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📷 | "Tokudane" Tomoaki Ogura, personal opinion on dangerous driving of the elderly "Is that the problem?"


"Tokudane" Tomoaki Ogura, personal opinion on dangerous driving of the elderly "Is that the problem?"

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Ripples are occurring over the remarks of program MC Tomoaki Ogura.

Tomoaki Ogura said a word in response to the appearance of a passenger car traveling on the "Tokudane" sidewalk.The content is causing ripples. Broadcast on the 14th ... → Continue reading


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Tomoaki Ogura

Tomoaki Ogura(Ogura Tomoaki, 19475/25 -) isJapan OfFree announcer,talent,chairperson,Radio personality.. ExChannel 12 in Tokyo (currently TV Tokyo)[Note 1]announcer.heightIs 173 cm.WeightIs 75 kg.Hobbies and special skillsGolf.TokyoNerima-kuLives in.married.FormerOK productionDirector and nowAll roundBelong to.



Imperial OilWith his father who was an engineer[2],KagoshimaUnder the mother of origin[3], Akita Prefecture, where my father was assigned at that time[4] Born in[Note 2]..When I was in the second or third grade of elementary schoolTokyo-ShinjukuMoved to Akita from the 4th grade of elementary school.After entering junior high school, I moved to Tokyo again[4].. GrandfatherMiya carpenter[5].

Born in Umegaoka Junior High School, Setagaya Ward. He grew up under his father's policy of "strengthening his body rather than studying to make more friends," and has loved sports since he was a kid.for that reasonAthleticsI was absorbed in just extending the record ofphysical educationOnly jumped through, the others were mediocre.I have won the Setagaya Ward Tournament on land[4].Chuo University Senior High SchoolThen belong to the track and field club[2].. In high school100m runI also set a record of 10 seconds 9[6]..One day, when I heard that my father came to school to ask, "If I quit the track and field club, should I quit the school?", This led me to do my best in both study and track and field.[4]..As it is when going to universityChuo UniversityI was supposed to go on toSpanishI want to learn "[Note 3][5]Also, I didn't go to Chuo University because "a senior who hated the track and field club went there".Sophia UniversityI took the exam but failed.FinallyDokkyo UniversityI went on to the French Department of the Faculty of Foreign Studies[2]..After belonging to the track and field club at Dokkyo University and participating in the track and field competition, from the Tokyo Metropolitan Athletics FederationNational bodyI have been notified of participation[2]..However, the university track and field club retired in two years.Injured leg and at that timebandIt is said that he was able to earn enough from the activity.In the bandvocalとベ ーIn charge of[2], The rooftop of a department storebeer gardenでビ ー ト ル ズI was doing a part-time job playing the song[5]..From an early ageStutteringBecause I am bothered by Akita and I am from AkitaAccentIt was terrible, and he later took up the position of announcer because he decided to make speaking a job in order to overcome stuttering.[2].

Tokyo 12 channel announcer

In the announcer examNippon Cultural Broadcasting, Inc.Is the first selection,Fuji Television Network, IncFails in the final selection[2]..Finally Tokyo channel 12[Note 1] Joined the company as an announcer.The deciding factor for passing the entrance exam is that the subject of the free talk exam was horse racing (also because Tokyo Channel 12 at that time seemed to want a horse racing announcer).[7]..When I was in high schoolTokyoFuchu-shiBy living in[7] Since I was racing horses from that time, I was familiar with horse racing, soHorse racing』Active as a live announcer, every Saturday afternoon wide program"The Longest ShowI was in charge of the horse racing broadcast in[Note 4]..I had recognized Kokura's ability for a long timeYamashiro ShingoChaired byMonopoly! Man's timeWas also appointed[8]..It was said that horse racing fans even said, "If it's a horse racing broadcast, Kokura."

However, the fact that he was promoted earlier than the surroundings as a horse racing commentary announcer and that he taught junior horse racing commentary techniques was disappointing from the staff and colleague announcers at that time.[Note 5]In addition, over the appearance in "Exclusive! Man's Time" which was also listed in the top of "Worst Program" while being a popular program at that time[Note 6], Will cause a collision with the upper layer.

