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👍 | “Mai-chan” Haruka Fukuhara is 22 years old!Voices of blessing one after another

Congratulations on the photo! (Photo taken in 2018)

Haruka Fukuhara, “Mai-chan”, turns 22! Blessed voices one after another

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The other day, the official YouTube channel "Haruka Fukuhara and Haruka Fukuhara" was opened.

Actress Haruka Fukuhara celebrates her 8nd birthday on August 28th on Instagram and Twitter official accounts ... → Continue reading

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Official YouTube channel

Haruka Fukuhara

Haruka Fukuhara(Fukuhara Haruka,1998年8/28 -) isJapan Ofactress(OriginalA child),Voice actor,singer,Fashion Model.SaitamaBackground[5].KenneAffiliation[6].

Long time agoNEWS EntertainmentBelonged to[7].

Nickname is "Main-chan'[8][9].. This was from childhood in 2009 to 2013NHKWas broadcast onCuisineAnime"Cookin Idol Ai! My! Main!』, played the main character Hiiragi Mai[8][9].. Also,"Pichi LemonAs an exclusive model of (andSu Yen”) is nicknamedHarun"Met[10][11][Note 1].


I was in the first grade of elementary school2005年(17) Belonging to NEWS Entertainment from the latter half,TV drama"Love timeEpisode 3 "Sudden Kiss" (2005 (17))11/6In the childhood role of the main charactersactressdebutFulfill.

2009年3/30から2013年3/22Was broadcast untilNHK E Tele OfFor childrenCooking program"Cookin Idol Ai! My! Main!],heroThe girl, Hiiragi(Hiiragi)It played a main role and attracted attention, and this led to "Main-chanWill be known by the nickname[14][8][9].

2012年[15],TeenForfashion magazine"Pichi Lemon』(Gakken plus) Was selected as one of four Grand Prix winners out of about 20 at the 9,000th Pichimo Audition[15],6/1Exclusive to the magazine since the June issueモデルBecome[16].

2015年Transferred to Kenne in July[6].2017年(29) is a TV animation "Glitter☆Precure a la mode』, won the audition,Cure custardaboutHimari ArisugawaSelected for a role[17].. 2017th held in April 4Okinawa International Film FestivalThe movie screened inWomen』(2018年The first movie starring Sasai Honjo (released nationwide in March 30)[18].

2018年Broadcasting started in AprilVoice girl!(Makoto Kikuchi) as the first star of a terrestrial television drama[19][8].. The ending theme of the drama "It's Show Time!!"Haruka TomatsuIn charge of the collaboration with[20].2019年Movie released in AprilApril you, Spica.] (Starring Saotome)[9].

August 2019, 8,Sony Music Associated RecordsMakes a debut as a singer with "Unfinished Lights"[21].

August 2020, 8, on his 28nd birthdayYouTubeOpen channel[22].


2013年As of (25),height159cm[3].. Blood typeA type[23].

Hobbies-trickIs a dance,Cuisine[23].. Especially for food,Cookin Idol Ai! My! Main!(Hereafter, "I! My! Main!")[14].. What is your favorite foodGrilled meat[24].. FavoriteVegetables TheTomato[25].

left handedIs[26][27].. However, since Hiiragi Main, who was in charge of “Ai!KnifeWas mastering. On the other hand, the opening ball ceremony was held in June 2012 (Rakuten vs. Lotte.Kleenex Stadium Miyagi), he was throwing left[27].

Junior high schoolThen.Brass band clubBelonged to[28].. My instrument isClarinet[29].

Although he has accumulated careers as an actress and a voice actor, in an interview in the spring of 2018, the work of the actress is ``It can be expressed even in movements not written in the script and it is a lively work to make one person-to-person one'', voice actor The job is "a job in which you can play freely regardless of your gender or age"[8].. "I thought that the work of an actress and a voice actor were completely different," he said in the process of challenging a voice actor, "There is no difference in that they can play one role. Both of them are fun. ”[8].

As mentioned above, "Ai! My! Main!" became a synonym for herself, but for herself, "It was the most enjoyable and impressive program of all the performing arts activities to date. I would like to work with the staff of "Main" someday" in an interview in the summer of 2015.[14].. In the interview in the spring of 2019, I said that this experience at "Ai! My! Main!" is the starting point for thinking about valuing both the activity as an actress and the activity as a voice actor.[30][Note 2].. Also, in an interview in the summer of 2015, I revealed that I was thinking of quitting the entertainment world if I fell in the audition for "Ai! My! Main!"[14].

As an opportunity to become an actressSun(2011)Mao Inoue"I got a lot of courage and energy" through his acting, and he said, "I also wanted to be a person who can give something to people and make them smile" ("Ohisama") He also said that his work in the entertainment world "had some sense of practice and lessons" until I met him.)[9].. Also, when I was a childPretty CureIs one of the motivations for becoming a voice actor.Glitter☆Precure a la mode』(Cure Custard), "I did not think that I could really become a precure," along with ""Precure"I have lived with me for a while."[31][32].

