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😀 | Comicalized serialization of "I decided not to speak out to avoid engagement !!"


"I decided not to speak out to avoid engagement !!" comicalized serialization started

If you write the contents roughly
"I decided not to speak out to avoid engagement !!" is on sale from Beeslog Bunko to Volume 2.

The comicalized serialization of "I decided not to speak out to avoid engagement !!" published by Beeslog Bunko is "FLOS C ... → Continue reading

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Beads log library(Beads log)KADOKAWAFor girls issued byLight novel(Paperback)Label.. PreviouslyB's-LOG libraryWith the notationEnterbrainWas issued by. First published in October 2006 (B's-LOG library)[1].. It will be released on the 15th of every month (depending on the month, it will change slightly).

Similar to other companies, original works are the main focus, but novelizations are also published.

Although there is no animated work, "The Prince of Darkness" and "Remarriage of Shinigamihime] Has been staged, and there are not a few works that have been made into comics and drama CDs.

Derived label since April 2015B's Log Bunko AliceHas been published[2].. Compared to this label, there are relatively many works that are set in the present age[3].. Alice's line-up is the popular work of B's ​​Log Bunko "The Crown Prince of Darkness"The garden ban Mochizuki Sojiro is here!』Continuous issue is also included.


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