoKeito Sato
(Keigo Sato)
  • Blood type: A
  • place of birth:Aichi
  • Member color:   Camel[36]
19980729 (1998-07-29) 1998 May 7(23 years old)181cm07 bit7 bit
Rui ShiraiwaRui Shiraiwa
(Shiroi Ruki)
  • Blood type: O type
  • place of birth:Tokyo
  • Member color:   white[36]
19971119 (1997-11-19) 1997 May 11(24 years old)175cm06 bit6 bit
Tsurufusa ShioenTsurufusa Shioen
(Tsurubou Shion)
  • Blood type: A
  • place of birth:Hyogo
  • Member color:   ã‚° レ ー[36]
20001211 (2000-12-11) 2000 May 12(20 years old)178cm05 bit5 bit
Issei MameharaIssei Mamehara
(Mamehara Issei)
  • Blood type: O type
  • place of birth:Okayama
  • Member color:   Red[36]
20020530 (2002-05-30) 2002 May 5(19 years old)173cm01 bit1 bit
Yonago Castle AwardYonago Castle Award
(Let's do)
  • Blood type: O type
  • place of birth:Okinawa
  • Member color:   ã‚° リ ー ン[36]
  • leader[39], Main vocal[38]
19951025 (1995-10-25) 1995 May 10(26 years old)180cm11 bit11 bit



#Release datetitleHighest rank[Note 1]formStandard product numberRIAJCertification
1NovemberPROTOSTAR1 bitFirst limited edition A (CD+DVD)YRCS-90173platinum[40]
First Press Limited Edition B (CD + Photo Booklet)YRCS-90174
Normal edition (CD)YRCS-90175
2NovemberSTARGAZER1 bitFirst Press Limited Edition A (CD+DVD)YRCS-90181platinum[41]
First Press Limited Edition B (CD + Photo Booklet)YRCS-90182
Normal edition (CD)YRCS-90183
3NovemberCHALLENGER1 bitFirst Press Limited Edition A (CD+DVD)YRCS-90189platinum[42]
First Press Limited Edition B (CD + Photo Booklet)YRCS-90190
Normal edition (CD)YRCS-90191
4NovemberSTRANGER1 bitFirst Press Limited Edition A (CD+DVD)YRCS-90196platinum[43]
First Press Limited Edition B (CD + Photo Booklet)YRCS-90197
Normal edition (CD)YRCS-90198
5NovemberWANDERINGFirst Press Limited Edition A (CD+DVD)YRCS-90202
First Press Limited Edition B (CD + Photo Booklet)YRCS-90203
Normal edition (CD)YRCS-90204
Animation board (CD)YRCS-90205

配 信

#Release datetitleHighest rank[Note 1]form
1NovemberIf you can tellOut of rangeDigital single
2NovemberDreaming Night
-NovemberOH-EH-OH (Band Ver.)
GrandMaster (Band Ver.)
4NovemberRun & Go-


#Release datetitleHighest rank[Note 1]formStandard product numberRIAJCertification
1NovemberThe STAR2 bitFirst Press Limited Edition Red (CD + DVD)YRCS-95102gold
First Press Limited Edition Green (CD + Photobook)YRCS-95103
First Press Limited Edition Blue (CD + Accordion Card)YRCS-95104
Regular edition (CD + solo poster)YRCS-95105

