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📱 | I just got a smartphone ... "Mr. Arai" is still loved after retiring

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Even though I just got a smartphone ... A character who is still loved even after retiring from "Mr. Arai"

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From the time I joined Hiroshima to the time I was enrolled in the Hanshin Tigers, I continued to receive intense squirming from my senior, Tomoaki Kanemoto.

Takahiro Arai, a former professional baseball player known for his "feature phone", is on Twitter through his unfamiliar smartphone ... → Continue reading

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Tomonori Kanemoto

Tomoaki Kanemoto(Kanemoto Tomoaki,1968May 4 -) isJapanSource ofProfessional baseball player(Outfielder),Baseball commentator-Baseball critic,Leader.HiroshimaHiroshima citySouth wardBorn in Aosaki.

Nickname is "Big Bro","鉄 人". 1002 at-bats in a row without double play is a Japanese record, with 1999 consecutive full-inning appearances and 2010 consecutive hits achieved from 1492 to 13686.inningParticipation is a world record[1]..Also has a record of the most home runs in Heisei[2].

From 2016 seasonHanshin TigersServed as a director.2018January,Baseball hall of fameEntered[3][4].


Before entering professional

Hiroshima City Aosaki Elementary School 4th gradeLittle leagueAt "Hiroshima Chuo Little"baseballHowever, I couldn't keep up with the practice, and I broke my hand in the physical education class and couldn't practice, so I retired in a year using that as an excuse.[5][6]..One grade youngerHiroki NomuraWas the fourth batter in the team's ace[6]..After that, the neighborhood associationsoft ballAnd Hiroshima City Ozu Junior High SchoolBaseballPlay in the club[5][7].Hiroshima High SchoolFall inKoryo High SchoolEnrolled inBaseballJoin the club. Became regular from the second grade.Ace one grade higherShoji MotoharaWithLeft handAs1985 OfHiroshima TournamentAdvance to the final, butHiroshima IndustryLost to.The following year also lost at the Hiroshima tournament,National championshipDid not participate[8]..20 in high schoolHome run.

Hosei University Baseball ClubKanemoto was preparing to receive the selection, but Kanemoto told Kanemoto that the selection to be held in August was December, and Kanemoto believed it, so he could not receive it for one year. After a ronin lifeChuo University Baseball ClubAlthough the director of Chuo University told me that there was no recommendation from the director of Chuo University, the director of Koryo said that the recommendation was okay, and Kanemoto believed it.Kanemoto said that he was deceived by the director twice and it was pitch black in front of him.[9].. During this time,Yakult SwallowsI took the enrollment test, but this also failed[10].

In disappointment, from an acquaintanceTohoku Fukushi UniversityIntroduced and enrolled in the general examination[9].The baseball clubThen, the director who names himself as a teacherYoshihiro ItoBecame regular from 1 year underSendai Six University LeagueHe has participated in 52 games in total, recorded 165 hits in 63 at bats and a batting average of .382.Received the best player once and the best nine twice.Kazuhiro Sasaki-Koji Otsuka-Teruhiro Yano-Takashi Saito-Chihiro HamanaFor the fourth consecutive year as a mainstay with members who will become professionals laterAll Japan University Baseball ChampionshipParticipate in.1988In the final at the 37th tournamentKinki UniversityRunner-up with a come-from-behind defeat.In the 38th tournament, he lost to Kinki University, which won the championship in a row, in the third round, and in the 3th tournament.Hideo Koike-Shingo Takatsu-Tetsuro KawajiriHaveAsia UniversityLost in the final and runner-up.1991In the 4th tournament at 40 years, in the third finalKansai UniversityAt the end of the 17th extension, he won and achieved his first victory.Two points to win while peeling off the left wrist and breaking the boneTimely hitBecame the driving force behind the first victory[8].. Same year, 20thUS-Japan University Baseball ChampionshipElected to represent Japan and contributed to the victory of the team.

In the fall of 1991Professional baseball draft conferenceAtHiroshima Toyo CarpReceived the 4th place nomination from, acquired the right to negotiate, joined with a contract fee of 6000 million yen and an annual salary of 720 million yen (estimated amount)[11].. Uniform number10.

Hiroshima era

2 years after joining the group (1992 - 1993) Does not sprout, youngerMaeda Satoshi,Satoshi EtoOvertaken byBlowIs so weak that the coach at the time said, "Roll and use your legs," and the outfield defenseThrowing a ballHe was nicknamed "Mole Killing" because of his bad habit of throwing him toward the ground, and he said he was "prepared for dismissal."From those regretsSTRENGTH & CONDITIONING In earnestly, we will build a steady body.Kazuyoshi YamamotoMeeting a coach was also a turning point,1994From the second half, he emerged and hit 17 home runs, and became a regular player.

1995Is appointed as the 5th batter from the opening round.Continued to participate in all games No. 5 and his firstAll star gamesAlthough he played, he left the front on August 8 due to a broken left wrist.Still the firstRegular turn at batReached, and played an active part as a main axis such as marking 24 home runs.firstBest nineWas awarded.

