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👍 | "SOS button" has been echoing one after another ... "Options I want you to add to your life" "Does your seat fly?"


"SOS button" echoes one after another ... "Options I want you to add to your life" "Does your seat fly?"

If you write the contents roughly
It's possible that this SOS button could help eradicate such malicious tilting driving.

(* The image is an image) The "SOS button" is installed in new models and is rapidly becoming popular.The button is driving ... → Continue reading

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Tilting driving

Tilting driving(Aori Unten) runs on the roadAutomobile,Motorcycle,bicycleAgainst the surroundingsdriverWhile driving for some reason or purposeFanAn act that causes a traffic danger on the road.


"Road rage" refers to the act of extremely reducing the distance between vehicles or shifting the width while driving a car or the like.[1].

Tail gating and road rage

In English, the act of flirting just behind another car is Tailgating.Width adjustment). Tailgate is the door at the rear of the truck (loading platform), which is a verb.[2].

In addition, a brake test (brake test) is to apply a sudden brake for the purpose of interfering with the following vehicle.en: Brake test) Or Brake check[3].

On the other hand, road rage, which means rage on the street (en: Road rageThere is also the word)[2]..This is the driverAutomobileTake extreme retaliation by getting angry at interrupts and overtaking while driving.However, there are cases where not only automobiles but also those who drive light vehicles such as bicycles cause road rage.

The Japanese word "road rage" used to mean tailgating,Tomei Expressway couple death accidentSince it was reported in the media, there have been some cases where the word "road rage" is used to refer to road rage.


People tend to be upset when driving a car.A car is like armor that moves the way you want, and it makes you feel great because it's a space you're protected from (unless it's an open car).Therefore, it is said that feelings of anger are likely to appear even in trivial matters when things do not go according to one's wishes.This is why it is often said that "holding the steering wheel changes your personality."[4][5].

In addition, there is also a point that it is easy to drive impulsively due to the driver's misconception that "personal information cannot be identified by the car number".[6]..Studies have shown that riding a large, high-profile or luxury car can easily lead to the illusion that you have become a luxury car, and some drivers become upset and aggressive.Vehicles that are customized with a large number of stickers and ornaments are also particularly prone to road rage.[7][8].

Shiga Prefectural Police 2017Analysis from the cases detected after that shows that the Aoru side is characterized by "short temper" and "strong desire for self-revealing".[9].

Most of the actions you take when you feel angryHornHowever, some people commit crimes such as stopping the opponent's car, threatening it, or dragging it out of the car and assaulting it.

Main causes of road rage[10]

  • Fan
  • interrupt
  • Horn
  • Sudden braking
  • Being overtaken by a car smaller than you
  • Low speed driving in the overtaking lane
  • Gaze ("Cancer")


Legal issues of road rage

In addition to forcing a vehicle traveling in front to give way, it may narrow the distance between vehicles and make an abnormal approach.Horn,passing, Chasing, sudden braking after unreasonable interruption,Width adjustmentOr intimidate the other party by swearing, etc.harassmentAnd the act of revenge.

Road rageDangerous drivingIt is classified as one of the above, and if the other party is killed or injured due to dangerous driving, even if it is a minor injury[Note 1]Dangerous driving fatal injuryIs applied and imprisoned for up to 20 years (up to 30 years with weight), and the driver's license has a basic score of 45-62 points and the license revocation / disqualification period is 5-10 years.Administrative sanctionsWill receive.Purposely(OrRecklessness) If you killed a personMurderIs applied,Death penaltyAlternatively, he may be sentenced to imprisonment for life or five years or more.Also, intentionallyWidth adjustmentIf you doAssault crimeAsCaseMay be done[11].

The act of significantly approaching the vehicle in front without keeping a safe distance isRoad Traffic LawCorresponds to non-retention of inter-vehicle distance prohibited by Article 26[Note 2].highwayAs a criminal punishment for non-maintaining inter-vehicle distance inImprisonmentOr 5 yenfine, 9 yen for a regular carFoul money, The basic score will be 2 points, and for non-maintaining the distance between vehicles on general roads, a fine of 5 yen as a criminal penalty, a fine of 6 yen for a regular car, and a basic score of 1 point will be applied.[12][13][14][15].

