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👩‍🎤 | Kimetsu no Yaiba, the role of Kamado Shrine Akari Kito shows off her natural shots! "Young Dragon Age" cover & volume ...

Photo "Young Dragon Age VOL.4"

Akari Kito, who plays the role of Kamado Shrine, the blade of devilishness, shows off a natural shot! "Young Dragon Age" cover & volume ...

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Akari Kito who has appeared in popular works such as "Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Club" (role of Omi Beyond).

Voice actor Akari Kito released the quarterly magazine "Young Dragon Age VOL.9" (KADOKA ...) released today on September 28th (Monday). → Continue reading


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Akira Kitou

Akira Kitou(Aki Kitou,1994May 10[5][8][9] -) isJapan OfFemaleVoice actor,singer.. Same real name[1][2].AichiNagoya cityBackground[5][10].profitAffiliation[6].. Record labelPony canyon[7].


From an early age, he was familiar with anime, games, and manga under the influence of his father.In high school, "K-on!] OrNico Nico DougaBelongs to the light music club due to the influence of[11].

As a result of thinking about the path I wanted to take when I was in high school, I thought that I had no choice but to challenge a voice actor, and I also wanted to become big and give back to my family, so I moved to Tokyo after graduation. Entered Profit Voice Actor Training Center[12]..During the training school era2014ToThe invader of Rokujo!Debuted as Maki Aika[11].

After graduating from the training school, since April 2015, Profit associate[13],2019Became a regular member from April.In the same yearMay 10Made a major debut as a singer on his birthday[14].

2019 years,Monthly new typeWon first place in the voice actor award (female) at the "Newtype Anime Award 2018-2019" held by[15].

2021 years,15th Voice Actor AwardWon the Best Supporting Actress Award[16].


Hobbies/special skills include drawing, singing, and hot water cutting[6].. Especially, the paintings are said to be "very good", and there were times when I was wondering if I wanted to become an illustrator.[12]..About hot water drainRamenBecause he has a part-time job experience at a shop, he is also nicknamed "Yukirin".[3].. It is also a famous product of the place of birthSugakiya RamenAlso says that he likes[12].

The ground voice is quite low.At first, he held the complex, but after his debut, the chances of his voice being said to be "very good" increased, and on the contrary, he became more confident.[11].

Television Animation"Welcome to the supremacy classroom』Kubo YurikaSaid, "It looks cool, but I really like people" and "I'm talking to everyone and loved by everyone"[4].. Kito's personality is "My pace[12]It is also a type that you don't want people to hate you[17]", The type that one is not happy[18]I am self-analyzing.I love anime, manga, and games, and admit both myself and othersGeekIs[11].


TaiziIs the main character.

Television Animation


Theater animation


Web anime


  • Cat Ears Saba! (Clotted, Sachi, Shiko[63])

Drama CD

  • No Anime No Life ~ Tower Anime is a shop for you ~ (2015, Female Customer A)
  • A Heartwarming Garden (2018, Camellia)[141][142])
  • 1st Year Class A Monster(2021, Nagisa Okuna)


Digital comic


Audio drama

  • SSSS.GRIDMAN Voice drama (2018, Hass)
  • I love you as a younger sister than her because I love you too much. (2020,Hayakawa Nina[149][150]) --Volume 3 First Edition Book Bonus Serial Code & Animate Limited Bonus Serial Code
  • 31st Princess (2020,Feria[147]) --Novel Volume 5 Bonus QR Code & Comic Volume 2 Bonus QR Code
  • Marriage of Arata Natsume (2020,Shinagawa pearls[148]) --Volume 4 Bonus Serial Code


* IsInternet distribution.

Radio cd

  • Radio CD Re: Stage! ~ Radio no Renshu Vol.1[162]
  • DJ CD "Welcome to radio of supreme ability"[163]

Internet tv

* IsInternet distribution.


