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🐈 | [Can Do] Halloween ☆ The 100 yen "pet cloak and headgear" is cute!

Photo Source: Living Hyogo Web

[Can Do] Halloween ☆ The 100 yen "pet cloak and headgear" is cute!

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Kirito Bimarugo ☆ I'm a fashionable yokey who lives in the Tokyo Bay area.

With the 100-yen "Can Do" pet Halloween costume "Can Do" as early as the "Pet Halloween" cloak ... → Continue reading

 Living Hyogo Web

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Yorkshire terrier

Yorkshire terrier(Yorkshire Terrier) Is a small petdogone of.しばしばoftenYorkyCalled.

History and overview of dog breeds

Mid-19th centuryThe United Kingdom OfYorkshireIt was created to catch rats that are ruining workers' homes in rural industrial areas. It was named "Broken Haired Scotch or Yorkshire Terrier" in 1862, but it was too long to be called the Yorkshire Terrier. British in 1886Kennel clubIt is a relatively new breed of dog certified by.Wise and brave, but lonely alone. In the late 1800sAmericaFirst landing.Long time agoAustralian terrier,Australian Silky TerrierConfused with, no unified standard breed was established until 1932 when the breeding of these three breeds was banned.

Japan Kennel Club Among the dog breeds officially recognized by (JKC)チ ワ ワIt is the second smallest breed of dog, and many individuals weigh only about 2-3 kg even when they grow up.This breed isManchester terrier,Skye terrier, An extinct speciesPaisley Terrier(Paisley Terrier),MalteseIt is an improved breed of various dog breeds, and often due to various factors such as the short history of dog breeds and unstable pedigree, 7kilogram Large individuals up to (kg) can be seen.FCIWeighing less than 2 kg and more than 3.1 kg are not approved.Average height 28Centimeter At (cm), the tail is originally long, but most are about 3 cm shortly after birth.

Hair as a child, but as it growsgold,silverIt is also called a "moving jewel" because of its beautiful silky hair that changes its coat color about 7 times.The standard is a full coat where the coat reaches the ground.In daily life, wrapping is often used to wrap the ends of the hair in paper to prevent the hair from fraying, and many domestic dogs who are not aware of the appearance of the show cut short summer cuts.

According to a survey of the number of registrations in Japan by JKC, it is a popular dog breed that is not affected by the epidemic and has maintained the 1970rd-1th place, although it has not been the 3st place since the 6s.

Health precautions

Common to many small dogs,Patella dislocation,Hydrocephalus,Diabetes mellitus,Tracheal collapseIs often seen.When asking, it is advisable to confirm the presence or absence of a genetic disease by pedigree.Many individuals have congenital weak bones, and in particular, deformities may be seen in the lower limbs.Tooth decay,Periodontal diseaseIt is easy to get sick and has bad breath.

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