On the other hand, regarding accidents caused by road rage, the car in front of the car also caused an accident by running at an abnormally high speed, not holding between cars, and forcibly interrupting without blinking the turn signal. There is still a situationEmergency evacuationDoes not hold. 2013Sapporo High CourtThe statement states that "just because a vehicle is driven by a trailing vehicle does not mean that the crime of overspeeding the vehicle in front of the vehicle that has continued to travel at an abnormally high speed is an emergency evacuation" (described later). Case).

Punishment by the Road Traffic Act (obstructive driving)

The revised Road Traffic Act punishes acts related to road rage (obstructive driving)201th Diet・ Approved on June 2020, 2 (Reiwa 6), promulgated on the same day, and enforced on June 2[16][17][18].

The revised Road Traffic Act states that "passage of other vehicles, etc."to disturb"Purpose" and "Traffic on the road to the other vehicle, etc."Cause dangerBy "possible methods"DeliberatelyAll drivers who did the following (non-motorized vehicle, Including tram drivers) are subject to punishment. (At the time of performing the target act that meets the above requirements, a crime will be established even if an accident resulting in injury or death does not actually occur: described later)

  • Violation of traffic classification (Article 17, Paragraph 4)- Reverse run(Including illegal right side protrusion), illegalRoadside belt-SidewalkTraffic
  • Sudden brakingProhibition violation (Article 24) -So-called "brake test"
  • Non-holding (Article 26) -So-called "tail gating"
  • Violation of ban on changing course (Article 26-2) --Interference due to changing course ahead[Note 3]
  • OvertakingViolation (Article 28, Paragraphs 1 and 4) --Overtaking on the left side[Note 4], Violation of safety obligations
  • Violation of obligations such as dimming (Article 52, Paragraph 2) --ExcessiveHigh beamAnd relentlesspassingな ど
  • Violation of restrictions on the use of bicycles (Article 54, Paragraph 2)[Note 5] --RelentlesslyHornActs such as ringing
  • Violation of safe driving obligation (Article 70) --Comprehensive provisions[Note 6]
  • Minimum speedViolation (Article 75-4)[Note 7]
  • National expressways, etc.StationStopViolation (Article 75-8, Paragraph 1)[Note 8]

The penalty is "Highway national roadandMotorwayIn the case of "stopping another car and causing other significant traffic dangers"[Note 9]Is punished by imprisonment with work for not more than 5 years or a fine of not more than 100 million yen, and is subject to administrative sanctions for a driver's license (basic score of 35 points) as "obstructive driving (significant traffic danger)".Other applicable acts will be punished by imprisonment with work for not more than 3 years or a fine of not more than 50 yen, and will be "obstructive driving (risk of traffic danger)" (basic score 25 points).

In addition, the bicycle driver who performed the target act must be 3 years old or older who violated twice within 2 years.Bicycle driver trainingMandatory[19][20]..The main "dangerous behavior" of tilting a bicycle is[21][19] :

  • Reverse run
  • Width adjustment, meandering operation
  • Diversion
  • Unnecessary sudden braking
  • Ring the bell relentlessly
  • Non-maintenance of inter-vehicle distance
  • Change course, such as jumping out into the oncoming lane
  • Overtaking violation

Incidentally,Dangerous driving fatal injuryThe obstructive driving fatal injury is similar to the above-mentioned obstructive driving crime of the Road Traffic Act, but this is a regulation established after 2001 (Heisei 13) and mainly obstructs the passage of other people and vehicles. For the purpose, if you enter in front of a moving vehicle and approach other passing people or vehicles significantly, and thus injure another person, you will be punished as a felony (see the same item for details).


In 2019, the number of violations of the Road Traffic Act (non-maintaining inter-vehicle distance) related to "road rage" in Japan was 1.[22]..Police are tightening crackdowns on road rage, and the number of cases caught has more than doubled compared to 2017.Of these, more than 2% were caught on highways, and 9 cases were subject to the criminal law.