Music video

YearsTitle of workMVspecial edition
  • Infinity
    • Performance MV
  • Infinity
    • Practice Video
    • Practice Video Costume Ver.
    • Performance Video
    • House Ver.
  • Running
    • Animation Video
  • La Pa Pa Pam
    • Performance Video
    • House Ver. (JO1 x Mezamashi TV)
  • OH-EH-OH
  • OH-EH-OH
    • Practice Video
    • Performance Video
    • Practice Video SP Ver. (Feature NAOTO CAM)
  • GO
    • Performance Video
    • Performance Video (Color ver.)
  • So what
    • Performance Video
    • Special Performance Video (Halloween ver.)
  • Shine A Light
  • Shine A Light
    • Performance Video
    • PART SWITCH Ver.
  • Safety Zone
    • Performance Video
    • Performance Video
  • My Friends
    • JAM's Day Edition
  • Happy Merry Christmas
    • JO1 PARTY ver.
  • YOUNG (JO1 ver.)
    • Performance Video
  • GrandMaster (JO1 ver.)
    • Performance Video
  • Born To Be Wild
  • Born To Be Wild
    • Practice Video
    • Performance Video
    • Performance Video (COSTUME Ver.)
    • performance video (PART SWITCH Ver.)
  • Speed ​​of light
    • Performance Video  
  • Design
    • Performance Video
  • REAL
  • STAY (SUMEER Ver.)
  • REAL
    • Practice Video
    • Performance Video
  • Dreaming Night
    • Practice Video
  • Freedom
    • Performance Video
    • Performance Video


2020 InfinityTV Asahi "A quiz I never thought about! What meat is Trinik!?"Ending theme[44]
Kansai Television "Chihara Junior"Ending theme[44]
Amazon Prime Video "Colorful ~ 77 billion plays with the power of laughter ~"Opening theme
OH-EH-OHTV Asahi system "The quiz I never thought about! What meat is Trinik!?" Ending theme
Asahi Broadcasting TV "Yasutomo is serious"Ending theme
Kansai Television "Messed up Monday"Ending theme
RSK TV (Okayama) "Nansho" opening theme
Amazon Prime Video "Colorful ~ Playing 77 billion with the power of laughter ~" Ending theme
Shine A LightKansai TV "Chihara Junior's King" ending theme[45]
Asahi Television Broadcasting "Yasutomo is serious" ending theme[45]
2021 If you can tellNestlé Japan "KitKat" Just tell, kit, good "" CM theme song[46]
Born To Be WildABC-MART×NIKE "NIKE AIR MAX INFINITY 2" TV • CF theme song[47]
ABC TV "Check the common sense of the entertainment world! -What kind of meat is Trinik !?" May-June ending theme[48]
Dreaming NightMBS TVsystemDrama special zone"Love phantom"Opening theme song[49]
FreedomYSLFragrance "Libre" CM theme song[50]
REALFuji Television Network, IncSummer event "THE ODAIBA 2021 Virtual Adventure Island" theme song[51]
ABC TV "Check the common sense of the entertainment world! -What kind of meat is Trinik !?" August ending theme[52]
Run & GoNestlé Japan "What's your" KitKat "?" CM theme song[53]
PrologueTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.Series animeBORUTO-NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS"Ending theme[54]

Unreleased songs

GO (Korean Ver.)[55]Korean version of "GO" included in the 2nd single "STARGAZER" and the 1st album "The STAR".
"OH-EH-OH" is a song released as one of the promised videos to achieve 1000 million playbacks, and is sung by Sukai Kinjo in the video.
Get Back[56]"OH-EH-OH" A song released as one of the promised videos that have been played 1000 million times.
Shosei Ohira, Takumi Kawanishi, Syoya Kimata, and Shion Tsurubo wrote the lyrics.In the video, the four people who wrote the lyrics are singing.

Video work

#Release datetitleformHighest rankDistributorRemarks
1NovemberJO1 Live Streaming Concert STARLIGHT DELUXEBlu-ray-LAPONE entertainmentFC limited reservation sale


#Release datetitleHighest rankDistributor
1NovemberProgress1 bit[57]Yoshimoto Books


tv set

  • Star of JO1 ~ JO1 x NO1 Battle ~ (October 2020, 10-February 17, 2021)Fuji TV TWO) -10 times in total.
  • The song of the genius FUTURE Utae Mirai (February 2021, 2 --March 20, 2021)WOWOW) -All 3 times[58].
  • Torresugi JO1 (March 2021th, 3st, July 26th, 7) Fuji Television Network, Inc・ Fuji TV TWO[59])[60][61]
  • JO1 Star-Sukai Kinjo Presents! "S4 Holiday"-(March 2021, 3, Fuji TV TWO)
  • Playlist JO1 (August 2021, 8, ABC TV)[62]