  • AnimeJapan2016 Ponyan booth stage 2nd day *Re: Stage! Appeared as a member of


  • My neighbor, Mr. Furi, is really scary (Yoko Furi[169])
  • The child I fell in love with in Okinawa is too dialect and too shiny (Yatake Flying Summer[176])
  • Paradise of Oblivion I Arsenon Awakening (Fluorite[177])
  • Nagoya cityNishi-wardPR video "A town that makes you crazy"[178] --Live-action appearance
  • Goddess Cafe Terrace Comic Volume 1 release commemorative TV commercial/PV (2021,Ono Shirakiku,Phoenix Temple Autumn Leaves,Tsurukawa Akimizu,Tsukishima meteor,Sakuraka Makuzawa[179])

TV program


"Breakfast is important" "Guilt" "Soda taste" (2020, apple-flavored voice, soda-flavored voice[182])
"Hot Breath" (March 2021, 3-) Live-action appearance[183]

Other contents



Release datetitleStandard product numberOricon
Highest rank[194]
Limited EditionAnime boardNormal Edition
1st2019th of February 10Swinging heartPCCG-01833PCCG-01834PCCG-0183511 bit
2nd2020th of February 2Desire AgainPCCG-01869PCCG-01870PCCG-0187114 bit
3rd2020th of February 10Next to youPCCG-01939PCCG-01940PCCG-0194110 bit


Release datetitleStandard product numberOricon
Highest rank[195]
Limited EditionNormal EditionOther
1st2020th of February 6STYLEPCCG-01900PCCG-019017 bit
ミ ニScheduled for December 2021, 8KaleidoscopePCCG-2045PCCG-2046PCCG-2047 (Anime Edition)
SCCG-79 (FC ​​Limited Edition)

Video work

Release datetitleStandard product number
1st2021th of February 3Akari Kito 1st LIVE TOUR "Colorful Closet"PCXP-50816

Tie-up song

dear my distanceTelevision Animation"Superhuman high school students seem to be able to survive in a different world!"Ending theme2019
Desire AgainBS FujiThe ending theme for "Anisong Lovers -Anisong Lovers-"2020
Tiny LightTelevision Animation"Ground bound boy Hanako"Ending theme
Next to youTelevision Animation"Adachi and Shimamura"Ending theme
No ContinueTelevision Animation"Meet and battle in 5 seconds"Opening theme2021