1996Also played an active part mainly as the 5th batter, the firstbatting averageIt recorded 3% and the on-base percentage exceeded 4%. 77 Walks are at the top of the league, and the batting eye is also refined. In September, he also won his first monthly MVP.

1997When appointed as the third batter in the opening game of, 3 games in a row from the openingFirst baseAchieved and set the Central League record at that time[12]..After that, he continued to perform well, recording a batting average of 2% and an on-base percentage of 3% for the second consecutive year, and his first 4 home runs. Achieved 30 home runs on September 9.

1998Although he reached the regular seat, his performance dropped significantly compared to the previous year. In the 7th round of Hanshin on July 5thSaint FunakiからDead ballIn response, the match was played to the end, but the swelling did not subside, and he missed two matches from the next day. After returning from the 2th round against Yakult on the 10th, he continued to participate in consecutive games until the middle of 15.Also, on July 2011th, he will be No. 7 for the first time.StamenWas appointed in.

1999It will be the 4th person in history on April 24th.Cycle hitsAchieved (Achieved at Hiroshima Municipal Stadium in 1959Akira OwadaIt will be the first time in 40 years since it was achieved).He made a complete revival, including his first appearance in all games, and left a career high record with home runs and RBIs.At the beginning of the season, he was assigned 5th and 6th, but after the middle of the season he has been sitting at 4th instead of Eto.From the 7th round of the Hanshin Tigers on July 21st of this year, continuous full-inning participation that continued until the middle of 18 began.

2000Eto, who was immovable No. 4 until the previous yearFAでYomiuri GiantsBy transferring to, new cleanups for No. 3 Ogata, No. 4 Maeda, and No. 5 Kanemoto will be organized, but Maeda, who left the front line due to an injury from the middle of the season, will be selected as No. 4.In addition, he hit the 30th home run in the final game of the season, making him the seventh person in history.Triple threeAchieved. Received the Best Nine Award for the first time in five years.In the middle, he didn't hit the 5th home run, so he tried to get as many at-bats as possible in order to increase the chances of achieving it.Akiyo TatsukawaIn the final two games, he has participated in the starting lineup as the first batter.In addition, Kanemoto himself said that it was hard to hit a home run, but it was more difficult to steal an unfamiliar base.[13].

2001Will make a full appearance in No. 4 of all games. For the first time in 39 yearsShoichi Busujima1002 at-bats in a rowDouble hitSet a Japanese record for. He hit 7 home runs on July 7th and 200 hits on September 9nd.In addition, the on-base percentage also recorded a value of .2 with 1000 walks,Hideki MatsuiSeparated fromRobert PetaginiIt came in second place after.It was the first time in the history of Nippon Professional Baseball that two or more people had an on-base percentage of .2 or more, but this year it was a historic on-base percentage battle with three people at once.In addition, this season 450 walks are the 2th highest record in the history of Nippon Professional Baseball, but the number of walks in the season is from 3st to 128th.Sadaharu Oh(4st place isYoshihiro Maru(Thailand alongside), and 7th to 10th place are all records of the king, and Kanemoto and Maru are the only ones other than the king who are listed in the ten walks of the season.

2002, Batting average and on-base percentage will drop significantly from the previous year, but he will continue to participate in all games in 4th place.In the same year off, he was worried about exercising the FA right and told the team executives, "Because the results were bad this season.annual salaryIt's okay to reduce 1000 million yen, but I'd like you to pay the FA re-contract fee of 100 million yen. "However, the team did not change its policy of exercising FA rights and not allowing them to remain because they were concerned that a precedent for a sharp rise in re-contract money would be set due to severe financial circumstances, so they will eventually exercise FA rights and transfer. It became a thing.

Hanshin period

2003, "Think about the whole of professional baseball", "I and you are walking together"[14]とHanshin TigersDirector'sSenichi HoshinoReceived a love call from and transferred to Hanshin. "In the pastFujita Taira-Yutaka WadaI'm glad to take over the uniform number 6 that they had attached, "he said and caught the hearts of Hanshin fans.However, he said that he really wanted to give him the number 5, which was his jersey number when he was in college, and he was told that he would be transferred to Hanshin at that time.Norihiro NakamuraTherefore, it is said that it was number 6.The uniform number 10 that was attached in the Hiroshima era is in HanshinPermanent number(Fumio Fujimura), So it was not possible to select.Once transferred from Hiroshima to Giants FAKazuhisa Kawaguchi,Satoshi Eto Hiroshima City StadiumHe was afraid that he would be heckled because he was watching him violently, but he said he was relieved to receive cheers at the first match at Hiroshima Municipal Stadium after the transfer.In the same year, it became the third from the opening, and the secondNorihiro Akahoshi OfStealing kingHe cooperated with the acquisition and played an active role as the main axis, contributing to the league championship for the first time in 18 years.Japan seriesThen, he achieved three series tie records, including four home runs including a walk-off home run in the fourth round, three consecutive home runs, and two home runs in one game, but the team did not reach the number one in Japan.