Special program


Distribution program

  • JO1 HOUSE(April 2020, 2-April 27, 2020,GYAO!)- Before the title was announced, it was written as "JO1 new program (provisional) *We will think about the title by ourselves!"[76].. 5 times in total.
    • JO1 HOUSE season2 (July 2020, 7-October 30, 2020, GYAO!)-10 times in total[77].
    • JO1 HOUSE season3 (May 2021, 5 --June 6, 2021, GYAO!)-6 times in total[78].
  • Colorful ~ 77 billion reproductions with the power of laughter ~(Delivered on March 2020, 9,Amazon Prime Video)-Performers are Ruki Shiroiwa and Junki Kono.全10回XNUMX times in total[79]
  • JO1 Star Gather TV (October 2020, 10-December 9, 2020,AbemaTV) -12 times in total.
  • PROCESS JO1 (July 2021, 7-, YouTube)

Special program

Voice drama

  • "I found the first star until the magic of love can be solved after 5 minutes" "The second love of the first time until the magic of love can be solved after 5 minutes" Purchase privilege (released on October 2020, 10)[85]


  • You with a radius of 1 meter-Let's walk upward- "Today, the sun is good" (February 2021) -Starring Issei Mamehara[86], Ren Kawashiri, Takumi Kawanishi, Syoya Kimata also appeared[87].

public relations


  • Y! Mobile
    • Waimova Student Discount "BIG Y!" (February 2020)[88]
    • "NIKE ONE" (March 2020)[89]
    • "NIKE COURT VISION" (November 2020)[90]
  • Nestle Japan
    • ""KitKat"One month late graduation ceremony with JO1" (March 2020, 3)[91]
    • "Let's sing and dance together! Break battle in tongue twister" (October 2020)
    • "Just tell, the kit is good" (January 2021)
    • KitKat Official Ambassador Appointed (May 2021, 5-)
  • FamilyMart
    • Love Frappe "JO1 MEETS FRAPPE." (April 2020)[92][93] * Appointed as FamilyMart Frappe Supporter
  • Francfranc
    • "Fun Fun! Handy Fan!" (June 2020, 6-July 10, 7)[94]
  • YSL
    • YSL BEAUTY (December 2020, 12-)[95] * Appointed as an official beauty partner
    • YSL Fragrance "Libre" (July 2021, 7-)[96]
  • Credit Saison
    • Like ♡ by saison card (April 2021, 4-) [97] * Appointed as an official ambassador
  • Osaka Gas
    • JO1 Denki (2021)[98] * Became an ambassador


  • Sweets paradise
    • "JO1 x Sweets Paradise Collaboration Cafe" (August 2020, 8-October 1, 10)[99]
  • Flue
    • "CAO LABO" (October 2020, 10-October 1)[100]
    • "Time limit at midnight" (November 0, 2020-December 11, 1)[101]
  • Tower record cafe
    • "JO1 x TOWER RECORDS CAFE" (November 2020, 11-December 13, 12)[102]
    • "JO1 x TOWER RECORDS CAFE" (November 2021, 4-December 16, 5)[103]
    • "JO1 x TOWER RECORDS CAFE" (November 2021, 8-December 17, 9)[104]



YearsPerformance nameScheduleVenue
2020 JO1 1ST LIVE STREAMING CONCERTMay 12Held online
2021 JO1 Live Streaming ConcertMay 2
2021 JO1 LIVEFebruary 11, 19, 20千葉 Makuhari MesseInternational Exhibition Hall 9-10 Hall

Fan meeting

YearsPerformance nameScheduleVenue
2020 JO1 1ST FANMEETINGXNUM X Month X NUM X Day, X NUM X Month X NUM X DayKanagawa Pacifico Yokohama National Hall
February 2, 18, 19Osaka Orix Theater


YearsPerformance nameScheduleVenue
2020 JO1 2ND single "STARGAZER" release commemorative showcase eventMay 8Held online
JO1 1ST Album "The STAR" Online Showcase EventMay 11
2021 JO1 3RD single "CHALLENGER" release commemorative online showcase eventMay 4
JO1 4TH single "STRANGER" release commemorative online showcase eventMay 7





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