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👩‍🎤 | BiS releases live video of "Telephone" from the first video work!

Photo BiS releases live video of "Telephone" from the first video work!

BiS releases live video of "Telephone" from the first video work!

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Please be sure to check the LAWSON-TICKET / ZAIKO and Ticket Pia "PIA LIVE STREAM" official websites before purchasing.

[Click here for images] BiS's first video work "HEART-SHAPED BiS ..." to be released on October 10th. → Continue reading


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Ticket Pia

Ticket PiaIs a book / magazine publisher, service industryPia CorporationOperated byPlay guideIs a major brand of.


Pia Corporation started the ticket agency business1984.. The companyTokyoVarious events such as sports, movies, plays, music concerts, etc. in conjunction with the town information magazine "Pia" (later "Recommended! Pia / Metropolitan area version", which is currently closed) published in the metropolitan area. In addition to expanding admission tickets to terminals throughout the Tokyo metropolitan area, the membership system "PIA Card" (currently "Pia Premium Member"), which gives purchasers special benefits, has also started.

After that, as the town information magazine Pia expanded nationwide, the ticket sales business began to expand nationwide.1993Developed an online ticket reservation system "P code" using a touch-tone telephone line. You can now purchase tickets more smoothly. NowadaysインターネットOnline reservation ("Electronic Ticket Pia") usingconvenience store(FamilyMart[1],Circle K Thanks,Seven-Eleven[2]), And evenMobile phoneWe are also advancing efforts aimed at integrating multimedia and tickets, such as conducting an electronic ticket business using.

2007から2008During the year-end and New Year holidays, the electronic ticket Pia system was shut down and repaired. It was scheduled to start operation from January 1, but due to a problem, it was restored on January 2. As a result of the event organizer refraining from using this bug, Pia's management was hit hard, and in May 1, about 5 out of 2008 employees were forced to restructure to seek voluntary retirement.

2012Than"J LeagueBecame an official ticket partner.

2013ThanSCRAPSponsored mystery solving event "Real escape game』Kyushu district box office consignment is undertaken by the regional subsidiary Ticket Pia Kyushu.

Sales location

In addition to online sales, we also sell stores with the Pia mark such as Seven-Eleven, and accept by navi dial. Internet sales are closed every Tuesday and Wednesday before dawn due to maintenance.

In the Kanto region, for a while,MaruiThere was a time when a franchise tie-up was formed with a department store and the play guide business, which had been treated as "Marui Ticket" until then, was developed as "Marui Ticket Pia".

Characteristic service


Pre-reserve as soon as possible


Pia card member precedent

Ticket guard

On August 2011, 8, Pia Co., Ltd.Millea MondialIn partnership with a wholly owned subsidiary of a joint-stock company, it announced that it will start the service of unused ticket cost compensation insurance "Ticket Guard" for the first time in Japan in mid-September 100. (Pia Co., Ltd. becomes a small-amount short-term insurance agency of Ticket Guard Small-amount Short-term Insurance Co., Ltd.)

Unused tickets for event ticket purchasers who purchased at Ticket Pia when the event cannot be viewed due to certain reasons such as emergency, sudden illness, or the influence of transportation by paying insurance premiums according to the face value of the ticket. The ticket price will be compensated only for. (Compensation conditions and amounts are set according to the reason. Except for some events held outside the Kinki region 2 prefectures and 4 prefectures.)[3]

Sponsored programs

■Dragons HOT StudioTerminal stage (Super SaturdaySponsored by (included in), the flowing CM is a ticket sales guide for the Chunichi-sponsored game handled by Pia.

注 釈

  1. ^ Long time agoSaison GroupBecause it was related toTicket SaisonWas in partnership with. It will be the successor to the Ticket Saison in June 2010.E +The partnership with FamilyMart and Ticket PIATO ended at the end of May 2010 due to the resumption of the partnership withUni Family Mart HoldingsAs a result of joining the company, the partnership has been resumed only for the converted portion of Circle K Sunkus. After that, in November 2016 after the merger, it announced that it has agreed to restart the partnership with Ticket Piato, including the stores that were originally operating at Famima stores, but the partnership with Ticket Piato will start from some time. Is being adjusted (already in partnership with eplus) ("Ticket Pia" to Famima again to Uni and integrated machine (November 2016, 11 Nihon Keizai Shimbun)
  2. ^ Seven-Eleven is2009When we formed a tie-up with Circle K Sunkus, we canceled the tie-up and changed it to an e-plus tie-up, but in June 2010 we also resumed the ticket-piato tie-up and currently handle two play guides in parallel. ing.
  3. ^ PIATO ticket guard is the first in Japan! Event ticket insurance service started-Fully compensated for tickets canceled due to urgent need or illness-(Ticket Pia Press Release, August 2011, 8)

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