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👩‍🎤 | Shiori Konno, 105cm H cup bust marshmallow body explodes!Latest image DVD released

Photo Shiori Konno, 105 cm H cup bust marshmallow body explodes! Latest image DVD released

Shiori Konno, 105 cm H cup bust marshmallow body explodes! Latest image DVD released

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Shiori Konno is a plump idol with a bust of 105 cm.

Shiori Konno will release the latest image DVD "Purutto Fluffy" on September 9th (Friday).Bust is 25 Sen ... → Continue reading


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Konno Shiori

Konno Shiori(This bookmark,1994May 10[1] -) isJapan Oftalent,Gravure idol,actress[3].ShigaOtsu CityBackground[4].Magnify EntertainmentBelongs.


In high schoolCanoeBelong to the department.Inter HighIn 3th place,National Athletic MeetHas a career of 9th place in[5].

After graduating from high school, I entered a fashion-related vocational school, but in just four monthsDropoutTo[6]..I was interested in performing arts-related work and wanted to get a performing arts-related job behind the scenes, but I wasn't interested in it. After working at the wedding hall for a while, I realized that I wanted to stand on the front stage rather than behind the scenes.actressHit the gate of the entertainment agency aiming for[6].

Since I wanted to be an actress and hid my big breasts, I was careful not to wear loose clothes or stoop my chest, but I told the manager that my breasts were big. Pointed out, 2015Gravure idolDebut as[5][6].

In 2015, the first gravure DVD "Milky Glamor" was releasedTake ShoboWill be released by[7].. Appeared in BS Asahi "Harahori" in April 2016.

Leave Sinfonia in his agency on August 2017, 8[8].. After that, he reported that he belonged to Magnify Entertainment.[9].

Belonging to the same office in November 2017Miyu Kojima,Maria UsaFormed a YouTuber group "An Love Mood" with La. In February 2018Biru OtsukaJoins[10]. CurrentlyAkuzu Mao,Kaoru Miyanaga,Sakurada AnonIt is active as a four-member group with, and the initial member is only Shiori Konno[11].


HobbyShrines and TemplesRound[5].. Special skills are canoeing and trombone[12]..He also says he likes meat and sweets.[13]..A long-time live game distribution and videos requested by viewers on YouTubeKonno Escargot』Up to[14].

At the beginning of his debut, he was reluctant to appeal to the complex breasts.[6]In an interview in May 2018, he said that gravure work is more attractive with big breasts as a weapon and big ass.[5].

However, the TV program ``Decide Nakai-kun!”(TBS) for chest consultation. Originally I intended to remove all the fat in my chest,Masahiro NakaiAfter receiving their advice, they announced that they would positively consider reduction surgery to the F cup at the time of their debut, which became a big topic.[15][16]In an interview in 2020, he said he decided to stop breast reduction surgery.In addition, although the bust is actually 105 cm, it was announced that it was posted on the profile at 100 cm because it is sharp.[17][18].


tv set

Web tv


  • Episode 3 "Festival" as Tamae Kudo


  • "Pinspo! 』\ Sakudo Kakusho role
  • "Improvisation stage, it wasn't supposed to be like this. 』\
  • "Sad Angel" as Ayumi
  • "Goji no La" as Yumi



◎ =BDSimultaneous release

  • Milky Glamor (June 2015, 5,Take Shobo)
  • Koi no Shiori (September 2015, 9, Guild)
  • Pure white pudding (December 2015, 12,E-Net Frontier)
  • Bookmark (May 2016, 5, Air Control)
  • Tell me, Professor Konno (February 2017, 2, Takeshobo)
  • Kimiiro Flavor (July 2017, 7, E-Net Frontier)
  • Yurufuwa girlfriend (November 2017, 11, Guild)
  • Can i like it (October 2018, 10, E-Net Frontier)
  • Rainbow-colored bookmark (January 2019, 1, Line Communications)
  • Whip fluffy (May 2019, 5, Takeshobo) ◎
  • Bookmark curve (August 2019, 8, S Digital) ◎
  • Shiori Prism (December 2019, 12, Spice Visual)
  • S-BODY (May 2020, 5, S Digital) ◎
  • Purutto Fluffy (September 2020, 9, Spice Visual)
  • House girl! (February 2021, 2, Line Communications)
  • Under one roof with an overprotective sister (July 2021, 7, Air Control)


  • "Because I'm a trainer of Shiori Konno, it's my job to see the dynamic body in front of me, that kind of world. (January 2020, 1, Fantastica)
  • "Innocent memories hidden by sticking to Shiori Konno in a narrow kotatsu, such a world. (January 2020, 1, Fantastica)