Characteristics of the perpetrator

According to the results of the National Police Agency's analysis of 2019 cases of malicious tilting driving caught in the two years until 2,

  • 96% are men
  • 78% have no passengers
  • 27% are in their 40s (most in teens per 10 license holders)

Met[23]..The most common reason for driving on the road was "interfered with the progress", followed by "interrupted and overtaken", but according to the National Police Agency, half of those reasons were unilateral beliefs of the perpetrators. ..

Damage experience

Zurich insuranceAccording to the "2020 Road Rage Survey", 70.4% of drivers have experience of driving on the road.[24]..Of these, 78.5% said that they were "provoked to bring the car closer and run faster", and the second place was "closer the car and pulled closer" (2%).[Note 10]At the same time, there are many acts of "approaching the vehicle body" in the tilting operation.In addition, more than half of the victims were light vehicles, and small vehicles tended to be easily driven.Teens were the most victims per 10 license holders[23].

Accidents and incidents caused by road rage, their judgments, etc.

  • May 2013, 5 --Because I was driven by a following car on the national highway in Kimobetsu Town, Shiribeshi, Hokkaido 29 km / hThe Sapporo High Court abandoned the Sapporo District Court ruling that an emergency evacuation of the criminal law would be established for the driver of the vehicle in front who drove at (maximum speed 60 km / h), and sentenced him to a fine (no commutation).In this ruling, a judge (usually a collegial system of three people) ruled that "I was able to go through the roadside belt, etc." and said that emergency evacuation would not be possible due to a large overspeed.[25]
  • June 2017, 6 --"Tomei High Speed ​​Couple Fatal Accident" - KanagawaAshigarakami DistrictOi town OfTomei ExpresswayOn the down line, a large truck crashed into a wagon that was parked in the overtaking lane, killing a couple in the wagon and injuring a total of four people, including their two daughters.right beforeNakai parking areaOn October 10th of the same year, the man said that he had stopped due to a road rage caused by a man who was in trouble.Car driving punishment lawArrested on suspicion of violation (manslaughter)[26], 201812/14To横 浜 地方 裁判 所To a manDangerous driving fatal injurySent 18 years in prison[27]..In addition, it is clear that this man is driving on a regular basis, and even two months after the incident, he was driving on another car.[28].
  • January 2018-Kanagawa Prefecture横 浜 市Hodogaya Ward OfYokohama Yokosuka Road(National Route 16 OfPayMotorway) On the down line South KoreaA 52-year-old man is 1.7 kmOverGarbage truckThe garbage truck rolled over, and a 35-year-old man who was driving the garbage truck injured his neck.men areDangerous driving injuryArrested on suspicion, but denies allegations[29].
  • October 2018, 7- OsakaSakai CitySouth wardIn, a car crashed into a motorcycle and killed a man on the motorcycle.The man who was driving the car was arrested for the current offense of violating the Car Driving Penalty Act (accidental driving injury), but was re-arrested on the 4th of the same month on suspicion of murder and violation of the Road Traffic Act (hit and run).It is unusual for murder charges to be applied in road rage[30]..The man denied his murderous intentions, but it was recorded in the drive recorder of his car that he relentlessly chased the motorcycle and said "Yes, it's over" after the collision.[31].. July 2019, 1,Judge trialJudgment,Osaka District CourtHeld at the Sakai branch, the presiding judgeMurderAnd sentenced to 16 years in prison[32].. On February 2019, 2, the defendant dissatisfied with the 4st trial decision,Osaka High CourtToAppealHowever, the Osaka High Court upheld the first-instance decision and dismissed the appeal.[33]..Defendant dissatisfied with appeal decisionSupreme CourtHowever, on July 2020, 7, the Supreme Court found an unnecessarily intentional murderous intention and dismissed the appeal.[34]..A civil trial was also held in the case, and on July 2020, 7, the Sakai Branch of the Osaka District Court ordered the defendant to pay damages of approximately 31 million yen.[35].