Character song

Release dateProduct NamesongSongRemarks
May 3Startin' My Re:STAGE!!KiRaRe[Member 1]"Start in'My Re:STAGE!!""Re: Stage!] Related songs
May 8Remembers!"Remembers!"
"Angel Yell for you"
May 1Longing for Future SignKiRaRe[Member 1]"Longing Future Sign"
"Promise of summer"
"Re: Stage! ] Related songs
May 5Chiralism"Do it!! PARTY!!"
“Kirai Cray”
"Kururi Rabbi"
May 10Happy materialTouta Konoe (Yuka Takakura), Tokurosaka Kuromaru (Hirose Yuuki), Sakura rain Kirie (Ai Chino), Summer Rin (Yui Ogura), Shinobu Yuki (Ayaka Harada), Yukihiro Mizore (Akira Kitou)"Happy material'Television Animation"UQ HOLDER!-Magic Teacher Negima! 2 ~"Opening theme
"Steady → Go!!"TV animation "UQ HOLDER!" 2 ~] Ending theme
May 11Bon Petite♡S/degraded negative and positive blending considerationsBlend A[Member 2]"Bona Petite♡S "Television Animation"Blend S"Opening theme
"Consideration of blending negative and positive"TV anime "Blend S" ending theme
May 12Oath sensationKiRaRe[Member 1]"Oath sensation"
"Re: Stage! ] Related songs
May 1Blend · S BD · DVD Volume 2 Special CDHinata Kaho (Akira Kitou)"Instant Mermaid"TV anime "Blend S" insert song
"Bona Petite♡S "TV animation "Blend S" related songs
May 1UQ HOLDER!-Magic Teacher Negima! 2 ~ Blu-ray BOX DISC4 Character Song CD[196]Shinobu Yuki (Ayane Harada), Mizore Yukihiro (Akira Kitou)"Love Sensation'TV animation "UQ HOLDER!-Magical teacher Negima! 2 ~" Related songs
May 2Uma Musume Pretty Derby STARTING GATE 08Gold City (Saki Kosaka), Sayung Sky (Akira Kitou), Yukinobidin (Yamamoto hope)"Umapyoi Legend"
game"Uma Musume Pretty Derby] Related songs
Seiun Sky (Akira Kitou)"Kimagure Tuning Heart"
May 4Wiseman's ThemeWiseman[Member 3]"The theme of Wiseman"
"Wiseman's Theme feat. IWAZARU?"
Television Animation"Last Period-The Endless Spiral Story-"Ending theme
"The Wiseman Holiday"Related songs for the TV anime "Last Period-The Endless Spiral Story"
May 5Blend · S BD · DVD Volume 6 Special CDSakuranomiya Strawberry (Aki Waki), Hinata Kaho (Akira Kitou), Hoshikawa Mafuyu (An Haruno), Miu Amano (Atsumi Tanezaki), Hideki Kanzaki (Tokui blue sky)"Bona Petite♡S -Hall staff ver.-"TV animation "Blend S" related songs
Sakuranomiya Strawberry (Waki Azumi), Hinata Kaho (Akira Kitou), Mafuyu Hoshikawa (Anzu Haruno), Miu Amano (Atsumi Tanegasaki), Hideri Kanzaki (Aozora Tokui), Dino (Tomoaki Maeno), Autumn leaves (Suzuki Tatsuhisa), Owner (Tatsuo Suzuki)"Bona Petite♡S -All staff ver.-"TV anime "Blend S" opening theme
May 7Uma Musume Pretty Derby Animation Derby 03 Special Record!/Find My Only WaySpecial Week (Azuki Waki), Silence Suzuka (Marika Takano), Tokai Teio (Machico), vodka (Ayaka Ohashi), Daiwa Scarlet (Kimura Chisaki), Goldship (Ueda Hitomi), White-eye McQueen (Saori Onishi), El Condor Passer (Takahashi Minami), Grass Wonder (Maeda Rena), Sayung Sky (Akira Kitou), King Halo (Iori Saeki), Haru Urara (Shina Shuto), Symbolyldorf (Azusa Tadokoro), Taiki Shuttle (Yuka Otsubo), Air Groove (Aoki Ruriko), Hishiamazon (Yuko Tatsumi), Fujiki Seki (Eriko Matsui), Marzensky (Lynn), T.M.Opera Oh (Tokui Aozora), Biwa Hayahide (Kondo Yui), Naritabrian (Aisaka Yuka), Oguri cap (Tomoya Takayanagi), Super Creek (Kana Yuuki), tamamo cross (Naomi Ozora), Inariwan (Inoue Haruno), Winning ticket (Yui Watanabe), Medillo Ryan (Ashi Haji), White-tailed Dober (Hikari Kubota), nice nature (Maeda Kaori), Aisin Flash (Ayumi Fujino), Machikanefukukitaru (Hiyori Nitta), May Shodo To (Misaki Watada)"Umapyoi Legend"The ending theme for the TV anime "Uma Musume Pretty Derby"
May 8367DaysKiRaRe[Member 1]"367 Days"
"Adventure Traveler"
"Re: Stage! ] Related songs
May 10Uma Musume Pretty Derby Animation Derby 07El Condor Passer (Minami Takahashi), Oguri Cap (Tomoha Takayanagi), Glass Wonder (Rena Maeda), T-M Opera O (Aozora Tokui), Saeun Sky (Akira Kitou), Haru Urara (Shina Suto), Taiki Shuttle (Yuka Otsubo)"Special Record!"TV anime "Uma Musume Pretty Derby" related songs
