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📚 | If you notice the charm of Shotaro Mamiya, you can enjoy more drama and original manga!


If you notice the charm of Shotaro Mamiya, you can enjoy more drama and original manga!

If you write the contents roughly
Mt. Ooyama Seiichiro's "Alibai Breakdown" is a detective story in which Tokino Miya, the young owner of a watch shop, acts as a detective.

Shotaro Mamiya, who plays various roles, is highly regarded as a talented actor.Among the many appearance works, with the original ... → Continue reading


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Mt. Ooyama Seiichiro

Mt. Ooyama Seiichiro(Oyama Seiichirou,1971 -) isJapan OfDetective writer,translator.Saitama蕨 市birth. BoyhoodHiroshima OfFukuyama CitySpend in.Kyoto UniversityBelongs to the detective story study group while attending school[1].Authentic Mystery Writers ClubMember[2].


In 2002, the criminal mystery "She can't kill Patience" was announced on the e-book sales site "e-NOVELS" and attracted attention. In 2004, he made his debut as a novelist with "Alphabet Puzzlers".[1].. The same work is "Authentic Mystery Best 10』\ Ranked 2005th in the 8 edition.

In the "New Century Authentic Short All-Best Ranking" announced in 2011, "She can't kill Patience" ranked 8th, and "Snow on the roof of Kayako" ranked 15th. are doing.

In 2012, "Closed Room Collector" ranked second in the 10 edition of "Authentic Mystery Best 2013". In 2, the 2013th in the same workAuthentic Mystery Grand PrizeReceived (Novel category)[3].

2018,We accept breaking alibiWill be No. 10 in the 2019 edition of "Authentic Mystery Best 1".

List of works



  • Alphabet Puzzlers (October 2004) Tokyo Sogensha Mystery Frontier / September 2013 Sogen detective library)
    • Recorded work: P's delusion / F's accusation / C's will (included only in the paperback edition) / Y's kidnapping
  • Kamen Gensokyoku (June 2006) Shogakukan)
  • Closed room collector (October 2012 Hara Shobo Mystery league / September 2015 Bunshun library)
    • Works: Yanagi-no-en / Closed room for boys and girls / Why the dead fall / Closed room for a reason / Snow on the roof of Kayako
  • Red museum(February 2015 文藝 春秋 / July 2018 Bunharu Bunko)
    • Recorded work: Bread ransom / Revenge diary / Death separates accomplices / Flame / Question leading to death
  • We accept breaking alibi(February 2018 Jitsugyo no Nihonsha / September 2019 Jitsugyo no Nihonsha Bunko)
    • Works: Watchmaker Detective and Stalker Alibi / Watchmaker Detective and Weapon Alibi / Watchmaker Detective and Dead Alibi / Watchmaker Detective and Lost Alibi / Watchmaker Detective and Grandfather's Alibi / Watchmaker Detective and Sanso Alibi / Watchmaker Detective and Download Alibi
  • Watson Power (September 2020) Kobunsha Publishing Co., Ltd.)
    • Works: Prologue / Red Cross / Murder in the Dark Room / Mabel's Rival and Poisoner / Interlude I / Magic on a Snowy Day / Interlude II / Death on the Clouds / Detective Script / Unlucky Criminal / Epilogue


