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📷 | A shrine is set up in the corona wreck, where a coin thief appears on a worship camera, Nagoya

Photo The coin box of Wakeoe Shrine where tens of thousands of yen were stolen = 13th, Nagoya City

A shrine is set up in the corona wreck, where a coin thief appears on a worship camera, Nagoya

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A camera for online worship installed at Wakeoe Shrine.

A turtle was set up for online worship after an incident in which tens of thousands of yen were stolen from a coin box at a shrine in Nagoya this month ... → Continue reading

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Betsuko Shrine

Betsuko Shrine(Shinto shrine)AichiNagoya cityKitaYasuiSettle in XNUMX-chomeShrine.


Enki ceremony god name bookToOwariYamada DistrictWakeoe Shrine, XNUMXrd place according to the home country god name book Wakeoe Tenjin and a certain ceremony[1].

Originally about 300 meters from your current location in Tohoku[Source required]It was in Senbonsugi,Tensho12 years( 1584)Nobuo OdaWas relocated to the present place by the order of[1].

In the Edo period, it was called "Rokusho Myojin"

Settled near the south bank of the Shonai River.The name of Betsukoe probably means a branch of the river.

The date of its founding is unknown, but it is said that what was originally enshrined in a place called Senbonsugi was relocated to the present location by the order of Nobukatsu Oda in 12.In the first year of the Meiji era, the name was changed to Oe Shrine by Shikinaisha.

1945(ShowaIt was burnt down in an air raid (20 years), 1966Revived in (Showa 41)[1].

Special note

As a guardian deity of children and a god of longevityOriginatorIt is a shrine that is highly revered by Oda, Toyotomi, and Tokugawa, including Tameyoshigo.[1]..The couple cedar in the precincts is a natural monument[1],It is a historical scenic spot in Nagoya City[Source required].In the precinctsNagoya CastleWhen building the castleKiyomasa KatoThere is a stone used for the Kiyomasa Bridge that was built over the Inaoki Highway[Source required].

Precincts end company

Hachiman Shrine, Hi Shrine, Kotohira Shrine, Ontakesha Shrine, Tsushima Shrine



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