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📚 | A physiotherapist who can play an active role everywhere.What is the job content of the rehabilitation profession, which is in increasing demand?


A physiotherapist who can play an active role everywhere. What is the work content of the rehabilitation profession that is in increasing demand?

If you write the contents roughly
The National Physiotherapist Examination is held in March every year and requires a written examination.

Some people learn after having a social experience as a member of society, and the study of physical therapy is learned by people of all ages.Li ... → Continue reading


This is a medium in which celebrities such as idols and artists and experts in various fields publish articles introducing "recommended books" in an attempt to create encounters with books that have never been "touched".
Since full-scale operation from October 2016, the number of users has steadily increased, and now
・About 800 million PV per month
・About 260 million UU/month
And, it has grown as a media that can be used by many people.

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notes(Hiki,English: writing) Means to write down[1].. OrBrushWriting in[1].. Also, what was written by it[1].


Writing is writing[1].. Especially,TextGenerally refers to writing kind[Note 1]..In Japan, in the olden days, "brush" was used exclusively as a writing tool, so it is called "writing".

Listening to someone speaking and writing is especially "Dictation(Koujutsuhiki) ".

In Western Europe, what is written by hand, what is written by handmanuscript,manuscriptAnd so on. In Japanese, "Manuscript (English)", "Manusukuri (French)", "Manusukuri (French)" depending on the contextManuscript""Manuscript"And so on.

In particular, the alphabet shaped for quick writing by hand is called "cursive" or "joint writing" in English, but in Japanese it is called "cursive".Cursive".

Written test

A written test is a test to judge the degree of a person who takes the test by having them write something.[Note 2].. fundamentally"Practical skill"Exam" and "interviewIt is used in contrast to the term / concept of "test".

Writing utensils

Tools for writingWriting utensilsSay.

Clay plateAnd sticks (Mesopotamia),papyrusとreedWith a penイ ン ク(Ancient Egypt),Bamboo stripAnd a brushinkとInkstone(Ancient China),Japanese paperAnd brush, ink, inkstone (Japan),parchmentとQuill pen(中 世Europe.ManuscriptSuch),paperとfountain pen(20th century, various places),Noteとpencil,ペ ンThere is a history of using various writing utensils such as types (modern, various places).

What revolutionized the concept of writing instrumentsWord processorIs the appearance of. When he was born in the United States, he was nothing more than a tool for "expanding consciousness" to edit and compose sentences, but in Japan it was said that it was not suitable for industrialization.Kanji-kana mixed sentence The inferiority of the keyboard was reformed at once and the position as a writing instrument was established together with the keyboard. Of the writerAngo SakaguchiIs "letter, speed and literature" (Ango Sakaguchi Letters, speed and literature1940), "My thoughts flow like lightning, but the characters I write are slow / \", but such speed has come to catch up with my thoughts.Digitization has made it possible to make a complete copy.By connecting to the Internet, it has become possible to instantly send from the paper in front of you.


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注 釈

  1. ^ The word / concept of "calligraphy"TextThe character / concept of "drawing" is used for絵-図It is used for such as.
  2. ^ The written test is also called the paper test. The usage of this paper test isJapanglishIs. Written exam in Englishwritten test, Written examination[2].


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