May 10Seven Star Subaru Blu-ray vol.2 Character Song CDUsui Sakitsuki (Akira Kitou)"Try Again"TV anime "Nanaboshi no Subaru" related songs
May 1Carefree Angels/Happy Happy FriendsWataten☆5[Member 4]"Carefree angels"Television Animation"An angel came down to me!"Opening theme
"Happy Happy Friends"TV animation "An angel came down to me! "Ending theme
May 2An angel came down to me! Character Song Album ~ Tenshi no Uta Goe ~Noa Himesaka(Akira Kitou)"I'm cute ♡ declaration!!!"TV animation "An angel came down to me! ] Related songs
May 3An angel came down to me! BD/DVD Volume 1 Special CDWataten☆5[Member 4]"Sunny Luya!"
Happy TyphoonKiRaRe[Member 1]"Happy Typhoon"
"Stereo life"
"Re: Stage! ] Related songs
May 4An angel came down to me! Sound collectionHinata Hoshino (Rie Nagae), Noa Himesaka (Akira Kitou), Koyane Tanemura (Hitomi Owada), Natsune Onomori (Naomi Ozora)"Angel's Look Prologue"TV animation "An angel came down to me! "Insert song
Hinata Hoshino (Rika Nagae), Noa Himesaka (Akira Kitou)"Sweet shop in love"
Shirasaki flower (Fingering), Hinata Hoshino (Rika Nagae), Noa Himesaka (Akira Kitou)"Heart to inherit"
Shirasaki Hana (Ringa Idashi), Hinata Hoshino (Rika Nagae), Noa Himesaka (Akira Kitou), Koi Tanemura (Hitomi Owada), Natsune Onomori (Naomi Ohzora)"Angel's Look Epilogue"
May 4Hyakka RyoranKiyomitsu Kashu (Yuki Kuwahara), Binori Sword (Marika Takano), Tamiji Kitsugasaki (Yumena Taniguchi), Year XNUMX Armor Sword (Akira Kitou)"GO DIVE!"game"Tenka Hyakuken -Zan-] Related songs
May 4An angel came down to me! BD/DVD Volume 2 Special CDWataten☆5[Member 4]"GO!GO!GO!"TV animation "An angel came down to me! ] Related songs
May 5A solitary monologueIchiri Bocchi (Morishita Chisaki), Nako Sunao (Miumi Tanaka), Honjo Al (Akira Kitou), Sotoka Rakiter (Yuko Kurose)"Alone monologue"Television Animation"Alone life ○○"Opening theme
Honjo Al (Akira Kitou)"Don't let Al dazzle Al"Inserted song for TV animation "Hitotsubocchi no OO Life"
Hey, go with me.Ichiri Bocci (Chisasaki Morishita), Nako Sunao (Mimi Tanaka), Al Honjo (Akira Kitou), Sotoka Rakiter (Yuko Kurose)"Bakusho Bocchi Juku School Song"The ending theme for the TV animation "Hitotsubocchi no OO Life"
May 7Don't think, smile!!KiRaRe[Member 1]"Don't think, Smile!!"Television Animation"Re: Stage! Dream Days ♪"Opening theme
"Longing Future Sign (Piano Strings Arrange)"TV animation "Re: Stage! Dream Days ♪” related song
May 8Town corner Tangent / good town Cantale[197]shami momo[Member 5]"Machikado Tangent"Television Animation"Town Kadomazoku"Opening theme
Colo town Kad[Member 6]"Good town cantale"The ending theme for the TV anime "Machikadomazoku"
May 8Blooming, Blooming!/RocketSayuki Tsukisaka(Akira Kitou)"rocket"TV animation "Re: Stage! Dream Days ♪” related song
May 8Alone life ○○ life BD ・ DVD Volume 2 bonus CDHonjo Al (Akira Kitou)"Alone monologue"Related song for TV animation "Hitotsubocchi no OO Life"
May 10DRe: AMERKiRaRe[Member 1]"Kirameki Future"
TV animation "Re: Stage! Dream Days♪” Insert Song
DRe:AMER KiRaRe board Kaname bonus CDShikimiya Maina (Amane Makino), Satsuki Tsukisaka (Akira Kitou)"Mirai Key Note"
Re: Stage! Dream Days ♪ BD/DVD Vol.1 Kaname Special CDKiRaRe[Member 1]"Oath sensation -4sk Remix-"
"Happy Typhoon -DJ WILDPARTY Remix-"
TV animation "Re: Stage! Dream Days ♪” related song
May 10Re: Stage! Dream Days ♪ BD/DVD Vol.2 Kaname Special CD"Start in'My Re:STAGE!! -KO3 Remix-"
"Don't think, Smile!! -PSYQUI Remix-"
May 11Gorgeous dream girlsReimu Hakurei(Akira Kitou), Marisa Kirisame (Minami Iinuma)"Gorgeous dreamy girls"game"Toho Cannonball] Theme song
May 12SSSS.GRIDMAN BEST ALBUMNamiko (Mimori Suzuko), Hass (Akira Kitou)"Oh! My Hero!"Television Animation"SSSS.GRIDMAN] Related songs