  • October 2019, 8- Ibaraki OfJoban Expressway OfMoriya service areaA man and a woman were forced to stop after repeating the road rage on a car running in front of them, and even after the man injured the driver who was damaged by the road rage, he relentlessly hit the car, and the woman on board An incident occurred in which a man was laughing at hitting a victim and shooting with a mobile phone[36][37]..Also, this vehicle will be on July 7ShizuokaFor multiple vehicles on the open road, three hours laterAichi OfShin-Tomei ExpresswayIt seems that they are the same offender because they are driving on the truck and the license plates are the same.[38]..The vehicle that was driven in a tilted manner was a rental vehicle owned by a dealer in Kanagawa Prefecture, and was rented to a man in his 40s in the self-proclaimed real estate business living in Shizuoka Prefecture, and was returned on August 8, but was returned. It is discovered that the man is not the man himself but an agent who claims to be an employee of a self-proclaimed man's company, and the man did not return the vehicle even when the return deadline was reached and caused trouble with the dealer[39]..In addition, the vehicle has scratches that appear to have been made during the road rage.[40]In the case of Aichi prefecture, the damaged truck was ambushed at the high-speed exit.[Note 11]In addition, in the case of Shizuoka prefecture, it was found that the vehicle was driving at 60 km / h, which greatly exceeds the maximum speed of 120 km / h.[41]..The Ibaraki Prefectural Police seized the vehicle used for the crime, determined from the video of the drive recorder that the man who rented the vehicle and the man who assaulted were the same person, and requested an arrest warrant for the man on suspicion of injury.[42][43]..The Ibaraki Prefectural Police wanted a man nationwide because the men and women tried to escape.And on the 18th, while men and women were hiding in Osaka prefecture, a man was arrested by the Osaka Prefectural Police on suspicion of injury and a woman on suspicion of concealing the criminal and concealing the criminal.[44][37]..In addition, it was newly found that the vehicle used for the crime traveled more than 20 km in 2,000 days.[45]..mensSocial MediaThe wrecked car was posted in, claiming that it was hit by a 6-ton truck on the Shin-Tomei Expressway in June, but the driver of the crashed 10-ton truck said, "A black SUV suddenly crosses the center line. In addition to saying, "I suddenly braked in the car," he was also driving in Osaka in January, so it seems that the man was habitually driving in a car.[46]..In this case, the existence of the image was the key, and the extortion suspicion, which seems to be the first in the whole country in "road rage" instead of the Road Traffic Act, was applied.[47].. On January 2020, 1, he was re-arrested by the Aichi Prefectural Police on suspicion of extortion by interrupting the front of the truck on the Shin Tomei Expressway and decelerating to about 9 km / h.[48].. May 10, same year,Mito District CourtImprisoned a man for extortion and injury 2 years June,ProbationSuspended sentence of 4 years[49].
  • October 2019, 9- Aichi内 のTomei ExpresswayA man in a wagon car repeatedly road rages on a passenger car running in front of him.air gunAn incident occurred[50].Aichi Prefectural PoliceOn the 14thCrime of property damageArrested this man on suspicion of[51]..The prefectural police said that the act of throwing or firing an object on the road was a "prohibited act on the road".Road Traffic LawHe sent a man on the 15th, including allegations of violation (prohibited acts on the road).[52].
  • October 2020, 10- Saitama Prefectural PoliceOn the 5th of the same monthOkegawabicycleHe arrested a man living in the city who acted in a meandering manner and jumped out in front of the car for violating the Road Traffic Act (obstructive driving).Since the revision of the Road Traffic Act in June of the same year, this is the first case in Japan where road rage has been applied to bicycle drivers.[53].


Strengthening the crackdown

Due to the aforementioned Tomei high-speed couple fatal accidentNational Police AgencyAnnounced in January 2018 to strengthen the crackdown on road rage[54]..According to the notification, "a driver whose driving may cause a significant danger to traffic" is regarded as a "hazard", and a 180-day suspension of the license will be imposed without accumulating points due to traffic violations. Ru[54]..The police say, "We will make full use of all laws and regulations, carry out strict investigations, and actively crack down on traffic guidance."[55].

