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📚 | Kohei Matsushita on the cover of "Aera"

Photograph image is "aera" (June 2020, 10 issue)

Kohei Matsushita on the cover of "Aera"

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Mitsui Fudosan, Shiseido, Fujifilm, Toyota Motor, Yahoo, and other companies with completely different industries and history have adopted the "target university" ...

"Aera" (October 10, 17 issue) released on October 2020 is a serial drama "# Re ..." that depicts the love pattern after Corona. → Continue reading

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FUJIFILM Holdings > Fujifilm

FUJIFILM Corporation(Fuji film,British: FUJIFILM Corporation) Is a Japanese precision chemical manufacturer.カメラ,Digital camera, GeneralXRAYPhoto / movie filmからPhotographic paper(Printing), developing equipment, etc.写真A set of systems,CopierSuch asOA equipmentIn addition to display film materials, printing plates, printing systems, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, etc.Cosmetics,healthy foodAnd also manufactures and sells high-performance chemicals.

Abbreviations are "Fujifilm", "Fuji", "Fuji", etc.The head office isTokyoMinato-kuThere are two places in.Tokyo MidtownWith the head officeNishiazabuhead office(Takagi Town), The registered head office is in the latter.


The official company name is "FujifuLeeRum ". "FujifuI"Lum"Typographical errorAnd, "I" is not written in small letters.In the photography industryKiYaNonIt is well known along with ("Cannon" is a typographical error, "Ya" is not written in small letters, but the reading is "CatNon "[Annotation 1]).In addition, regarding reading and pronunciation, in the case of our company, "Fu"LeeIt is the pronunciation of "rum"HoarsenessDo not use[2].

Although the company name "Fuji" is attached, it is a corporate affiliate.Fuyo GroupNot Mitsui & Co., Daicel, etc.Mitsui GroupMonday party and group social gathering that belong toTsunamachi Mitsui ClubTo join[3],or,Sojitz-Nisshin Steel-Tokuyama-Kansai paintTogether withFormer Iwai ZaibatsuIs a corporate group ofWinning party groupIs forming[4]..Major banksSumitomo Mitsui Banking CorporationとYokohama BankThe Bank of Yokohama is playing a role in maintaining the status of the number one regional bank in Japan.

2006(18)10/1ToHolding companyShifted to the system, the old Fuji Photo FilmFUJIFILM HoldingsA business company that becomes a joint-stock company and takes over the company's businessFUJIFILM CorporationWas newly established with FUJIFILM under the umbrella of FUJIFILM Holdings.Fuji XeroxIt became a system to put.Taking this opportunity, the CI logo mark was changed and it was used for many years.FUJIThe combination mark of "" is abolished.Romaji "FUJIFILM”Is arranged, and the I part of FUJI is arranged in two colors, red and black, to show the attitude of challenging new fields other than the film and photography business.[Annotation 2].

In addition, we celebrated the 80th anniversary of our founding. 2014(26)1/20Fujifilm Group, including the company[Annotation 3]Corporate used insloganAsValue from InnovationWas enacted[5].

2015(27)5/11, US Medical IT System Manufacturer TeraMedica, Inc. (Headquarters: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA,Terra Medica) Was completed and newly started as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Fujifilm Group.[6].


Photographic film

Photograph film in Japan has the top share.1960 eraからNew Year's HolidayAt that time, he developed a TV commercial called "Let's take a picture of the New Year" (in recent years, in addition to video-related products, in-house cosmetics and health foods, which will be described later, are also being sold in this frame).

However, as the digitization of cameras progressed, the demand for film fell, and 2009In January, photographic film sales fell below 1% of company-wide sales.[7].

2012(24)9For the screening of movies that have been going on for many yearsPositive filmAnd announced that it will discontinue production for photography.


In the camera field 1948(23)4Spring camera releasedFujika Six IA"In the beginning 1957(32)5Leica format compact camera "Fujika 35M1957 (Showa 32)9"Fujipet" 1970(45)7Leica format single-lens reflex camera "Fujika ST-701" 1986(61) In April, a 4 x 6 cm format single-lens reflex camera that can be automated and can use tiltingFuji GX680 Professional"Film with lens(Disposable camera) "It’s a photo shoot"Instant camera checkWe have sold various cameras in various formats from beginners to professionals.

Digital cameraEven in the age of, there are FinePix series and BIGJOB series.Super CCD Honeycomb"Honeycomb structure OfCCD image sensorIs developing.Also,OlympusIn collaboration withxD picture cardWas developed and used as a recording medium for its own products (the products as of 2015 areSD memory cardUnified).

1960 - 70 eraIs8 mm filmWe were producing cameras for use.After that, 8mm film declinedVideo cameraWhen it became mainstream, the Fujix-8 series8mm videocamera(SonyfromOEM(Supply) was also sold.

