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👩‍🎤 | Anna Yamada & Mayu Yamaguchi W starring movie "Jukaimura", release date & new scene photo lifted!

Photo ©2021 “Kimura” Production Committee

Anna Yamada & Mayu Yamaguchi W starring movie "Jukaimura", release date & new scene photo lifted!

If you write the contents roughly
When I was looking for the next village on the official movie Twitter, "Jukaimura" was ranked high.

[Click here for images] The movie "Jukaimura" has announced the release date and new scene photos.The release date will be February 2021, 2 (Friday) ... → Continue reading


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Jukai Village

"Jukai Village(Jukaimura, English title:SUICIDE FOREST VILLAGE) Is2021May 2PublicJapan Ofhorror film[1].


"Inunaki VillageThis is the second work in the "Actual Record! Horror Village Series" that follows, and it is rumored that "Once you enter, you cannot live out."Fuji Tree SeaIs set in.The director follows "Inunaki Village"Takashi Shimizu, StarringAnna YamadaとMayu Yamaguchi[2][3].



ス タ ッ フ


"Monthly Comic Gene(KADOKAWA) was serialized from the December 2020 issue to the March 12 issue.[5][6]..The drawing is Yuto.

  • Yuto (manga), Daisuke Hosaka, Takashi Shimizu (screenplay) "Jukaimura" KADOKAWA <MF Comics Gene Series>, released on February 2021, 2[7],ISBN 978-4-04-680150-0

Local reaction

Regarding the shooting, shooting at Aokigahara Jukai said that "it may promote suicide"YamanashiRejected from[8],ShizuokaFujinomiya city,Susono CityMade in[8]..Jukai was shot at the Juriki Plateau in Susono City, the house where the curse box "Kotori Bako" was found was a villa in the city, and the hospital scene was shot at the City Health and Welfare Hall.[8].

Yamanashi Prefecture later said that it did not affirm the content, but it cooperated with public relations activities.[8][9].


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