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👩‍🎤 | Nogizaka46 Asuka Saito, Mizuki Yamashita, Minami Umezawa [Event Report] The movie "Keep Your Hands Off Eight" is "Let me be human ...

Photo <Movie "Don't put your hands on the video lab! ] Completion Report Interview> (September 2020, 9)

Nogizaka46 Asuka Saito, Mizuki Yamashita, Minami Umezawa [Event Report] The movie "Keep Your Hands Off Eight" says "Make me human ...

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In addition, a message video arrived from Riko Fukumoto, who played the role of Kyushu Ashima, the captain of the student council who was unable to participate in this interview.

Asuka Saito, Mizuki Yamashita, and Minami Umezawa of Nogizaka46 will release the movie "Keep Your Hands Off the Video Lab!" On September 9th (Wednesday). Completion report ... → Continue reading


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Riko Fukumoto

Riko Fukumoto(Rikuko Fukumoto,2000(12)May 11 -) isJapan Ofactress.

OsakaI'm fromToho Performing ArtsBelongs. 8th"Toho Cinderella" auditionGrand Prix[1].


2016th held in 8"Toho Cinderella" auditionAnd the grand prixShueishaaward(SeventeenAward)[2], January 2017, 『Nijiiro Gene』(Kansai TV) Debuted in the entertainment world[3].

TV animation ``Started April 2018, 4''Hisone and Masotan』(TOKYO MX-BS Fuji) Debuted as a singer with the theme song "Girl crosses that sky"[4].. Released on May 5, the same yearMitori Samurai] Screen debut[5].. The musical "Performed in June of the same year"Kiki's Delivery ServiceThe first stage in the first stage[6].

The movie released on May 2020, 8Think, think, pretend, shake]Takumi Kitamura,Minami beachAppeared as one of the leading actors[7].."" Started in October of the same yearEscape from the historical labyrinth-Real Escape Game x TV TOKYO-』First starring in a terrestrial serial drama[8].

As of October 2020, currently in college[1].



TV program

TV drama

Delivery drama



Performance canceled

  • Archimedes War(June 2020, 6-July 30, 7Theater CLIE / National performance in July)-Kyoko Ozaki[34]
    • Performance canceled to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection[35].

Television Animation

Theater animation


Radio Drama

  • At the Joetsu Shinkansen (January 2019, 1,NHK-FM)-Sayumi[39]






Photo album



Release datetitleStandard product numberOricon
Highest rank
Limited EditionNormal Edition
1st2018th of February 5The girl crosses that sky[48]1000714350100071435157 bit

Tie-up song

The girl crosses that skyTelevision Animation"Hisone and Masotan』Episode 2-Episode 7 opening theme2018
The girl is confused by that skyTelevision Animation"Hisone and Masotan』Episode 8-Episode 11 opening theme


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注 釈

  1. ^ Haruna Soma, who plays Fukumoto, devised it as "Taro-san's Muscat", and the cute Japanese sweets drawn in the illustration were actually commercialized as "Happy Muscat".
  2. ^ Originally scheduled for release on May 2020, 5,[20],New coronavirusPostponed due to[29].
  3. ^ Initially scheduled for release in early summer 2020,New coronavirusIt was postponed to 2021 due to the influence of.


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