2004Is the new directorAkada OkadaAppointed as No. 4 from the opening with the intention ofLong strokeMass production. July 7th pairChunichi DragonsHit by pitch on the left wrist in the battlecartilageHe was diagnosed with injury and faced a crisis of withdrawal.However, in the Giants game the next day, my ownbatLighterTeruka KujiI rented a bat and participated in the match, and in this matchTakanashi TakanariThe scene where he hit with only his right hand was selected as the video aired in the retirement game. On August 8st, he set a new record in Japan for participating in consecutive games full innings.Finally batting average, home runs (same number as 1),RBIAchieved a personal best record in 3 categories and became the first titleRBITo win.After the season, he said, "I kept going out for the record only at this time" about the left wrist failure, but after the failure, the pace of home runs slowed down, but the batting average was rather high.

2005Achieved 4 home runs in the match against Yokohama on April 9. June 300 vs.Hokkaido Nippon-Ham FightersIn battleYusaku IrikiThe fourth person in history to hit a home run fromHome run from all teamsAchieved.All three of the past belonged to more than four Central League teams and recorded, but Kanemoto was introduced in the same year.Exchange battleThanks to, I was able to achieve it just by belonging to two teams. On June 2thYonago City StadiumHe hit a home run in the match against Hiroshima, and arched at 32 stadiums, which is the largest number among active players.This record was recorded in 2007Yukio TanakaHit a home run at 33 stadiums and gave up the active 1st place once, but Tanaka retired for the same year and is again the active 1st place (Japan record isKazuhiro Yamauchi39 stadiums). 8 consecutive appearances in the match against China and Japan on August 11th, 1000 in the match against Hiroshima on August 8thscore, 9 RBIs against Hiroshima on September 9th, in Hanshin on October 1000th1986 OfRandy BathSince then, Japanese players1985 OfMasayuki KakefuSinceHanshin Koshien Stadium OfLucky zoneAchieved the first 40 home runs after the abolition.Batting average, home run, and RBI set a new self-record in the previous year, and the team also won the championship.MVPWas chosen by.Chiba Lotte MarinesWithJapan seriesThen, only one hit was hit, and the team lost four consecutive losses.

2006March 3Cal RipkenUpdated 8243 innings consecutive appearances. April 4th ​​vs.Yokohama Bay StarsOvertake Ripken in battle,904 consecutive full inning appearancesSet a new world record for the game, and Ripken also blessed the game with a video.And on August 8th, the number of games on the same card and stadium was increased to 15.OffContract renewalWith an estimated annual salary of 5 million yen, he became the top Japanese player in the ball world.While playing a devoted team batting style that trusts his friends, he also left a result and presented the staff with the prize money and prizes that he received as a supplementary prize for the game, saying, "Thanks to Mr. Urakata for being able to play an active role." Even in private life, he showed delicate consideration such as holding dinner parties and farewell parties to young players, behind the team and reporters, and not only players, staff and baseball officials but also fans saidBig Bro'[15]It came to be called, and became a presence that sets it apart from other players.[16].

2007The second base runner who did not survive due to Kanemoto's hit from bases loaded with one out in the match against China on JulyTakashi Toritani"It's a waste that only one person can return with that hit," "I think a young player with fast legs has no tension or concentration," he scolded.Until then, he rarely complained to his juniors, so it was widely covered in sports newspapers the next day.The same year left knee during the seasonMeniscusWhile suffering serious injuries, he continued to make a forcible appearance as in 2004, recording 31 home runs and 95 RBIs, but his batting average was .265, which was below 4% for the first time in four years.At the end of this year's Kanemoto, no Japanese player from Hanshin has achieved 3 home runs.The injured left knee underwent surgery for the first time in his life in October.

2008Is on the left kneeリ ハ ビ リ テ ー シ ョ ン優先のため1月後半からアメリカに滞在し、2月後半の安芸キャンプからチームに合流。4月6日に1999本目の安打を記録してから3試合18打席無安打だったが、4月12日の対横浜戦で史上37人目の通算2000本安打を達成、リーチをかけてから連続打席無安打の歴代最長記録だった。この試合では広島からFA移籍したばかりのTakahiro AraiAlso achieved 1,000 hits. In the match against Hiroshima on May 5, he achieved a total of 13 home runs for the first time as a player belonging to the Hanshin Tigers (at the time of achievement) and a right-handed left-handed player.Exchange battleThen.Leading batterWon. In June, he was selected as his third monthly MVP, and finally reached 6% for the first time in two years and 3 RBIs for the first time in three years.In addition, the achievement of 2% in the 3s was the fifth person in history, and the achievement of 3 RBIs was the third person in history.He had surgery on his left knee for the second consecutive year.Also, even though he is an active player, from the same yearAvex EntertainmentHowever, the management after retirement is managed by Hard Six Project, Double Culture Partners (DCP).