Video distribution

  • "Must shoot! Marugoto ☆ Shiori Konno [Complete Edition] ”(April 2018, 4, Eye Logos, *DMMExclusive)
  • "Must shoot! Marugoto ☆ Shiori Konno ”(April 2018, 4, Eye Logos)
  • "Gravure Gakuen MOVIE Konno Shiori 1" (June 2018, 6, Gravure Gakuen)
  • "Gravure Gakuen MOVIE Konno Shiori 2" (June 2018, 6, Gravure Gakuen)
  • "I-ONE NEXT Konno Shiori" (February 2019, 2, I-ONE NEXT)
  • "Must shoot! Marugoto ☆ Shiori Konno 2 [Complete Edition] ”(July 2019, 7, Eye Logos, * DMM exclusive distribution)
  • "Must shoot! Marugoto ☆ Konno Shiori 2 ”(August 2019, 8, Eye Logos)



  • "Golden EX NEXT" Million Publishing
  • "SPA! 』Fusosha
  • "Shukan Jitsuwa"
  • "Kisuka" Takeshobo
  • "Weekly Playboy" Shueisha
  • "Dynamite FRIDAY" Kodansha
  • "EX Mass Gravure Directory" Futabasha
  • "Asahi Performing Arts"
  • "EXMAX" Bunkasha
  • "Circus Max Special" -The most amazing gravure beauties right now-
  • "Young Animal" Hakusensha
  • "EXMAX SPECIAL Vol.123" Bunkasha


  • "Shiori Konno" Together with Shiori "" (November 2016, 11, Guild)
  • "Shiori Konno" Soft "(Bamboo e-Book)" (June 2017, 6,Take Shobo)
  • "Shiori Konno" Hamidashi Declaration "(Bamboo e-Book)" (June 2017, 6, Takeshobo)
  • "Shiori Konno" Don't be nervous "(Bamboo e-Book)" (June 2017, 6, Takeshobo)
  • "Shiori Konno" Show me "(Bamboo e-Book)" (June 2017, 6, Takeshobo)
  • "Shiori Konno" Teach me teacher "(Bamboo e-Book)" (June 2017, 6, Takeshobo)
  • "Shiori Konno" Yurufuwa "" (November 2017, 11, Guild)
  • "Unfussy OL business diary Konno Shiori must-shoot! Marugoto ☆ ”(April 2018, 4, Eye Logos, Photo: Yasutoshi Tomita)
  • "Konno Shiori, a home teacher who doesn't concentrate! Marugoto ☆ ”(May 2018, 5, Eye Logos, Photo: Yasutoshi Tomita)
  • "Lover Shiori Konno must-shoot! Marugoto ☆ ”(June 2018, 6, Eye Logos, Photo: Yasutoshi Tomita)
  • "Konno Shiori Headphones Big Breasts Girls Gravure School" (June 2018, 6, Gravure School)
  • "Konno Shiori Soft Big Breasts Knit Gravure School" (June 2018, 6, Gravure School)
  • "Konno Shiori Boobs forgive me gravure school" (June 2018, 6, gravure school)
  • "Venus Body Konno Shiori must-shoot! Marugoto ☆ ”(July 2018, 7, Eye Logos, Photo: Yasutoshi Tomita)
  • "Konno Shiori Selfie Photobook Gravure Academy" (July 2018, 7, Gravure Academy)
  • "Shiori Konno Koi no Shiori" (August 2018, 8, DEC)
  • "Large capacity 255 sheets Konno Shiori BEST vol.1 Must-shoot! Marugoto ☆ ”(October 2018, 10, Eye Logos, Photo: Yasutoshi Tomita)
  • "Konno Shiori Shiori Oh Complete! !! Gravure School ”(January 2019, 1, Gravure School)
  • "I want stimulation, Shiori Konno must-shoot! Marugoto ☆ ”(September 2019, 9, Eye Logos, Photo: Sadahisa Yokouchi)
  • "Shiori Konno" It's pretty heavy "(Bamboo e-Book)" (September 2019, 9, Takeshobo)
  • "Shiori Konno" Spilling "(Bamboo e-Book)" (September 2019, 9, Takeshobo)
  • "Shiori Konno" Ripe Fruit "(Bamboo e-Book)" (September 2019, 9, Takeshobo)
  • "My exclusive nurse, Shiori Konno must-shoot! Marugoto ☆ ”(October 2019, 10, Eye Logos, Photo: Sadahisa Yokouchi)
  • "A must-shoot for Shiori Konno with Kon-chan! Marugoto ☆ ”(November 2019, 11, Eye Logos, Photo: Sadahisa Yokouchi)
  • "Impact Hcup Konno Shiori must-shoot! Marugoto ☆ ”(December 2019, 12, Eye Logos, Photo: Sadahisa Yokouchi)
  • "Konno Shiori Gra Rice Picture Book" (January 2020, 1,KADOKAWA)


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