"" Is the work of Mt. Ooyama Seiichiro

  • New full-scale reasoning 03 Riraso's heir(February 2003 Kobunsha library) "Puzzle of St. Dionysius"
  • Authentic Mystery 03 2003 Authentic Short Best Selection (June 2003) Kodansha Novels) "She can't kill Patience"
    • [Renamed] Logic Academy Casebook Full-scale Short Best Selection (January 2007) Kodansha library) "She can't kill Patience"
  • Impossible Crime Collection (June 2009 Hara Shobo Mystery League) "Snow on the roof of Kayako"
  • Ebisukura City Case <1> (January 2010, Tokyo Sogensha Mystery Frontier) "The Case of the Impossible Criminal Officer himself"
    • [Renamed] Pursuing a mystery on a sunny day Gamakura City Incident (December 2014, Sogen Suiri Bunko)
  • Authentic Mystery '10 2010 Authentic Short Best Selection (June 6 Kodansha Novels) "Snow on the roof of Kayako"
    • [Renamed] The Secret of the Frozen Goddess Authentic Short Best Selection (January 2014 Kodansha Bunko)
  • Closed Room Supper (June 2011 Hara Shobo Mystery League) "Closed Room for Boys and Girls"
  • Best Authentic Mystery 2015 (June 2015 Kodansha Novels) "Shinju Romeo and Juliet"
    • [Re-editing / Retitled] Best Authentic Mystery TOP5 Short Masterpiece Selection 001 (December 2018 Kodansha Bunko)
  • Malicious Maze (November 2016 Kobunsha / May 11 Kobunsha Bunko) "Urehi is more than the blue sky"
  • Best Authentic Mystery 2016 (June 2016 Kodansha Novels) "Flame"
  • Fresh THE Donden Return (December 2017) Futaba Bunko) "Three dialogues over the incident"
  • Best Authentic Mystery 2018 (June 2018 Kodansha Novels) "Why faceless corpses have no face"
    • [Re-editing / Retitled] Best Authentic Mystery TOP5 Short Masterpiece Selection 004 (December 2019 Kodansha Bunko)
  • Authentic King 2019 (July 2019 Kodansha Bunko) "Detective Script"
  • Silence Rhapsody Latest Best Mystery (November 2019 Kobunsha) "Three Dialogues Over the Case"
  • Authentic King 2020 (Kodansha Bunko, August 2020) "Watchmaker Detective and Too Many Witnesses Alibi"
  • Super short story!Great twist (February 2021) Shogakkan Library) "Hard and cold"
  • Story for you (March 2021) Kodansha) "Why the stone lantern is red"

Short stories not included in the book

  • <Villain Specialist> Series
    • Romeo and Juliet in my heart (Shinchosha Co., Ltd."Novel Shincho] September 2014)
    • Urehi is better than the blue sky (Shinchosha "Shosetsu Shincho" September 2015 issue)
    • Last photo (Shinchosha "Shosetsu Shincho" September 2018 issue)
    • Aunt's Code (Shinchosha "Shosetsu Shincho" February 2019 Issue)
    • The Passer-Through Man in Room 404 (Shinchosha "Shosetsu Shincho" February 2020 issue)
  • <Red museum> Series 2nd season
    • On the rooftop at dusk (Bungeishunju "Bungei Bungei] September 2016)
    • Divide death by ten (Bungeishunju "Separate volume Bungeishunju" March 2017 issue)
    • Kidnapping in memory (Bungei Shunju "Separate volume Bungei Shunju" November 2017 issue)
    • Lonely suspect (Bungeishunju "All things] September 2020)
  • <Mathematical will> series
    • Mathematical will (Kodansha "Mephisto』2017 VOL.2)
    • Why faceless corpses have no face (Kodansha "Mephisto" 2017 VOL.3)
    • How did the piggybacker piggyback on (Kodansha "Mephisto" 2018 VOL.2)
  • We accept alibi breaks 2
    • Episode 1 Watchmaker Detective and Sinking Car Alibi (Jitsugyo no Nihonsha Web Jay Novel October 2019, 10)
    • Episode 2 Watchmaker Detective and Too Many Witnesses Alibi (Jitsugyo no Nihonsha Web Jay Novel December 2019, 12)
    • Episode 3 Watchmaker Detective and Clan Alibi (Jitsugyo no Nihonsha Web Jay Novel June 2020, 6)
  • Watson power 2
    • A song to the corpses (Kobunsha "Giallo』No.75 2021 MARCH)
  • Other
    • Hard and cold (Shogakukan "STORY BOX] September 2019)
    • Why is the stone lantern red (Kodansha tree serialization project Story for you August 2020, 8)


Visualized work

TV drama

Publication outside Japan

Taiwan (Traditional)

  • Closed room collector (December 2016 White elephant culture) --Closed room collector
  • Red Museum (June 2017 White Elephant Culture) --Red Museum
  • False elephant breaker (April 2020 white elephant culture) --Alibai will be destroyed

China (Simplified)

  • Closed Room Collector (October 2017 Reader Culture) -Closed Room Collector
  • 绝 Opposite Absence Akira (May 2020 Reader Culture) -Alibi will be destroyed
  • Prediction Museum (June 2020 Reader Culture) -Red Museum


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