In an interview,Main-chanWhen I was asked about the nickname, "I'm glad I could call you Mai-chan. I think he remembers me!" and commented positively. Are[14][8][9].. In addition, ``Cool broadcast in January 2019''3rd Year Group A-From now on, you are all hostages-In the 6th episode (broadcast on February 2019, 2) that featured himself in (Ryone Mizukoshi), "Mai-chan"TwitterAlong with the fact that it has entered the trend of, it became a hot topic in the real acting that expresses a cornered human being who can be said as "crying"[33][34].. As another nickname, the above-mentioned "Harun" is also called "Haru-chan" by close co-stars.[35][36].

When I was a teenager, long hair was a trademark, but the leading movie "April you, Spica.』In the fall of 2018, for the first time in her life[37], Brown hair in June 2019[38][39]She is showing off her hair style.

As a type of man I like,piece OfNaoki MatayoshiAre listed[40].. Also, in an interview in the spring of 2019, he said, "I prefer men who talk to me (initiatively) and excite me."[41].

Hirose TinHas been on good terms since co-starring in the movie "Cheer☆Dun"[42][43]However, especially in "Cheer☆Dun" with Fukuhara and HiroseNakajo Ayami,Yamazaki Hirona,Tomoda NobuoFor about half a year before the crank-in, we worked hard together to practice cheer dance, and while shooting teamwork, we got along well.[44][45][46][47]When there is something, the members are gathering[48].. In addition, Fukuhara and Tomita will join the drama version "Cheer☆Dan" through "3rd Year Group A".Yanai Yuna,Mayu HottaGood friends[49], Especially the good relation between Fukuhara and Hotta stands out[50][51][52][53].. We work a lot together since "Pichi Lemon"Yuu Ohara[54][55][36],mainly"Momo ToursYuna HiraGood friends[56][57].


Ranking is weeklyOricon chartHighest rank of


Release datetitleSongspecificationStandard product numberHighest rank
Limited EditionNormal EditionLimited editionLimited EditionNormal EditionLimited edition
1st2019/8/7Unfinished lights"Unfinished Lights"
"Summeryard Summer"
CD + DVDCDCDAICL-3735 / 6AICL-3737AICL-373826 bit
2nd2020/3/11Transparent clear"Transparent clear"
CD + DVDCD-AICL-3803 / 4AICL-3805-36 bit
3rd2020/6/24Blowin 'in the wind[58]"Blowed by the wind"
"Handmade Sekai"
CD + DVDCDCD + DVDAICL-3900 / 1AICL-3902AICL-3903 / 415 bit


SongTie-upCollection workRemarks
Unfinished lightsTelevision Animation"BORUTO- -NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS-"Ending theme
Saitama"Machikomi] September ending theme[59]
1st single "Unfinished Lights"
Blowin 'in the windTelevision Animation"Kaguya-sama wants to tell?-Genius's love brain battle-"Ending theme3rd Single "Blow in the Wind"

Participating works

Cookin Idol Ai! My! Main!

Release datetitlespecificationStandard product numberHighest rank
Limited editionNormal EditionLimited editionNormal Edition
2009/9/30The kitchen is my stageCD + DVDCDKIZM-41KICM-128918 bit
2010/6/9Miracle Melody HarmonyCD + DVDCDKIZM-51KICM-130947 bit
2010/7/21Happy recipes
(Sweet Main & Lovely Michika (Haruka Fukuhara)Izumika Deno))
CDKICM-3210141 bit
2011/6/22Exciting Kitchen CarnivalCD + DVDCDKIZM-91 / 2KICM-1339102 bit
2012/6/27Happy! Cooking time♪CD + DVDKICM-159
2009/11/26Cookin Idol Ai! My! Main! Main song recipe (1)CDKICA-1501109 bit
2010/3/17Cookin Idol Ai! My! Main! Main song recipe (2)CDKICA-1502163 bit
2010/12/8Cookin Idol Ai! My! Main! Main song recipe (3)CDCD + DVDKIZC-91 / 2KICA-1503217 bit
2010/12/22Koro-chan Pack Cookin Idol Ai! My! Main!CD + picture bookKOCZ-1099
2011/3/16Cookin Idol Ai! My! Main! Main song recipe (4)CDCD + DVDKIZC-93 / 4KICA-1504212 bit
2011/12/7Cookin Idol Ai! My! Main! Main song recipe (5)CD+DVDKIZC-143
2012/3/14Cookin Idol Ai! My! Main! Main song recipe (6)CD+DVDKIZC-145
2013/3/20Cookin Idol Ai! My! Main! Main song recipe (7)[60]CD+DVDKIZC-201 / 2

