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📚 | Popular profession / librarian.What is a professional steady job that connects people and books?


Popular profession / librarian.人と本とをつなぐプロの地道な仕事とはWhat is a professional steady job that connects people and books?

If you write the contents roughly
It is organized by items such as knowing, organizing, responding, working, and collaborating, and you will know how to work in the school library.

A librarian who rents, returns, and manages books at public libraries and school libraries.Involved in various tasks at the library ... → Continue reading


This is a medium in which celebrities such as idols and artists and experts in various fields publish articles introducing "recommended books" in an attempt to create encounters with books that have never been "touched".
Since full-scale operation from October 2016, the number of users has steadily increased, and now
・About 800 million PV per month
・About 260 million UU/month
And, it has grown as a media that can be used by many people.

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School books

School Books Co., Ltd.(Gakkou Tosho, abbreviation:Academic map(Gakuto),English: Gakko Tosho Co., Ltd.) is for elementary and junior high schoolstextbookIs a company that publishes education-related books, etc.Print booksIt is a group.


1948Minato-ku, TokyoShiba Sanda Toyooka Town Established in (currently Mita XNUMX-chome, Minato-ku)[2]..教科書の他学校向けの教育Education for other schools in textbooksSupplementary reader(Morality, etc.), edits and publishes books on education.またAlsoNHK Enterprise"NHK Sports Video" in partnership with is also on sale.

Japanese for elementary schoolPenmanship(Including), math, science, and life are published, and for junior high school, Japanese (including penmanship), mathematics, science, and English are published.It used to publish social studies, but withdrew from 1995 to 96 due to a decrease in the number of children and students.

The selected area is the parent company / Tosho Printing FactoryNumazu City[3]Due to the relationship in Shizuoka prefecture (howeverHamamatsu city,IwataSuch asSaien areaIs rarely adopted), and there are also many adopted areas in South Kanto.


  • Mizuumi Shobo


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