2009Is affected by surgeryOpen battleAlthough he could hardly participate in the league, he hit the league's oldest home run in the opening game against Yakult on April 41, which is also his 4st birthday. He recorded three consecutive home runs against Hiroshima on April 3 and against Giants on April 4, and achieved the first two consecutive home runs per month in history.In April, when he was in good shape with 8 at bats, 4 hits and 10 RBIs in the scoring position, he recorded his highest number of 3 RBIs per month and was elected as his fourth monthly MVP. In the match against Hiroshima on May 2, in the bottom of the 3th inning, which was 27-13Yokoyama RyushiHe hit a goodbye home run, which is the total number of 7000 teams.However, the monthly batting averages since May were all in the low 5% range, and the batting average was .2, which was the worst after the transfer, and the number of home runs was 261.

2010Sent a good camp, but on March 3, clashed with a teammate during pre-open war practice with Yakult.[17], Severely injured with a partial rupture of the supraspinatus on the right shoulder[18] [19].

World record for consecutive games full innings

In the battle against Giants on April 4, the same yearSacrifice flyThehome plateI can't return to[20]In the match against Yokohama on the 17th, he was unable to throw a satisfactory ball, such as allowing the second base runner to survive twice, and his batting average was sluggish at .167.[21], Before the match on the next 18thMayumi AkinobuHe himself offered to the manager, "I will bother the team even if I come out any more."[20][22]Depart from the starting lineup and defend the left wingIkuro KatsuragiI gave it to.As a result, the record of participation in consecutive games full innings stopped at 1492 games, and on May 5, the same year.Guinness World RecordsCertified as a world record[23]..It was Kanemoto's first bench start in the 8th year since he transferred to Hanshin, and it was in the match against China and Japan on October 2002, 10 that players other than Kanemoto would defend the left wing in the official Hanshin Tigers match.NakaharuIt was since then.After that, if he did not participate in the starting lineup, he participated as a substitute for each game until April 2011, 4 below, and continued to participate in consecutive games.However, it was also pointed out that Kanemoto's record may have adversely affected the way players were appointed during the match.[24].

There was a time when he returned to the starting lineup, but in the end his condition did not improve until the end, and in terms of defense, he had 0 assists, batting average (the number of at-bats was not reached), home runs, and RBIs all ended up with the lowest results after transferring to Hanshin.It is the first rare record in the history of NPB to participate in all games without reaching the prescribed seats of the year.The result of the Chunichi match was .096 (52-5), RBI 1, 16 strikeouts.I didn't have a chance to participate in the second round of the first stage of the climax series, which has nothing to do with participating in consecutive games.It is said that Kanemoto's right shoulder was in a state where the upper muscles of the spines were completely torn during this period.

Continuous participation record is cut off

2011In the match against China and Japan on April 4th, when he stood on behalf of the pitcher in the 15th inning, first baseman, the first base runnerShunsukeFailed to steal the base, and the inning ended with the turn at bat incomplete.After this, Director Mayumi put out a pitcher in place of Kanemoto.In this case, the match participation is recorded, but it does not meet the conditions for consecutive match participation.[25], The record of consecutive appearances was cut off in 1766 games.Although he continued to participate in the team throughout the season after this match, his performance fell from the previous year.In addition, he reached 8 at-bats, the eighth person in the history of Nippon Professional Baseball this season.

2012、44歳を迎えるシーズンにして開幕戦に「6番・左翼手」で先発出場。その後、一時は打率が3割に到達するなど好調だったため5番でスタメン起用され、その後、新井の不振により5月4日の巨人戦(甲子園)から約2年ぶりに4番として出場し交流戦が終了するまで2試合を除き4番を務めた(その2試合はMatt MertonStarted in 4th place).After that, the condition of the batting fell and the result did not come out, and the defensive difficulty was conspicuous due to the right shoulder pain as in the previous year, and in the match against Hiroshima on August 8,Soichiro AmayaHe allowed a running home run with a left-over hit. Achieved a total of 6 RBIs on June 3, the ninth person in history. On June 9th, he was the seventh player in history to achieve a total of 1500 hits for a college graduate (the record was achieved in 6).Hiromitsu KadotaIt's been 21 years since then).

On September 9, it became clear that he had decided to retire for the same year.[26]At the press conference that day, he announced that he would retire from active duty in the 2012 season.At the press conference, Kanemoto said about his advancement and retreat, "I started thinking about 10 days ago and made the real decision about 2 days ago. There are various reasons, but I thought," Is it the limit? " The flow of the times. There is oneself who can't perform at a good time forever, "he said, and when talking about his family, he said," My child was crying, but I'll stop someday. " I told him at the beginning, but when he said, "Please take care of my body ...", I was stuck in words to endure tears, and when it came to the fans, "I had bashing after I fell down, but I encouraged him." For the fans who gave me ... ", there was a scene where I finally shed tears.Also, what does baseball mean to you from a reporter?In response to the question, "Mr. NagashimaNot, but life itself.I started my baseball life at the age of 10, and although 7 to 8% was tough and only 2 to 3% was happy, I continued to chase a little 2 to 3% and suffered from 7 to 8%.It was such a baseball life, "he said with deep emotion.[27]..When asked about "records" at the press conference, he said that "continuous double play" was more impressive than "continuous full-inning participation."