In 2011, in the digital camera business, which had been struggling due to low price competition, the "Finepix X10" digital camera, which has a single focus but has an actual selling price of over 100 yen, was released.This was a hit, and the route was changed to the premium digital camera "FUJIFILM X" series. In 2014, the digital camera business achieved profitability[8].


lensIt is also a manufacturer and sells lenses for large format cameras and lenses for enlargement.It is also the first in Japan to calculate the lens curve.ComputerIsFUJIC(DevelopersBunji Okazaki) Was developed.

But, 2005(17) 2006In (18), the photographic film business was reduced and it is promoting its entry into other fields. 2008According to the company's quarterly report (20) and others, we are continuing to try to utilize the technology cultivated by photographic film in the above-mentioned liquid crystal displays and medical fields (images, inspection equipment, etc.).Liquid crystal displayUsed forPolarizing layer protective film(Fujitac) boasts an 80% share of the world market (the rest)Konica Minolta).


2008からCosmeticsFull-scale entry into the business and commercialsMiyuki Nakajima,Seiko MatsudaTwo big musicians were appointed.Not the existing photo-related, department stores, drug stores, and other cosmetics sales channelsTv shopping,News (Chinese)Advertising etc.Mail orderCurrently, by mail orderhealthy foodWe are also expanding into the business.


2018Pharmaceutical company OfToyama Chemical IndustryMade a wholly owned subsidiaryFujifilm Toyama ChemicalCompany name changed to. 2020,New coronavirus infectionAs a remedy forAvigan"ofClinical trialIs implemented in each country.

cassette tape

Since 1960ToshibaIn collaboration with (formerly Tokyo Shibaura Electric)Open reelOf typeMagnetic tapeSold in 1969Compact cassetteFor sale. For high-performance music such as F series, FX series, range series, etc.Normal position, High-position and metal-position cassette tapes were on sale (by the way)Audio equipmentManufacturer'spioneerFor a while,OEMHas experience in supplying),Sony,Hitachi Maxell,TDKIn 3, we focused on junior high school students who started using cassette tapes in order to compete with the three major manufacturers.AXIAA new compact cassette was manufactured and sold under the brand.Yuki SaitoIt became a popular brand after that due to the CM effect of.

2006, cassette tapes, andvideo tape,DVD-R / DVD-RW,CD-R / CD-RW,THAT,Mini discAnd batteries (with the Fujifilm brand)EnergizerWithdrew from manufacturing with).

However, commercial magnetic tape (LTOEtc.) of various databackupDemand is high for use, and the occupancy rate of Japanese companies including Fujifilm is high.[9][10][11].


  • Headquarters (Minato-ku, Tokyo)
  • 工場
    • Kanagawa Factory Ashigara Site (KanagawaMinamiashigara city, Registered head office before the holding company structure)
    • Kanagawa Factory Odawara Site (Kanagawa Prefecture)Odawara city)
    • Fujinomiya Factory (ShizuokaFujinomiya city)
    • Yoshida Kita Factory (Haibara-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture)Yoshida Town, FUJIFILM Opt Materials Co., Ltd.)
    • Yoshida Minami Factory (Yoshida Town, Haibara District, Shizuoka Prefecture)
    • Kyushu Factory (KumamotoKikuchiKikuyo, Fujifilm Kyushu Co., Ltd.)
  • Research Institute / Technology Development Center
    • Advanced Core Technology Research Institute (Minamiashigara City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Ashigarakami District, Kanagawa Prefecture)Kaisei town)
    • Institute of Organic Synthetic Chemistry (Minamiashigara City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Kaisei Town, Ashigarakami District, Kanagawa Prefecture, Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Yoshida Town, Haibara District, Shizuoka Prefecture)
    • Advanced Marking Research Institute (Minamiashigara City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Kaisei Town, Ashigarakami District, Kanagawa Prefecture, Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka Prefecture)
    • Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Research Institute (Kaisei-cho, Ashigarakami-gun, Kanagawa)
    • Analytical Technology Center (Minamiashigara City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Kaisei Town, Ashigarakami County, Kanagawa Prefecture, Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Yoshida Town, Harahara County, Shizuoka Prefecture)
    • Production Technology Center (Minamiashigara City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Kaisei Town, Ashigara Ue County, Kanagawa Prefecture, Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Yoshida Town, Harahara County, Shizuoka Prefecture,MiyagiKurokawaYamato Town)
    • Image Technology Center (Minato-ku, Tokyo, Kaisei-cho, Ashigarakami-gun, Kanagawa)
    • Medical System Development Center (Minamiashigara City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Kaisei Town, Ashigarakami District, Kanagawa Prefecture, Minato Ward, Tokyo,SaitamaSaitama)
    • Optical / Electronic Video Product Development Center (Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture)
    • Flat Panel Display Materials Research Institute (Minamiashigara City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Yoshida Town, Haibara District, Shizuoka Prefecture)
    • Recording Media Research Institute (Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture)
    • Electronics Materials Research Laboratories (Yoshida Town, Haibara District, Shizuoka Prefecture)
    • Informatics Research Institute (Kaisei-cho, Ashigarakami-gun, Kanagawa)
    • High Performance Materials Research Institute (Kaisei Town, Ashigarakami District, Kanagawa Prefecture)
    • Regenerative Medicine Research Institute (Kaisei Town, Ashigarakami District, Kanagawa Prefecture)