Free announcer turnover

Ohashi KyosenBut"Ohashi Kyosen's Sunday Horse Racing Nippon』(Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc.) Decided to appoint Kokura to start, and left Tokyo Channel 29 at the age of 12 in the form of riding a Kyosen scout.[7], Belonged to Ohashi Kyosen Office (currently OK Production) as a freelance announcer.At this time with my ex-wifedivorcedid.After I became a freelancer, I couldn't get a job, didn't ring, and didn't fly.About that time, Ogura continued to say, "Taxes are commonplace, child support and utility bills have been delinquent," and "pawn shops and second-hand bookstores really helped me." Electricity, gas, and water were stopped, and train fare. I couldn't pay, I walked home to the apartment, and in order to pay for the train fare, I struck up a second-hand bookstore before the store opened and sold books for cash.[5].. "Because my ex-wife's father is a scholar and it costs money to publish a book."[Note 7]I even borrowed money from a colleague for reasons such as "for a child's finger surgery"[5]..Occasionally, my dad gave me food on the doorknob of my apartment, overcoming hunger.[5]. Also,salaryBecause the advance borrowing was commonplace, "VanceWas nicknamed "Kokura"[4].

After that, TV TOKYO's "Tamiya RC Car Grand PrixThe light and unique narration (self-proclaimed "Ogura's older brother") attracted the attention of elementary and junior high school students.Hiroshi Ogawa ShowReporter, "Eye game』(Fuji Television Network, Inc) Or “The whole world HOW match』(Every day broadcasting) Is a turning point. In "RC Car Grand Prix" and "HOW Match", he was known for his high-pitched voice and quick and stylish narration.The catchphrase at that time was "Narrator with seven-colored voice."

It also stands out as a radio personality.Nippon Cultural Broadcasting, Inc."I'm really worried about 11 o'clock" ( 1984 - 1987), "What time is the clock hand of Tomoaki Ogura now?" (1987- 1991), "Tomoaki Ogura's News Attack], [Tomoaki Ogura's Sunset Attackle』( 1992 --1999), and appeared on weekday band wide programs for a long time.

For a while after turning freePublic competitionWe are working on the actual race of the race, besides horse racingJapanese Championship Auto Race(10th, 13th),36th Japan Keirin ChampionshipI am in charge of the actual situation.

As a general moderator

He was praised for his radio personality and said, "catch』(Nippon TV, 1989 - 1992), "Not Jordan !?"(Fuji Television Network, Inc, 1992 - 1993), "What's going on ?!"(Fuji Television Network, Inc, 1993 - 1999) Such asWide showHe was appointed as the general moderator one after another, and steadily solidified his foothold.

And 1999"" Started in AprilInformation presenter Tokudane!』(Fuji TV) was appointed as the general moderator, and secured the position as the moderator.In 1970, when he was looking for a job, Fuji Television was his first choice, and when he joined the company, he said he wanted to be in charge of a morning wide show at the time of the interview, but he failed."The wishes of 28 years have come true"Said at the press conference at the start of the program.[9].

Of "Tokudane!"Back programwas"Hanamaru Market』(TBS), Because I couldn't appear 2000"Hanamaru Market," which was aired at midnight as a sister programUramaru Cafe』(TBS) guest appearanceHirohide YakumaruPlaying a talk co-star with.

The counterprogram of "Tokudane!"Asaichi』(NHK general TV) Is strongly conscious. Served as the first caster of "Asaichi"Working Yumiko(OriginalNHKI sometimes meet with the announcer at a concert, but he says he doesn't speak much.Ogura saw working as a rival[10]..Kokura broadcasts on May 2017, 5 on NHK General TV "Your nameAfter proclaiming that he was a rival, he sent a letter to Ogura saying, "I am honored to say that I am a rival."Ogura decorates this letter as a treasure[11][12].

As the general moderator of "Tokudane!", NHK's "Tokudane!"Continuous tv novelI'm dissatisfied with the reorganization that moved the broadcast time from 8:15 to 8:XNUMX[13].

marathonI have a deep knowledge ofFuji TV seriesMarathon broadcast (Hokkaido,Osaka-NagoyaWith both girlsTokyo, AndInternational Chiba Ekiden) Guest and cheerleader is appearing in double.

According to Sagoooo Works' "Morning face that I don't want to see from the morning" (100 people survey), I got 50 votes, which is just half, and won the first place.The reasons why I don't want to see it are, "It's unpleasant to say from the top that looks great. I think this person doesn't want to see it all day long, let alone from the morning.", "Know how much you hate yourself. Is there a bad personality in the foreground? "[14].. In the 2016 "VenusTap" survey of 500 married women nationwide, "Who is the host of the information program you hate?"Shinobu SakagamiBecame the 1st place with a big difference[15].