In the game against Giants on September 9thMiyaguni RyosukeHe hit his 475th home run in total fromKoichi TabuchiWas overtaken to make a total of 10th place on home runs[28].

It was the final round of the Hanshin seasonMay 10Pair ofYokohama DeNA BaystarsBattle (Koshien) Kanemoto's retirement match[29]As the 6th left wing for the first time since June 11th, he started full participation. DeNA starter in the third at bat of the 4th inningDaisuke MiuraImmediately after hitting Nakamae, he decided to steal a base to break the oldest record in the Central League.In the bottom of the 7th inning, 2 deaths on the 1st and 3rd bases, which was the final turn at bat, he was caught in front of Miura.The final game of active duty was 4 hit and 1 stolen base in 1 at bats.The match won 3-0,Sho AranamiKanemoto grabbed the fly and the match ended[30][31][32]..RBI cannot be recordedNagashima ShigeoOne RBI did not reach the total of 1522 RBIs.A retirement ceremony was held after the match, and Kanemoto once presented a bouquet in the retirement match.Kiyohara KazuhiroReceived a bouquet from[33].May 10Announced voluntary retirement[34].

On October 2012, 10, the former president of the company was arrested after it was discovered that he had been scammed by being deceived by about 16 million yen in cash for the purpose of investing in an agricultural corporation.[35].

After retirement

Commentator era

HSP Hayashida Room in Double Culture Partners (DCP) is in charge of management.In addition, RAS (Route American Sports, Inc.),Avex sportsHas an agent contract with a corporation.

2012May 12Keisuke Kuwata's national tour I LOVE YOU -now & forever- at the Osaka performanceKeisuke KuwataIn the song, Kanemoto's name appears in the lyrics "OSAKA LADY BLUES ~ Osaka Lady Blues ~Guest appearance at the time of performance.Keisuke KuwataVS Tomoaki Kanemoto's showdown has come true.

Free baseball commentator from 2013[36](Nippon TV,Yomiuri Television,Hiroshima TV[37][38],MBS RadioGuest commentator[39]),Daily SportsSpecial critic[40],Sports NipponBaseball critic[41]Acting as.Of these, regarding the commentary on the radio, it was also revealed that about 10 MBS will appear annually.[39].

In addition, on January 2013, 1, it was announced on the official blog that the surgery for shoulder and lipoma, which had been injured since the later years of active duty, was successfully completed. "I'm sorry for surgery, health first!"[42].

Hanshin era

2015May 10Announced that it has accepted the request for the appointment of Hanshin Tigers coach from the 2016 season[43]..Became the 33rd coach of the team.The uniform number is the same as in the active era6Decided on. May 10For the first time as a directorDraft meetingThen,Meiji University-Takayama ShunOver the right to negotiateTokyo Yakult SwallowsIt became a competitive lottery, and once directed by YakultManaka ManakaIt seemed that he had assigned the right to negotiate, but immediately after that, it turned out that it was Kanemoto who won the lottery, and in an interview on the stage, he said, "I was overwhelmed by a home run by video judgment."

2016Opening 3 consecutive battles with Chunichi (Kyocera Dome Osaka)では黒星スタートとなるも第2.3戦を勝利し2勝1敗で開幕カードを勝ち越した。だが巨人相手に最初の3連戦を2勝1敗で勝ち越すも、その後は苦戦が続き、甲子園での巨人戦は2度の同一カード3連敗を喫するなど引き分けを挟み9連敗を喫した。9月19日にようやく勝利した[44][45]However, 9 consecutive losses at Koshien echoed, and the match record was 9 wins, 15 losses and 1 draw, and the league champion Hiroshima also lost 7 wins and 18 losses.It is also a pillar of the starting lineupJuntaro FujinamiHowever, he scored 5 goals in the early stages of the game against Hiroshima, and although he did not complete the game due to punishment, he was forced to throw 8 balls in the 161th inning, and even though the pitcher turned at bat in overtime, he did not give a pinch hitter. There were times when he was questioned about his position, such as losing.

2017Continued to actively appoint young players as in the previous year, and joined the batting team by transferring to FA.Itoi Yoshio,Kousuke FukudomeWith veterans such as, etc. on the axis of the batting line, the pitchers ended up without pitching in the previous year.Kentaro KuwaharaTheSet upperBy promoting the strengthening of the middle team, such as by selecting the team, the team situation was more stable than the previous year.As a result, except for the 4th place start due to the loss of the opening card, the lowest ranking was 3rd place and remained at the top of the league throughout the season.[46]In the end, he recorded 78 wins, 61 losses, 17 draws and 2 wins, and his ranking was 3nd, a big leap from the previous year.However, under the Kanemoto administration, he faced 1rd place Yokohama DeNA in the climax series, which was his first appearance, and lost the 2st stage with 1 win and 1 losses.The questionable attitude that was seen in the previous year, which was the first year of his inauguration, showed improvement, and active rest and accompanying player appointments and pinch hitters were used.[47], Pitcher's succession[48]In some places, he showed a good attitude leading to victory.

