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📷 | Smart AI camera capable of efficient video confirmation and congestion analysis such as intruder notification


A smart AI camera that enables efficient video confirmation and congestion analysis such as intruder notifications

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In addition, we plan to provide a function that can be used for marketing of restaurants and retail stores by estimating the gender and age of visitors with AI, and a function that visualizes the flow line with a heat map and is useful for changing the layout inside the store. are doing.

On October 10, Softbank will guard stores and offices, detect unauthorized cash register operations early, manage congestion and temperature and humidity, etc. → Continue reading

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Heat map

Heat map(British: heat map, heatmap) Is 2D data (queue) Individual valuesColorExpressed as a shadeVisualizationGraphIt is a kind of.Next to the fractal chartTree diagramWith, depending on the variablehierarchyIt may be color-coded in the same way to express the value.


Although the heatmap itself has been in use since at least the 19th century[1], The term heat map 1991To the designerCormac KinneyByFinancial marketA two-dimensional display of information商標It is a term when registered and created as[2].


There are various types.

  • A web heat map is a tool that visualizes user behavior such as clicks and scrolls on web pages and content of interest.Visualize user behavior with shades of color like thermography.[4]
  • TaxiWhen allocating a taxi, the area where taxi demand is expected and the height of demand are displayed in real time on a map in shades of color.[5]
  • The rental heat map is a map that independently analyzes the access log of users who are searching for rental properties and makes it possible to visually grasp the level of rental demand on the map.[6].
  • Molecular biologyIn the field,DNA microarrayMany specimens obtained from, for example, of different parts細胞Or used to compare gene expression levels between samples from different patients).
  • A tree diagram is a 2D hierarchical division of data similar to a heat map.
  • A mosaic plot is a tiled heat map that shows table data in two or more dimensions.Similar to the tree diagram, the rectangular areas are arranged hierarchically.This means that the area is rectangular rather than square. Friendly (2) investigates the history and usage of this graph.
  • Density function visualization is a heat map for expressing the density of dots on a map.This makes it possible to perceive the density of points regardless of the magnification. Perrot et al (2015) proposes a method of using density functions to visualize billions or billions of dots using a big data infrastructure using Spark and Hadoop.[7].

Color scheme

Many differentColor schemeThere are examples of use, and each illustration has its own perceptual advantages and disadvantages.The rainbow is frequently used because it can use multiple color tones compared to monochrome and can be color-blinded in the image even if the hierarchy is increased arbitrarily, but it is deprecated in the scientific community for the following reasons. There are many things.[8][9][10][11]

  • grayscaleAnd in the blackbody spectrum, the order cannot be perceived.
  • A typical color-coded diagram (like the "jet" used by most visualization software as a default) has a monochrome display orPrintThere is an uncontrollable change in brightness that prevents conversion.It also makes the yellow and cyan color gamuts more noticeable than the actual most important data gamuts, distracting attention to the subject data.
  • In many cases, changes between tones make the actual tones less noticeable, leading to the recognition of non-existent tones.In the case of iridescent, the difference is not emphasized, but rather vaguely perceived.

Difference from the choropleth map

There is a choropleth map as a similar object, and the choropleth map is a map in which the amount is expressed by coloring within the boundary, and the heat map is not limited to the map.

Software implementation

R language,PythonThere are packages and modules that make drawing easier.

An example


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