May 9An angel came down to me! Comics Volume 8 Special Edition Special Edition CDWataten☆5[Member 4]"Infinity Happiness COMIC ver."TV animation "An angel came down to me! ] Related songs
May 10Koi no Uta (feat. Tsukasa Yuzaki)[Note 1]Yunomi feat. Tsukasa Yuzaki (Akira Kitou)"Love song"Television Animation"Tonikaku Kawaii"Opening theme
May 10The day i met youAdachi (Akira Kitou) Toshimamura (Miki Ito)"The day I met you"Television Animation"Adachi and Shimamura"Opening theme
"Merry-go-round"Insert song for TV anime "Adachi and Shimamura"
May 11Delicious Smile!Wataten☆5[Member 4]"Delicious Smile!"
"Infinite Happiness"
"Sweets Sweets Party!"
"Special coordination!"
TV animation "An angel came down to me! ] Related songs
Noa Himesaka(Akira Kitou)"Come on! Little Devil Angel"
May 12Chain of DreamKiRaRe[Member 1]"We Remember""Re: Stage! ] Related songs
May 3Re: STAGE! THE BESTRe: STAGE! ALL IDOL[Member 7]"We play the four seasons !!""Re: Stage! ] Related songs
Uma Musume Pretty Derby WINNING LIVE 01Special Week (Azumi Waki), Tokai Teio (Machico), Narita Brian (Rika Kinugawa), Symboli Rudolf (Azusa Tadokoro), Seiun Sky (Akira Kitou), Agnes Tachyon (Sumire Uesaka), Machikane Fukukita (Hiyori Nitta), Mr C B (Yurina Amami)"Winning the soul (Game Size)"Songs related to the game "Uma Musume Pretty Derby"
May 3Warnder World -Wonder World-Kawasaki Tsubasa (Akira Kitou)"Fate or future"Radio drama "Warnder World" ending theme
May 3Uma Musume Pretty Derby Season 2 ANIMATION DERBY Season 2 vol.3 Original Sound TrackMihonoburubon (Ikumi Hasegawa), Sayung Sky (Akira Kitou), Agnes Tachyon (Sumire Uesaka), T M Opera O (Sora Tokui), Air Shakur (Minami Tsuda), Gold Ship (Hitomi Ueda), Narita Taishin (Keiko Watanabe)"Enjoy and Join"OVA "Uma Musume Pretty Derby" ending theme
Special Week (Azumi Waki), Silence Suzuka (Marika Takano), Tokai Teio (Machico), Vodka (Ayaka Ohashi), Daiwa Scarlet (Chisa Kimura), Gold Ship (Hitomi Ueda), Mejiro McQueen (Saori Onishi), Symboli Rudolf (Azusa Tadokoro) , Nice Nature (Kaori Maeda), Twin Turbo (Miharu Hanai), Ikuno Dictus (Tazawa Mayumi), Matikane Tannhoiza (Tono Hikaru), Mejiro Palmer (Noguchi Yuri), Daitaku Helios (Aya Yamane), Mihono Bourbon (Ikumi Hasegawa), Rice Shower (Manaka Iwami), Biwa Hayahide (Yui Kondo), Narita Taishin (Keiko Watanabe), Winning Ticket (Yui Watanabe), Kitasan Black (Princess Yano Naki), Satono Diamond (Tachibana Hina), Maruzensky (Lynn), Mayano Top Gun (Mio Hoshitani), Hishikebono (Matsuzaki), Air Groove (Ruriko Aoki), Machikane Fukukita (Hiyori Nitta), Meisho Doto (Misaki Watada), Seiun Sky (Akira Kitou), Grass Wonder (Rena Maeda), El Condor Pasa (Minami Takahashi), Sakura Bakushin O (Sachika Misawa), Mejiro Ryan (Afumi Hashi), Mejiro Dobel (Hikari Kubota), Narita Brian (Rika Kinukawa)"Umapyoi Densetsu (TV Size)"Television Animation"Uma Musume Pretty Derby Season 2"Ending theme
May 6Umayon mini albumSpecial Week (Azumi Waki), Grass Wonder (Rena Maeda), El Condor Pasa (Minami Takahashi), Sayung Sky (Akira Kitou), King Halo (Iori Saeki)"Pyoito ♪ Haruya!"Television Animation"Umayon] Theme song
Supernatural love phenomenonMystery kiss[Member 8]"Namima KISS (Indies ver.)"Television Animation"Odd taxi"Insert song
Yuki Mitsuya (Akira Kitou)"KISS in the waves"TV anime "Odd Taxi" related songs
May 83rd EVENT WINNING DREAM STAGE Solo Vocal Tracks Vol.1Seiun Sky (Akira Kitou)"Winning the soul (Game Size)"Songs related to the game "Uma Musume Pretty Derby"


one man live

Appearance datetitleVenue
May 2020-June 9, 22Akari Kito 1st LIVE TOUR Colorful Closet

Joint live

Appearance datetitleVenueRemarks
2019th of February 10ANIMAX MUSIX 2019 KOBE supported by SKY PerfecTV!Kobe World Memorial Hall(Hyogo)Secret appearance


Magazine serialization

Photo album


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