2018Has not been able to produce results for young players since the opening, and Rosario, who was a candidate for the cannon that was acquired this year, also suffered from extremely poor hits with no results at all, and the pitchers did not feel as stable as the previous year, and in September Until the end of the month, he managed to participate in the CS competition, but due to the strict schedule due to the frequent cancellations in the rain and the breakdown of Hojo and Itoi, who were in good shape, the car stalled and became the lowest in 9 years. ..Kanemoto resigned to take responsibility for this grade[49]..After that, a press conference was held, but an unusual response was taken that photos and TV cameras were NG.[50].


Parents South KoreaKanemoto is a third-generation Korean-American.[51][52].Renamed from Hironari (Baxon) to Tomonori as a boy[Source required][53].JoongAng Daily NewsIs the Korean name of KanemotoTomoaki Kanemoto(Kim Ji Hong,Korean: 김지헌)[54].. The youngest of four siblings[55], There are times when I feel ironic only because the popular name is "Aniki".[56].

In Japan to marry a Japanese woman in 2001Naturalization official[51][52]..Koryo High School1986Has experience of traveling to Korea as a member of the Korean student baseball team in Japan[57]..He hates public-private confusion, and has a naive side, so he is interviewed on the condition that he does not photograph his wife when he gets married in 2001.

Becoming a teammate during the Hiroshima Central League eraHiroki NomuraとKeiichi YamamotoThere is[6].

No continuationDouble hit(1002 at bats) ・ He is the Japanese record holder for the 4th consecutive starter (880 games).Steal-Home run-HittingHome runSmash hit awardInCentral LeagueHolds the oldest record.

The highest number of home runs in Heisei (January 1989, 1-April 8, 2019) is the total number of home runs (all 4 home runs are recorded during Heisei, the same applies hereinafter) and the total number of hits (30 hits). ), Total number of hits (476 hits)[58], Number of games played as the 4th batter (1346 games)[59], Number of games played as cleanup (2023 games)[59]Is recorded.

Detailed information

Hit results by year


Every time
















1992Hiroshima5531000000001010020. 000. 250. 000. 250
19934295899173043290100501164. 191. 242. 360. 602
1994902932574169142171384320323120643. 268. 345. 537. 882
19951044383697210115124190671410036125785. 274. 381. 515. 896
19961265114238412718227230721870777241042. 300. 407. 544. 951
19971335524657714017233260821390480531048. 301. 404. 559. 963
199813357349977126333212287496016805942. 253. 347. 457. 804
1999135576502841472123427494103017013923. 293. 382. 546. 928
200013658849696156202302709030100480781012. 315. 415. 544. 959
2001140615472101148281252539319906128169691. 314. 463. 536. 999
200214060454080148302292698485026042995. 274. 348. 498. 846
2003Hanshin140632532941542421923977184029355896. 289. 399. 449. 848
200413861352192165324343071135008792510010. 317. 406. 589. 995
20051466625591201833534034412531029843866. 327. 429. 6151.044
2006146634545851652442627598220579185985. 303. 393. 505. 897
20071446245337414117331257951007811131139. 265. 361. 482. 843
2008144623535871643322728210821087793998. 307. 392. 527. 919
200914461951866135370212359181088865987. 261. 368. 454. 822
20101443963533985120161454511013903903. 241. 321. 411. 732
20111223723482776111121253111002440535. 218. 269. 359. 628
2012126406356249216161283033014900542. 258. 347. 360. 707
NPB: 2125781043189151430253944037476448115211677447213689872170396. 285. 382. 503. 884
  • Of each yearTaiziIs the best league

Hit results by year


Every time





199224SE League---------
199527----5 bit-8 bit8 bit6 bit
199628----6 bit-4 bit1 bit5 bit
199729----3 bit9 bit5 bit4 bit5 bit
199830--3 bit9 bit7 bit--4 bit-
199931----6 bit6 bit9 bit6 bit8 bit
2000325 bit6 bit--4 bit5 bit4 bit3 bit3 bit
2001335 bit9 bit6 bit-9 bit5 bit2 bit1 bit3 bit
200234-10 bit5 bit7 bit4 bit5 bit-3 bit9 bit
200335-9 bit---10 bit2 bit1 bit-
2004364 bit8 bit2 bit4 bit7 bit1 bit3 bit1 bit5 bit
2005373 bit4 bit3 bit6 bit2 bit2 bit2 bit1 bit1 bit
2006388 bit9 bit-3 bit7 bit7 bit4 bit2 bit6 bit
200739---9 bit6 bit7 bit-3 bit-
200840-6 bit3 bit-6 bit3 bit6 bit2 bit7 bit
200941--2 bit--5 bit7 bit1 bit-
  • -Is less than 10th place (Batting average, on-base percentage, OPS are written as-even if the regular batting average has not been reached)