Other participating works

Release dateProduct NameNameSongRemarks
2012/7/11Nameko CDHaruka Fukuhara"Name of the song"game"Touch detective nameko cultivation kit] Related songs
2013/2/13Nameko no Uta
2013/12/18Nameko CD 2"Pyon Pyon Pyon"
2014/1/29Sailor Moon THE 20TH ANNIVERSARY MEMORIAL TRIBUTE"Princess moon'Television Animation"Sailor Moon] Tribute Album
2014/4/22Kirame Kinazomeki Adventure"Kiramekinazomeki Adventure""Touch detective Rina Ozawa Rising 3 Does Nameko dream of a banana?"Image Song
2016/8/3Nameko ~The Friends of the World~"Nameko-a friend of the world"Related song for the game "Touch Touch Detective Nameko Cultivation Kit"
2017/4/26"Kirakira PreCure A La Mode" Character Song Single sweet etude 2 Cure Custard (CV: Haruka Fukuhara) "Petit Patty ∞ Science"Cure Custard (Haruka Fukuhara"Petit * Patty ∞ Science"Television Animation"Glitter☆Precure a la mode"Insert song
2017/7/26Kirakira precure a la mode vocal album cure la mode a la carteHimari Arisugawa (Haruka Fukuhara"Karame de Izu"TV anime "Kirakira☆Precure a la mode" related song
Cure Whip (Kayama Miyama), Cure Custard (Haruka Fukuhara), Cure Gelato (Muranaka Satoshi), Cure Macaron (Saki Fujita), cure chocolate (Nanako Mori), Cure Parfait (水 瀬 い の り"Let's La Cookin ☆ Showtime ~ Glitter ☆ Patisserie Version ~"
2017/10/25Trevian Ensemble!!/Memoire Millefeuille"Memoire Millefeuille"Theater animation "Movie Kirakira Precure a la mode Crisp! My memories of Millefeuille!"Insert song
2017/11/29Kirakira precure a la mode vocal album 2 strawberry taleHimari Arisugawa (Haruka Fukuhara), Aoi Tachigami (Tomo Muranaka)"Happiness ☆ flavor"TV anime "Kirakira☆Precure a la mode" related song
2018/1/17Kirakira Precure A La Mode Vocal Best Album Sweet ☆ Etude A La ModeCure Custard (Haruka Fukuhara"Petit * Patty ∞ Science"Insert song for TV anime "Kirakira☆Precure a la mode"
Himari Arisugawa (Haruka Fukuhara), Aoi Tachigami (Tomo Muranaka)"Happiness ☆ flavor"TV anime "Kirakira☆Precure a la mode" related song
Cure Whip (Kai Miyama), Cure Custard (Haruka Fukuhara), Cure Gelato (Tomo Muranaka), Cure Macaron (Saki Fujita), Cure Chocolate (Nanako Mori), Cure Parfait (Inori Minase)"Memoire Millefeuille"
2018/5/23It's Show Time!!Haruka Fukuhara×Haruka Tomatsu"It's Show Time!!"TV drama"Voice girl!] Theme song
"Try"Insert song for TV drama "Voice Girl!"
2019/10/16Mirai Chaya Vol.2[61][62][63]Haruka Fukuhara"Cicada Shigure"[64]Mirai Tea Records Related Songs


TaiziIs the main character or the main character.

TV drama

Delivery drama


Television Animation

Theater animation

Web anime

Entertainment shows

  • Tuesday song!(April 2013, 4, June 30-July 6, 11,TBS
  • Su Yen(April 2013, 4-March 30, 2016 (irregular),NHK E Tele)-Su Yen Sir Girls
  • Momo Tours(December 2017, 4-January 15, 2020, Fuji TV)- 3rd generation tour guide[102]
  • ZIP!(October 2019, 9-December 6, NTV)- Friday, September 2019, 9 Personality[103]

Documentary program

Web content

  • Mr. Haruka in the kitchen (September 2019, 9 -, Zenhoren YouTube channel)[105]





CM etc.




Magazine serialization

  • Pichi Lemon(March 2012 issue-July 6 issue,Gakken plus)-Exclusive model[Note 6]
  • Kira Pichi(January 2013 issue-December 1 issue, Gakken Plus)-Exclusive model (*concurrent with Pichilemon)
  • V jump(March 2015 issue-July 4 issue,Shueisha)-Serial "New game Haruka Channel!!"
  • YOUPAPER (2015 VOL.44 -, YOUPRESS)-Serialization section "NATURAL"[137]
  • BLT(September 2016 issue -,Tokyo News Tsushin)-Serial "Harukairo"

Magazine publication



  • Haruka Fukuhara book (Super Entertainment Newspaper “AnicanVol.21” appendix, released in July 2011, Tokuma Shoten)
  • Fukuhara Harukai Special Feature "Exciting Kitchen Carnival" (Super Entertainment Shimbun Anikakan R133 June 2011, MG6)
  • Fukuhara Harukadai Special Feature Cookin Idol I! My! Mai! "Happy! Cookin' Time♪" (Super Entertainment Shimbun "Anikan R Yang Yang!! 003" M2012, August 8)

Related books

  • "Pichi Lemon DX fashionable and easy first handmade sweets" (July 2013, 7, Gakken Marketing)ISBN 978-4-05-203820-4

Photo album

Photo book



  • Haruka Fukuhara 2018 Calendar (November 2017, Hagoromo)[152]


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注 釈

  1. ^ In Kira Pichi, which also served as a model for Pichi Lemon, it was written as "Haruka" in katakana notation.[12][13].
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  6. ^ In December 2013, the fashion brand “Repipial MarioIn collaboration with ", he worked on the design and production of various items.


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