May 2016, 5, earlyBladder CancerWill be announced and will be rested for one week for surgery from May 5th of the following week.[16].. Surgery on the 17th, discharge on the 21st, and return to the program on the 23rd[17].

On July 2016, 7, "Tokudane!" Was broadcast 28 times, and the same moderator nationwide.Information programAchieved the highest number of broadcasts as[9].

In "Tokudane!" Broadcast on November 2018, 11, he reported that he would take a rest for the whole week and revealed that he would undergo total cystectomy for bladder cancer.[18].. Return once on November 11th[19].. In "Tokudane!" Broadcast on November 11, it was revealed that a long-term rest will be started from the following 26th to perform total cystectomy.[20].

Private life

"Tokudane!" Broadcast on August 2020, 8. From the talk with his mother's age, "My mother is 7 years old ...", it is calculated that Mr. Ogura, who was 88 years old at the time of broadcasting, was born at the age of 73.

1976At the time of his free transition, Kokura had a large amount of debt and divorced his first wife.[Note 8].. At the age of 38, he remarried a woman 15 years younger (current wife was a female college student at the time and married at the same time as graduating from college).He has a child with his first wife, but no child with his current wife.

Professional baseball-Saitama Seibu LionsIs a big fan ofKiyohara KazuhiroI'm also a fan of.Seibu DomeI'm buying a season seat. In 2009, he participated in the opening ceremony of the opening game of the base.Professional baseballClimax seriesIt is a negative idea for (CS).

Management related

In addition to serving as a director of the former OK Production, Tomoaki Ogura's original brand "O-GLAND" is also sold, and the trading company "Biotechnica" is engaged in goods planning, sales, and import / export. Serves as the representative director of.

Kyosen Ohashi advised that "talents are disposable, so start a business so that you can live even if you throw them away". In addition to the above, you also run a yakiniku restaurant in Hokkaido.Ishikari-gunTobetsu TownRamen shop "Nakamura" inGoodwillI have them do it, and I also invested and became the owner[21],Current,NakanosakaueとWaikikiIs open in[4](The Nakano Sakaue store has closed the ramen shop on the first floor and expanded the yakiniku restaurant with the same name upstairs downstairs).

Sometimes I run a yakiniku restaurant myself,Foods ForusHappenedYukkebyFood poisoningRegarding the incident, "more than a person who eats yakiniku and dies of poisoningPuffer fishI think there are more people who die from poison in the year, "he said, disagreeing with the restrictions on the handling of raw meat.HoweverMinistry of Health, Labor and WelfareAnnouncement[22] According to the report, from 15 to 21, the annual number of deaths from food poisoning caused by blowfish poisoning was 3 or less.[Note 9].


Blood Type

His blood type is B, but since he was a child, his parents told him that he was type A, so he assumed that he was type A until he was 40 years old and was found to be type B.


19975Broadcast on TBS TVI want to know that』(The time when the announcer was taken up),Dream is the live performance of the OlympicsHe said. 2000Sydney OlympicsTake a bullet tour and watch the game[2].. In 2008Beijing OlympicsThen, he was dispatched from Fuji TV to watch the game live in the field, watched 25 of the 24 medals that Japan won live, and saw all the gold medals live.[23].

1964 OfTokyo OlympicsI served as a torchbearer (second year high school student, Tokyo)Fuchu-shi)[24].

Wearing a wig

WigBeing a wearer is at lectures, etc.coming outAlready done[25]。講演などではカツラを外すこともあるが、テレビやラジオで取り立てて言うことではないとして、皆分かっていることという姿勢を貫いている。

"Weekly Bunshun』Has been featured twice in the article about wigs, and the second time, Ogura praised him, saying," You asked the same question 2 years ago. "

2002, "Weekly Bunshun" January 1 issue "Sawako Agawa"I want to meet this person" and about wearing a wig "I haven't hidden it, everyone knows it" "I don't have any misalignment, I don't have long or short hair. I'm not a total wig That's why (laughs). Most of them are my own hair. "" I go to the hairdresser once a month to cut my hair, and I'm not wearing a wig. "

2003, Opening of "Tokudane!" (Same year3/28There was a video saying that the wig was removed when I greeted him on the air.Tokyo SportsIt became a hot topic to the extent that it appeared on one side.It never came off during the live broadcast, and was modified by the video creator.