Defensive results by year

Every time





1992Hiroshima10000. 000
1995102178510. 995
1996121227633. 987
1997128225941. 983
19981312091151. 978
19991351971061. 972
2000136226460. 975
2001140200530. 986
2002140205822. 991
2003Hanshin140222960. 975
200413818612103. 952
2005146197823. 990
2006146204631. 986
2007144186911. 995
2008144193420. 990
2009144184271. 964
20107390040. 957
201110181020. 976
201292100310. 990
total251035031146817. 982

Supervision results by year

Regular season

Every time









2016Hanshin4 bit14364763. 45724.590. 2453.3848 æ­³
20172 bit14378614. 56110.0113. 2493.2949 æ­³
20186 bit14362792. 44020.085. 2534.0350 æ­³
Total: 3 years4292042169. 486A class 1 time B class 2 times
Post season
年度OUR TEAMTournament nameOpponentVictory
2017HanshinCentral League
Climax series

1st stage
Yokohama DeNA Baystars(Central League 3rd)1 win 2 losses = defeat
* Win / lossTaiziIs the winning series




World record
  • Consecutive games full inning participation: 1492 games[66](December 1999, 7-February 21, 2010)
  • Consecutive innings participation: 13686 innings[66](December 1999, 7-February 21, 2010)
Japanese record
  • 4th consecutive start: 880 games (April 2004, 4-April 2, 2010)
  • Consecutive at-bats double play: 1002 at-bats (May 2000, 5-September 12, 2001)
  • Pinch hitter in 40s Home run: 5
First record
Record of milestone
  • 100 home runs: September 1997, 9, against Hanshin Tigers 9rd round (Hiroshima Municipal Stadium), in the bottom of the 23thYabu KeiTo Uchigo 2 runs * 194th person in history
  • 150 home runs: August 1999, 8, vs.Chunichi Dragons22rd round (Nagoya Dome), 6 timesYamamoto MasaFrom Ugoe Final Solo * 109th person in history
  • 200 home runs: September 2001, 7, against Hanshin Tigers 7rd round (Hiroshima Municipal Stadium), in the bottom of the 14thShinji YanakaTo Uchigo 2 runs * 73th person in history
  • 1000 games participation: August 2001, 8, 15th round against the Hanshin Tigers (Osaka Dome), 4th, starting as a left fielder * 372nd in history
  • 1000 Hits: August 2001, 9, againstYomiuri Giants25th round (Hiroshima City Stadium), 8rd roundHideki OkajimaFrom to Nakamae timely hit * 207th person in history
  • 250 home runs: May 2003, 5, 31th round against the Yomiuri Giants (Tokyo Dome), 9 timesRyuji KimuraTo Uchigo 3 runs * 45th person in history
  • 1000 strikeouts: September 2004, 9, against Yomiuri Giants 4th round (Hanshin Koshien Stadium), in the bottom of the 25thYuya KuboFrom ※ 37th person in history
  • 1500 hits: April 2005, 4, against Yakult Swallows 2nd round (Osaka Dome), in the bottom of the 2rdYataro SakamotoFrom left field timely triple triple * 87th person in history
  • 300 home runs: April 2005, 4, against Yokohama BayStars 9nd round (Hanshin Koshien Stadium), in the bottom of the 2thTakashi SaitoFrom Ugoe reversal final 2 run * 30th person in history
  • 1500 games participation: July 2005, 5, vsTohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles2nd round (Hanshin Koshien Stadium), starting as No. 4 left fielder * 143rd person in history
  • 1000 points: July 2005, 8, vs.Hiroshima Toyo Carp16th round (Hiroshima Municipal Stadium), 6th roundMakoto ImaokaRecorded by a full-base home run * 32nd person in history
  • 1000 RBIs: September 2005, 9, 9th round against Hiroshima Toyo Carp (Hanshin Koshien Stadium), in the bottom of the 17thHiroki KurodaTo Uekoshi solo *26th in history
  • 3000 bases: September 2005, 9, 13th round against the Yomiuri Giants (Nagasaki Big N Stadium), 2 timesTakanashi TakanariFrom right-koshi full-base home run * 39th person in history
  • 300 doubles: July 2006, 7, against Yokohama BayStars 5th round (Hanshin Koshien Stadium), in the bottom of the 11rdKen KadokuraFrom right middle double * 45th person in history
  • 350 home runs: July 2006, 7, against Hiroshima Toyo Carp 12th round (Hanshin Koshien Stadium), in the bottom of the 9thYokoyama RyushiTo Saikou solo *20th person in history
  • 1000 walks: August 2006, 8, Chunichi Dragons 29th round (Hanshin Koshien Stadium), in the bottom of the 14thYuichi HisamotoFrom ※ 12th person in history
  • 3500 bases: May 2007, 8, 10st round against Yokohama BayStars (Yokohama Stadium), 8 timesYukiya YokoyamaTo right front hit ※21th person in history
  • 2000 hits: April 2008, 4, 12th round against Yokohama BayStars (Yokohama Stadium), 5th inningHayato TeraharaFrom right front hits * 37th hit in history (first in history with 0 hits in the first year of joining the team as a college graduate)
