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🐈 | Owners beat each other with dog fights and arrested Akita Inu Preservation Society Kyushu representative

Photo 2021 calendar sold by Akita Inu Preservation Society

Owners beat each other with dog fights and arrested Akita Inu Preservation Society Kyushu representative

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The man was the head of the Kyushu General Branch of the Akita Inu Preservation Society (Odate City, Akita Prefecture), but was dismissed in response to the incident.

On the streets of Sue Town, Fukuoka Prefecture, the owners quarreled with each other in the wake of a dog fight while taking a walk, and the Kasuya police station was suspected of being injured ... → Continue reading

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Odate City, Akita Prefecture

Preservation society

Preservation society(Honkai, English: Historical Society, Historical Society) is becoming obsoleteculture-traditional culture-CustomOrganized to pass on to posterityGroup.


For the preservation societyFoundationStuff[1][2]From personal organizations[3]There are many.Depending on the storage targetGovernment agencySome of them are commissioned by[4].

Storage target

There are various preservation targets for each preservation society.Gion Festival[5]-Aomori Nebuta Festival[6]Such asFestival,Akita[7]-White snake[8]Such asOnta ware-Futon Taiko[9]There are various traditional performing arts such as.

Main activities


Investigate the current status and decline of preservation targets[10].

Record / save

Collect, record and save materials and videos related to the storage target[11]..In some cases, old materials are collected from old houses, and the images of the folklore to be preserved are taken by themselves.

Tradition to be preserved

If the object to be preserved is a festival or traditional performing art, we will support the successor and train the successor in order to pass it on continuously.[12].




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