Contact lenses and cataract surgery

Mostly at workcontact lensBecause I wear it, it tends to get hot when it comes to talking about it.However, on April 2012, 4, both eyes白内障He recently revealed that he had undergone surgery and says that he has now recovered his eyesight to 1.5 with the naked eye.[26].


Anime song singer OfIchiro MizukiIs a junior high school classmate, and he has also worked as a manzai together. Guest appearance on "Tomoaki Ogura's Radio Circuit" (Nippon Broadcasting System) broadcast on December 2010, 12, and held an alumni talk.[27].. Broadcast on October 2011, 10, "Come on!?When Ichiro Mizuki made a guest appearance on (Fuji TV), he talked about an episode of his junior high school days with Tomoaki Ogura.[28].


An actor OfHagiwara fashionIs a friendpacific saury no Manma(May 1998, 5), two people have made guest appearances[29]..Hagiwara, who died in a traffic accident the day before at Tokudane on April 2015, 4, said, "I'm very shocked. I was a friend of his little entertainment world. So early this morning, I joined hands in front of his house. I wouldn't be able to tell him about his accident in this way ... "[30].

Hikaru HidakaHe had a long relationship with him, and Hidaka once hosted the wedding ceremony in Kokura. At the ending of "Tokudane!" Broadcast on April 2018, 4, he touched on Hidaka's obituary and made a memorial comment.[31].

Abuse, rant, etc.

Abuse to Uehara who transferred to major

April 2009, 4 During the broadcast of "Tokudane!"Baltimore OriolesTransferred toKoji UeharaIn the scene where the pitcher's first pitch was being broadcast, he tweeted abusive words, "I think Uehara wasn't able to direct for one season (last season?)."[32]At the opening on the next 10th, he said, "The giant didn't put it out. That's why it got a little rotten." He said, "Baltimore made a very cheap purchase."[33].

Relationship with the dark society

In "Tokudane!", Which appeared on August 2011, 8, he made a statement that he would accept the dark society.Online bulletin boardMany criticisms were received for[34].. On August 8, I apologized on the same program that I was sorry for making a misunderstanding after explaining[35].. OnceNational Police AgencyI was the chief of the gangster countermeasures sectionMember of the House of Councilors OfJiro OnoAsked for an apology and dismissal of the program, saying that Kokura's remarks were inappropriate[36].

Remarks that discriminate against patients with ulcerative colitis

2012In the broadcast of "Tokudane!" On September 9, "Ulcerative colitis(There are more than 11 patients nationwideMinistry of Health, Labor and WelfareDesignated intractable disease[37]) Deterioration 20079/12Resigned toShinzo Abe(Prime MinisterResigned due to illness in the first period)LDP presidential electionAbout running, co-starMasako TanakaSaid, "How to quit .... I quit because I had a stomachache in a year ...", and Ogura said, "(Abe's resignation due to illness in 1). I think he was a little like a child, "he said, followed by Tanaka," That's right, that's right. "Kokura and TanakaMinistry of Health, Labor and WelfareDesignated"Intractable disease"Some people like to get sick" for making misleading and discriminatory remarks about ulcerative colitis as a mere "abdominal pain" for all patients with ulcerative colitis. There were a series of criticisms and doubts such as "Is it an intractable disease and some people are suffering from it?" "I have mixed feelings with the same illness."[38][39]..On October 10st of the same year, the program broadcast, "Now, I would like to apologize here. Last Thursday, when I touched on the physical condition of the new president of the Liberal Democratic Party, Abe, it was an intractable disease called ulcerative colitis. Nevertheless, I made an inappropriate expression. Of course, I did not intend to hurt those who suffer from illness. I apologize for the inconvenience.Amatatsu!I apologized without mentioning Abe.[40].

Report of views on corporal punishment

J-CAST TV Watch wrote in an article distributed on January 2013, 1, regarding the problem that a student belonging to the basketball club of Osaka City Sakuranomiya High School committed suicide, "Tomoaki Ogura, who has a family word for sports, told such commentators. By comparison, it seems to be a "discipline-oriented" group.Keisa strongly emphasized the significance of victory-oriented principle, saying, "Aiming to win is useful for personality formation." "I can't do it," he said, showing a certain appeasement attitude. "[41].