Operation and maintenance of the in-house system of the own group
FUJIFILM Imaging Systems (FFIS)
Providing services related to images and information for business use
FUJIFILM Electronics Materials (FFEM)
Manufacture and sale of photoresists and semiconductor process materials
FUJIFILM Engineering (FEC)
Development, design, manufacture, sale, installation, repair and maintenance, consulting, technical guidance and education services for production or R & D buildings, facilities, equipment, equipment and systems
Manufacturing of optical devices
FUJIFILM Opt Materials (FOM)
Liquid crystal displayProduction of materials
Fuji Film Kyushu (FFQ)
Production of materials for liquid crystal displays
FUJIFILM Global Graphic Systems (FFGS)
Sales of printing materials and equipment
Fuji Film Shizuoka (FFSH)
Manufacture, processing and sale of photographic photosensitive materials, papers, printing plate making materials, functional film materials, and plastic films
Japan Tissue Engineering
Regenerative medicineDevelopment, manufacturing and sales of products and related products
Celtrust Animal Therapeutics
Development and provision of advanced medical technology for animals (pets) centered on regenerative medicine
Fuji Film Software (FFS)
Equipment software, digital imaging solution services, IT services
Fuji Film Techno Service (FFTS)
After-sales service for digital cameras, film cameras, etc., technical support for cameras and media-related services
FUJIFILM Techno Products (FFTP)
Medical, photographic, printing, physics and chemistry, information system equipment, other manufacturing and precision component processing
FUJIFILM Digital Press (FFDP)
Domestic sales and marketing of inkjet digital press
Fujifilm Toyama Chemical (FFTC)
Research, development, manufacturing, sales, export and import of pharmaceuticals and related equipment. With FUJIFILM RI Pharma in October 2018Toyama Chemical IndustryEstablished by the integration of.
FUJIFILM Photo Manufacturing (FPM)
Photosensitive materials, instant films, plate making materials for printing,Touch panelFilm, in-vitro diagnostic agent,Cosmetics-supplementMaterial production
FUJIFILM Healthcare Laboratory (FFHC)
Sale of functional foods and functional cosmetics
Manufacture, processing and sales of CDs and DVDs, development and sales of copy protection and security products related to recording media, data recovery services for various recording media
FUJIFILM Media Manufacturing (FFMA)
Magnetic tapeProduction of
Sale of medical diagnostic products
AnimalClinical examinationContract, sale of inspection and diagnostic materials for animals
FUJIFILM Logistics (FFL)
Logistics management / packaging and packaging
FUJIFILM Wako Pure Chemical (FFWK)
reagent, Manufacture and sale of chemical products and clinical test reagents. Established in April 2018 through the integration of Wako Pure Chemical Industries and Fujifilm Fine Chemicals, and in April 4.IS Japan(OriginallyJXTG energyWas made into a subsidiary in June 2018).
N & F Techno Service
Comprehensive maintenance service for installation, maintenance and inspection of photo finishing equipment and systems, and sales of related parts, software and products (Noritsu Precision (Noritsu Precision)Noritsu KokiWith a XNUMX-XNUMX investment with an affiliated company)Joint Venture)
Kyowa Kirin Fujifilm Biologics
Development, manufacture and sale of biosimilar drugs (Kyowa Hakko KirinA XNUMX-XNUMX joint venture with

Internet related business

Business conducted by FUJIFILM itself

  • FUJIFILM Web Photography Museum & Shop-A website that displays and sells the works of well-known photographers and excellent amateur photographs.
  • Keitai Picture --A mobile ASP service that converts and distributes images used on mobile sites according to the model of each mobile phone.

Subsidiary and in-house venture business

  • Media Picks-A service that prints and delivers photos taken with mobile phones with advertisements.

TV commercial


TV program

Fuji Television Network, Incsystem

  • Now



Nippon TVsystem

TV Asahisystem


Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.system

Kansai TV




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注 釈

  1. ^ Shachihata,KewpieAnd so on
  2. ^ However, the conventional Fujicolor brand logo is still being used.
  3. ^ Excludes Fuji Xerox.


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