Measures by the driver

For carsdrive recorderIs one of the effective measures to install.Records of the insult will remain and will be submitted to the police and courts to provide strong evidence for investigations and criminal accusations by victims.It is important to attach not only the front but also the rear as a measure against the tilting operation.

If there is a passenger when you encounter road rageSmartphoneIt is also a countermeasure to have a digital camera record immediately.When you take a picture of the blind spot of a drive recorder or when you are overtaken, you can take a clearer picture of the other party's car, driver, and passenger, and it will also be a record when the other party gets off and approaches.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism is considering making a new vehicle a drive recorder.

The driver's own mind

National Police AgencyCalls on drivers to keep in mind the following points in order to prevent traffic accidents caused by road rage.[55].

  • Compassionate, safe driving
  • Key leftCompliance
  • Pay attention to the movement of surrounding cars while driving
  • Keep safe speed when driving
  • Keep a sufficient distance between vehicles
  • Do not change course or overtake
  • If it is fanned, stop in a safe place (SA, PA, etc. on the highway), and if it is dangerous110To

What to do if you encounter road rage

Atsushi Yabugami, an assistant police officer belonging to the Aichi Prefectural Police High Speed ​​Corps, points out the following points as measures to be taken when receiving a road rage.[54].

  • Never ride a provocation
  • While driving in the overtaking lane, move to the left lane so that you do not get involved.
  • If you cannot stop driving, stop at a safe place such as a service area and call 110.In that case, lock the door, close the window, and stay out of the car until a police officer arrives.

Dedicated site opened by police

On November 2019, 11, the Okayama Prefectural Police opened the "Okayama Prefecture Road 21 Demon Extermination Box" requesting information and videos of dangerous driving such as road rage.[56].

Strengthening penalties

Penalties have been strengthened from June 2020, 6, and the driver's license will be revoked as a punishment for those who cause road rage.[57].

South Korea

Legal issues of retaliation driving

Called "retaliation driving" in South Korea[58]..Criminal penalties for retaliatory driving include special injuries, special assaults, special intimidation, and special damages, and in particular, if a special injury crime is applied, you may be sentenced to imprisonment from 2 years to 20 years.[59]..In addition, as an administrative disposition, if a criminal case is filed, 100 points will be added to the driver's license and the driver's license will be suspended for 100 days. If detained, the driver's license will be revoked and the disqualification period will be one year.[59].


Strengthening crackdowns and detection

Police cracked down on major social issues in 2015[60]..We also accept anonymous filings to prevent filings from being afraid of retaliation due to the perpetrator's resentment.[61].

If you encounter

If you are involved in road rage, it is best to move to the lower lane, stop and call 112, but if that is difficult, report the video of the drive recorder to the Cyber ​​Police Agency corner etc.[62]..Move to a busy place or a place with CCTV[63].


In Germany, traffic is on the right side, so on roads with multiple lanes on one side, if the right lane (shoulder side) is open, you should use the right lane as much as possible (Rechtsfahrgebot), Left lane (center side, second lane,Passing laneEtc.) are used only for overtaking, except during busy times[64]..Also, overtaking must be done at a speed sufficiently faster than the vehicle being overtaken.[65], If you overtake at a speed that does not change much, it will be a violation[66], It is not allowed to stay in the second lane or overtaking lane for no reason.

Although the law allows "road rage" with short horns or lights to signal your intention to overtake.[67], You have to keep a safe inter-vehicle distance.

The driver is the vehicle speed (km / hHalf the value of the unit)MetersIt is necessary to secure the inter-vehicle distance as a unit.For example, when traveling at 100 km / h, at least 50 mMust ensure the distance between vehicles[68]..If you do not maintain the distance between vehicles, you will be fined up to 400 euros and your license will be suspended for 3 months depending on the speed and distance between vehicles.[69].

In addition, overtaking from the right side (shoulder side) is strictly prohibited except during traffic jams.The vehiclePassing laneIt is not permissible to occupy the vehicle, in which case the police will stop the vehicle and fine both.If the left lane (center side) is crowded or you are driving at low speed, you can overtake at a slightly faster speed[64].


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