Lady GagaAbuse against

At the "Tokudane!" Overseas news corner on December 2014, 12, Gaga introduced the strange costumes that Gaga showed in the past with VTR.Ogura said with a frightened face, "You should change your name. Lady Baga."Gaga fans and some viewers are uncomfortable with this.On the internet, there were voices such as "'Tokudane!' Is ridiculing Gaga," "I want you to apologize to Kokura," and "Is Kokura so great?"[42].

Tetsuro ShojiFunding for

In "Weekly Bunshun" (September 2016, 9 issue)StimulantRegarding the case where Ogura was reported to have funded Shoji, who was arrested on suspicion of violating the control law (possession), he said, "It was hard ... I was sadder than my cancer announcement."[43].

 Insensitive remarks to co-stars

At "Tokudane" on September 2020, 9, during the special feature on HSP, he said "Is it a liar?" To the co-stars who corresponded to a part of the checklist, and criticisms are occurring frequently mainly on SNS.


When I was a studentClay shooting,SkiThere was a time when I was good at[6].

AVHe has a deep knowledge of relationships. AudiophileIt is known as, and the quota for oneself is to watch three CDs and one DVD every day.Also at homeHokkaidoOwns an AV room inTHXTo credit the markHome theaterThis is the first time in Japan that an individual is allowed.Because I'm an audiophileAkihabaraI often go toAkihabara Radio KaikanWhen it was decided to close the radio hall, I wrote about the memories of the Radio Kaikan.Also, he says he has four HD machines.[44][45].

Before 60 years old ( 2006As a hobbydrumA drum set is installed at home.The pattern of this room is 200711/23It was introduced in the special feature of the father band of the broadcast "Tokudane!", And other musical instruments such as guitars are also placed. 20084/239 years old on the broadcast "Tokudane!"jazzdrummer,Tiger OnitsukaWas introduced to make his major debut today, and when he performed live in the studio, he announced that he was playing drums.In addition, on January 2012, 1Nippon TVWas broadcast onWorld's No. 1 SHOW Time-You decide the gala-So the originalCassiopeiaDrummer,Jimbo AkiraRevealed that it was a "self-proclaimed chase", Jimbo appeared at his request and performed the drums.[46].

Business magazine "Weekly Toyo Keizai], The column "Golf Zammai" is serialized once a month.
20089/26In "Tomoaki Ogura's Weekly! Enter Meister" of "Tokudane!"Progressive rockSaid that he likes[47]..In addition, he made a live guest appearance at the same corner on the same day.Paul AnkaSeems to have heard in his youth and is hugging early[47].

In addition,Singer-songwriter OfAyakaHe is also a fan of, and professes to be a self-proclaimed "dad."While Ayaka is inactive, 20109/20Ayaka's husbandAn actor OfHiro MizushimaIs devoted to writing activities, so the agencyKenne[Note 10]When the media reported that he was leaving the company and retiring from the actor business, Ayaka told Ogura that Mizushima intends to continue the actor business along with writing activities, and the two are confused by false reports. Ogura sent an e-mail with a taste and the contents of this e-mail23 DayPublished in the broadcast "Tokudane!"[48]..In addition, the media reporting Mizushima's retirement was that Ayaka was still affiliated with Ken-On as of September 2010, 9, but in the email sent by Ayaka to Kokura, it was the last before the suspension of activities. It became a stage 200912/31 OfNHK"The 60th NHK Red and White Singing BattleIt turned out that he had left Ken-On after the end, and that it was actually as stated in Ayaka's email.

Other,WaTI was close to him and co-starred in the programstormI have an exchange with them and go to their live performances.

When he appeared in "Gogo Nama," he revealed that he was checking each station's information program in the afternoon, and said, "Each has its own personality and is interesting."[49].

Current appearance program

Regular program

Irregular / single program

In addition, of Fuji TVPress special program,Documentary programMany appearances in etc.


Internet broadcasting

  • Weekly Tomoaki Ogura ~ The person in charge is great! ~ (Bee TV)

Past appearance programs

tv set





  • UDON(2006) (Opening scene of "Tokudane!" Introducing the Sanuki udon boom in the play)

TV drama

ア ニ メ ー シ ョ ン

Horse Racing GI Class Race Live History

Tokyo 12 channel era


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