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📚 | Jun Shison x Masaki Okada "The Night Beyond the Window" is scary and erotic!


Jun Shison x Masaki Okada "The Night Beyond the Sankaku Window" is scary and erotic!

If you write the contents roughly
The main character, Kosuke Mikado, was 24 years old working as a bookstore clerk, and he could see spiritual things from an early age.

There are works that I know are scary, but I can't stop turning pages.The manga "The Night Beyond the Window" ... → Continue reading


This is a medium in which celebrities such as idols and artists and experts in various fields publish articles introducing "recommended books" in an attempt to create encounters with books that have never been "touched".
Since full-scale operation from October 2016, the number of users has steadily increased, and now
・About 800 million PV per month
・About 260 million UU/month
And, it has grown as a media that can be used by many people.

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