  • 400 home runs: July 2008, 5, 13th round against Hiroshima Toyo Carp (Toyama Alpen Stadium), 9 runs from Ryuji Yokoyama to the top of the 2th inning * 15th person in history
  • 350 doubles: July 2008, 7, against Yokohama BayStars 4th round (Yokohama Stadium), 9th inningMatt whiteFrom ※ 26th person in history
  • 2000 games participation: August 2008, 8, 16th round against Yokohama BayStars (Kyocera Dome Osaka), starting as No. 15 left fielder * 4th person in history
  • 4000 base hits: August 2009, 8, Chunichi Dragons 6th round (Nagoya Dome), in the top of the firstYudai KawaiFrom right wing line timely doubles * 13th person in history
  • 1500 strikeouts: September 2009, 9, 21nd round against Yokohama BayStars (Yokohama Stadium), from Daisuke Miura in the 22rd inning * 3th person in history
  • 400 doubles: September 2009, 9, 29th round against Tokyo Yakult Swallows (Meiji Jingu Stadium), 3 timesReasonFrom right middle timely double hit *10th in history
  • 450 home runs: June 2010, 6, 27th round against Tokyo Yakult Swallows (Meiji Jingu Stadium), 8th inningKenichi MatsuokaTo Uchigo 2 runs * 13th person in history
  • Reached 10000 at-bats: October 2011, 10, against Yokohama BayStars (Yokohama Stadium), * 7th in history (first in history of college graduates)
  • 2500 games participation: July 2012, 6, vsHokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters3rd round (Sapporo Dome), No. 4Nominated batterAs a starter ※The 9th person in history
  • 1500 RBIs: June 2012, 6, against Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters 3th round (Sapporo Dome), 4th inningTakeda MasaruFrom right wing line timely 2 points doubles * 9th person in history
  • 2500 hits: June 2012, 6, Chunichi Dragons 28th round (Nagoya Dome), 9th inningShinji IwataFrom right wing line doubles * 7th in history (first in history of college graduates)[67])
Japan Series All-Star Game
  • Japan Series 4 home runs (2003) * Series tie record
  • Japan Series 3 consecutive home runs (2003) * Series tie record
  • All star gamesParticipation: 11 times (1995-1997, 2000, 2001, 2003-2006, 2008, 2009)
Other records
  • Cycle hit: April 1999, 4, Chunichi Dragons 24th round (Hiroshima Municipal Stadium) * 5th person in history
  • Triple Three: Once (1)
  • Consecutive game participation: 1766 games (July 1998, 7-April 10, 2011) *Kinugasa YoshioOf 2215 games,Takashi Toritani1939rd place after 3 games
  • 1 game 5 walks (October 2001, 10)
  • 1 inning, 5 RBIs (May 2003, 5)
  • Two consecutive home runs in three at-bats twice a month (April 2, 3, April 2009, 4) * First in the history of professional baseball
  • Not reached the prescribed number of seats in all games (2010) * First in the history of professional baseball
  • 226 pitchers hit home runs * 2nd place in history
  • Age difference with pitcher Home run: 24 years 0 months difference (September 2012, 9, pitcher:Miyaguni Ryosuke) * 2nd place in history
  • Central League oldest stolen base: 44 years and 6 months-October 2012, 10, against Yokohama DeNA BayStars 9th round (Hanshin Koshien Stadium), second stolen base in the bottom of the 24th (pitcher: Daisuke Miura, catcher:Shuto Takajo)
  • Central League's oldest home run: 44 years and 5 months-September 2012, 9, 26st round against Yakult Swallows (Meiji Jingu Stadium), Tatsuyoshi Masubuchi to Ugoe solo in the 21th inning
  • Central League oldest pinch hitter home run: Same as above
  • Central League's oldest smashing award: 44 years and 0 months-April 2012, 4, Yomiuri Giants 28th round (Tokyo Dome), 4th inningYamaguchi TetsuyaAchieved by throwing assault hits
  • Home run from all teams: June 2005, 6, vsHokkaido Nippon-Ham FightersRound 4 (Hanshin Koshien Stadium), Back 1Yusaku Iriki2 runs from to the middle right * 4th person in history

Uniform number

  • 10 (1992-2002)
  • 6 (2003-2012, 2016-2018)

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  • "Ganbare Japan Professional Baseball! ?: How about such aniki? ~ Tomoaki Kanemoto" (DVD,Jay Sports Broadcasting, TDV-19286D)
  • "Tomoaki Kanemoto" Celebration "2000 Hits Achievement Trajectory Hansin Tigers" (DVD,Space Vision Network, July 2008, GNBW-7)
  • "Tomoaki Kanemoto / Takahiro Arai" LOL Talk Show ": Kaneara A Story Only Here" (DVD,GAORA,Toho, April 2012, TDV-4D)


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Hiroshima player era
Hanshin Tigers
After retirement


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